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A laptop is a massive investment, especially a MacBook. So once you buy one, protecting it in some form or fashion might be a top priority. A case is the best way to do this and there a bunch of options for cases on the market. Below you can find some of the best around and a list of what you should consider before buying.

How to pick the best MacBook Air case for you

  • Consider design – As long as a case successfully protects your MacBook, the next thing to think about for many is how it looks. Some of the more durable options on the market look too bulky to be stylish, but some of the more stylish options can sometimes sacrifice protectiveness. Finding a good balance here is key.
  • Consider if you’ll need a carrying case – Although cases that cover your MacBook are helpful, some people will also need something that protects their laptop on the go if they don’t feel like carrying it around in their arms everywhere. A lot of cases come with carrying cases, including many of the options on our list.
  • Consider heat dissipation – The last thing you want is a case that blocks airflow so that your MacBook overheats, eventually hindering its performance.
  • Consider water-resistance – Perhaps this isn’t a pressing issue for most, but for some, a case that is somewhat water-resistant is a must.
  • Consider which Air you have – There are multiple different MacBook Air sizes, so knowing which one you have is key for a perfectly fitted case.

1. MOSISO Case

1 34

Top Pick

MOSISO is first up here with their case for the 2018-2020 MacBook Air 13”. The product comes with a plastic hard-shell case, a sleeve with a handle for carrying, two keyboard covers, two webcam slide covers and a screen protector, which is about all anyone could hope for. The carrying sleeve has three layers of protection in its soft cushion, shockproof sponge and polyester surface. The plastic case for the laptop itself is durable despite being slim and comes in one plain color. There are a wide variety of colors to pick from too.


  • Comes in a lot of colors
  • Comes with carrying case


  • Case can get fingerprints on it
Buy now, $35.99

2. KECC Laptop Case

2 34

Most Attractive

Next up is KECC’s MacBook Air case. It’s a hard-shell protective case that comes with a matching sleeve for the laptop to be carried around in. The shell casing actually contains a layer of rubber oil paint, which prevents fingerprints, scratches, dirt and more. KECC also offer a case for each kind of MacBook Air, so no matter which one you have, there’ll be a right fit for you. In terms of colors and designs, there’s a lot of choice, including but not limited to sunset, bamboo, brain and more. Unfortunately, some have reported that the keyboard cover can fade quickly.


  • A lot of designs available
  • One for each MacBook Air
  • Prevents fingerprints


  • Keyboard cover can start to fade quickly
Buy now, $27.99

3. Fintie Case

3 34

Most Convenient

Next up is Fintie who offer a case that is fully vented for heat disbursement. This means that the heat that your laptop produces won’t be stuck between the laptop and the case, causing your laptop to overheat and slow down. Unfortunately, this option doesn’t come with a carrying case or keyboard cover but if you’re on a budget, there’s reflection of that in the price. It’s a slim fit that depending on the case, someone might not even know was a case. The design looks just like the MacBook Air anyway.


  • Fully vented


  • Doesn’t come with keyboard case or carrying case
Buy now, $13.99

4. Lapac Clear Case

4 32

Best Quality

In terms of design, this MacBook Air case by Lapac has some of the simplicity of the actual MacBook itself, but adds enough flare that it will satisfy those who want something different. It has the Apple logo on it with the floral design around it, to give the effect that it’s just a design and not a case. The bottom of the case has not only grills to allow for a good airflow, but an anti-slip material. It also comes with a matching keyboard cover and a screen protector.


  • Anti-slip silicone feet


  • Doesn’t come with a carrying case
Buy now

5. iPAPA Case

5 25

Also Consider

Last up is iPAPA who offer a wooden finish, which will certainly help your MacBook Air stand out if nothing else. Despite how tough the wood is, the case is still made out of hard-shell plastic, which is good enough for most. The bottom is a plain black case. The case is full vented for safe heat disbursement and is very slim. It’s worth noting that although the keyboard cover is included, the letters are printed black on the wood, so it can be tough to see.


  • Slim design
  • Fully vented case


  • Keyboard letters can be hard to see at night
Buy now, $18.99

ONE37pm may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story.

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