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If there’s anything that the last two years have taught us about the world we live in today, it’s that a lot of us could be paying more attention to our hygiene. While using a bar of soap is great, there are also many different things to take into consideration when doing so. We’ve outlined them for you and listed some of the best bar soaps on the market.

How to pick the best bar soap for you

  • Consider industrial vs. handmade – It’s not that industrial soap is the worst thing in the world, but it can often contain artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, preservatives and detergents. Industrial soap does have its benefits, like a lower price and higher availability, but if you want to go the extra material, definitely go for the soap bars that have been made with more care, vegetable-based oils and essential oils.
  • Consider scent – After figuring out if your soap has a synthetic fragrance or not, there is the important step of discovering what smell you like the most. Consider not only the scent, but the strength of it and how you might want to layer it with a cologne.
  • Consider the effect on your skin – No matter how well a soap is made, some ingredients just might not sit right on your skin. The last thing you want is a bar of soap that causes irritation every time you use it.

1. Caswell-Massey Bath Soap

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Top Pick

This three-soap set by Caswell-Massey is a luxury option. Their soaps are vegetable-based and produce a rich lather when used. The company prides themselves on not testing their products on animals. As well as being cruelty-free, their soap is also paraben-free, phthalate-free and gluten-free. This is an especially great option if your skin is dry or aging, because the soap works to moisturise the skin naturally. In terms of scents, the three soaps all have different ones. They are centuries sandalwood, woodgrain sandalwood and tricorn-a spiced sandalwood. The great thing though, is as well as buying this three-pack with three different scents, you can pick options that have three bars with just one scent.


  • Wide variety of scents
  • Cruelty-free


  • Scents can be too strong
Buy now, $29.00

2. Dr. Squatch Gold Moss Bar Soap

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Runner Up

Next up is Dr. Squatch’s gold moss bar of soap. This company dedicates itself to a more masculine fragrances in their soap bars, “staying away from flowery” scents. This soap in particular is for a full body wash and is recommended for exfoliating and shaving. The soap is made with skin-nourishing plant oils and natural ingredients. The scent is driven by oakmoss and smells like a vintage cologne. It’s worth noting that though the weight of each bar is supposed to be 5 oz, they can sometimes fall short, thus not lasting as long as they should.


  • Masculine scent
  • Made with natural ingredients


  • Weight can be inconsistent
Buy now, $9.95

3. Dial Soap

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Most Notable

Dial offer an antibacterial pack that features a massive eight bars of soap. This is a great budget buy but of course, for the convenience, you’ll pay the price of ingredients that aren’t all-natural. Regardless, this soap kills bacteria and keeps you smelling fresh throughout the day. There’s no particular scent to it, but it will do the job for most men.


  • Fresh smell
  • Great value


  • Not natural
Buy now, $7.41

4. Irish Deodorant Bar Soap

4 18

Strong Smell

Next up is Irish Spring’s famous green bar of soap that many will have already seen or heard of. This soap has a long-lasting fragrance and aims to give you around 12 hours of deodorant protection. If you can’t stand strong smells though, another option may be better suited, because some users have said that the smell can be extremely strong. The soap can also break easily.


  • Strong smell for hours after use
  • Good value


  • Can break easily
  • Can be too strong
Buy now, $5.70

5. San Francisco Soap Company 3-Piece Set

5 4

Last but not least is this 3-piece set from San Francisco Soap Company. Just by the packaging, you can tell that this is a premium product. Although you can buy single bars, this option comes with three scents – deep cleaning silver sage-bergamot, hydrating Siberian fir and revitalising musk-sandalwood. Despite the strong-smelling scents, the smell won’t be overbearing. For some though, it could be too feint. Each bar is a massive 10oz, which will last most people weeks.


  • Big bars will last long
  • Great scents


  • Scent can be feint
Buy now, $28.22

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