The 30 Best Men's Socks: A Pair For Any Occasion and Budget

From the best budget pairs to luxury options, no-shows and overall comfort

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It’s true. Socks are without a doubt the most cliché gift out there for men. In media, the giving of socks is portrayed as tired, lacking creativity and a disappointment. However, all clichés tend to have some truth to them. It’s also a fact that socks are a necessary part of life for most men out there and that if they didn’t receive them as gifts, they might go a scarily long time without buying new pairs. But figuring out the best men's socks can be daunting.

Whether you’re a man buying socks for yourself or someone buying socks for another man, we understand that this can be a much more complicated process than you expected. Let yourself destress though because we’re here to help. Below is a list of the 25 best men’s socks, with pairs broken down into a myriad of categories like comfort and budget. After all, you wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes to go to a party, to hike or to relax in, so why should socks be any different?

Best Budget Options

There’s no shame in wanting to buy socks that are on the cheaper side of life. After all, when you boil it down, they’re only pieces of underwear that most don’t think twice about anyway. If that sounds like you, here are some of the best overall socks on a budget.

1. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Ankle Socks


Fruit of the Loom is a popular brand for those that don’t want to break the bank for bare essentials like plain t-shirts and underwear. These ankle socks are 97% polyester and 3% spandex, machine washable and cushioned for comfort. Depending on size and colour, these can work out to less than $1 a pair.

Shop now at Amazon, $11.97

2. Spalding Men’s No Show Socks


Here, Spalding offer a pack filled with black, grey and white socks for every occasion. It’s a 30-pack for $15, which is incredible value for money. They’re constructed to very light in weight and so you won’t find that your feet are sweating while wearing them.

Shop now at Walmart, $14.99

3. Athletic Works Men’s Tall Ankle Socks


This 24-pack of tall ankle socks by Athletic Works is great if you’re on your feet for long hours due to the moisture wicking of the material. This means that they dry fast. The fabric is also especially soft and stretchy for that extra level of comfort.

Shop now at Walmart, $19.76

4. Reebok Men’s Pro Series Ankle Socks


This is a great choice if you’re on a budget because not only do you get bang for your buck with the quality of the socks and the amount you get, but here you also get a brand that everyone recognises in Reebok. They’re antimicrobial and feature moisture control.

Shop now at Walmart, $10.98

5. Hanes X-Temp Cushioned Ankle Socks


Finally is another trusted brand for great value essentials. Hanes’ 12-pack of ankle socks feature a reinforced heel and toe for comfort and durability. They’re also breathable due to the mesh and spandex combination, making them great to wear in all kinds of weather.

Shop now at Amazon, $14.61

Best Socks For Hiking

If you’re on your feet all day and going on hikes or long walks, you’d get a dedicated pair of sneakers, so why should your socks be any different? Below are some of the best men's socks around to take to the trail. These won’t fall apart on you if you put them to work.

6. FEIDEER Men’s Hiking Socks


This multi-pack of hiking socks by FEIDEER have an elastic closure and are 85% cotton, 12% polyester fibre, 3% spandex and also feature mesh. The mesh gives the socks breathability so that your feet can stay dry and cool on long hikes. The cushioned bottom also helps protect your feet and absorb impact.

Shop now at Amazon, $16.99

7. Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Socks


These hiker crew cushion socks by Darn Tough use a custom-count, shrink-treated merino wool that enhances comfort and durability. The wool also wicks moisture and regulates temperature, keeping you cool and dry. There’s elastic support around the arch and a medium level of cushioning too.

Shop now at Rei, $24

8. Smartwool Performance Hike Light Cushion Crew Socks


Not only are these Smartwool socks crafted to be protective, breathable and comfortable, but they’re also made with sustainable materials. The wool is ZQ-certified, meaning environmental sustainability is promoted and animal welfare is safeguarded. The cushioning on the bottom means your feet will be comfortable even on solid, uneven ground.

Shop now at Rei, $24

9. Farm To Feet Damascus Lightweight Crew Socks


These socks from Farm To Feet are made with advanced knitting techniques which create a good toe box that reduces bulk and decreases friction. The reinforced construction and low-stress seam placement also make the socks very durable. You can tell just by looking at them that these socks are very well constructed.

Shop now at Amazon, $18

10. WRIGHTSOCK CoolMesh II Quarter Socks


The inner layer of these WRIGHTSOCK socks are made of hydrophobic polyester, nylon and spandex for moisture wicking. The outer layer of the socks also features a mesh weave which is great for airflow. The arch brace here also supports the feet and makes for a solid protective layer for your feet.

Shop now at Rei, $15

The Best Luxury Socks for Men

While some guys believe that you should throw any old socks on and go about your day, for some, it’s about looking good and feeling good and that applies to your feet too. If that’s you, or you want to splash out because you know people will be seeing your socks a lot, below are some designer and luxury options.

11. Polo Ralph Lauren Egyptian Cotton Dress Socks

Polo Ralph Lauren

These dress socks from Polo Ralph Lauren are 58% cotton, 40% nylon and 2% rubber. They’re ribbed too, which means they keep their shape a little better and feel firmer on you. The classic pony logo is embroidered on each sock too, so that you can show off on the right occasion.

Shop now at Ralph Lauren, $26

12. Balenciaga Logo Tube Socks


If you think it’s worth breaking the bank, these logo tube socks from Balenciaga are great. They’re made from a blend of cotton, polyamide and elastane, which makes them feel that little bit stretchier. The logo at the top doesn’t hurt either.

Shop now at Nordstrom, $130

13. Burberry Check Socks


You only have to see the classic jacquard check pattern to know that these socks are made by Burberry. Here, the cotton, polyamide and elastane blend from the previous pair has been softened with cashmere yarns. They’re machine washable and as long as you dry them flat, they should last a long while.

Shop now at Nordstrom, $140

14. Dolce and Gabbana Socks


These socks from Dolce & Gabbana are a luxury pair that are 70% cotton, 29% nylon and 1% spandex/elastane, giving them a stretch-cotton feel. The socks will go up about midway to your calf and if you’ve got shorts on, you can show off the stripe trim and classic D&G logo.

Shop now at FARFETCH, $95

15. Off-White Arrows Socks

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Neiman Marcus

Made in Italy, these arrow socks from Off-White are mid-length and boast a reinforced toe and heel which mean that you’ll feel like you have extra support and comfort where it matters. The ribbed cuffs prevent slipping and logos appear big and wide on the sock.

Shop now at Neiman Marcus, $95

Socks for a Formal Occasion

Though you might think wearing a suit wouldn’t mean having to wear specific socks, dress socks are a thing because the thinner material means you can fit into dress shoes much better. Below is a selection of some of the best socks for formal use.

16. Tie Bar Solid Black Dress Socks

The Tie Bar

These solid black dress socks feature hand-sewn toe stitching and will match perfectly with most coloured suits, especially darker colours. They’ll go up to your calf and at the time of writing, they’re available in both black and navy. 

Shop now at The Tie Bar, $8

17. Stance Butter Blend Dress Socks


These dance socks by Stance are made with their signature butter blend fabric which is made to be especially soft. The material is also lightweight and breathable so you won’t sweat a lot in your suit. The toe and heel of the sock is also made with especially durable material. 

Shop now at Stance, $13.90

18. Anonymous Ism Socks


These dress socks are ribbed and are made from 41% cotton, 41% acrylic, 17% polyester and 1% polyurethane. They’re available in two colours, which are a nice lavender and a beautiful light shade of blue. If you’re into wackier suit combinations, these are perfect for those.

Shop now at MR PORTER, $35

19. Calvin Klein Lightweight Dress Socks


Calvin Klein are a trusted brand, especially for their essential clothing, so these lightweight dress socks from them are a great buy. If smoothness and softness are your top priority, then you can’t really go wrong with these. For $20, you can get 3 pairs too.

Shop now at Amazon, $16.99

20. Gold Toe Windsor Wool Dress Socks


These dress socks by Gold Toe are made with virgin wool, meaning wool that has never been used before. This makes them perfect for warmth, comfort and breathability. The heel and toe are reinforced and the socks go over the calf.

Shop now at Amazon, $23.10

Best Men's Socks for Overall Comfort

Arguably the most important factor when it comes to style at all is comfort. If that’s your top priority, then you should find something you like below. These socks are here because they’re soft to the touch and you won’t feel like your feet are trapped at all.

21. WORN Ultra Soft Sunday Sock


These socks, as you might be able to tell by the name, are made for when you just want to relax. They’re naturally antimicrobial and odour-resistant so that you can wear them for long hours without worrying. Despite the softness of the material, these are very durable.

Shop now at Huckberry, $12

22. American Trench Kennedy Luxury Athletic Sock


These socks by American Trench have Kennedy in the name because the late President was pictured wearing socks of the same style. They’re knit from supima cotton and have a cushioned sole with a reinforced heel and toe so that even if you’re lounging, you’ll feel comfortable.

Shop now at Huckberry, $11

23. Adidas Athletic Cushioned Crew Socks


This 6-pack of athletic cushioned crew socks by Adidas are made of 97% polyester and 3% spandex. They’re almost all black which makes them perfect for relaxing in or just going out in with sneakers. The arch compression makes for a secure fit and the cushioning means both comfort and durability are a go.

Shop now at Amazon, $20

24. Pure Cashmere Lounge Socks


For comfort, there’s arguably nothing better than these pure cashmere lounge socks. You’ll have to bring out some extra cash from them, but you’ll be thanking yourself later. These aren’t to be worn with shoes because they’re very delicate, which should give you an idea of the softness.

Shop now at MaisonCashmere, $77

25. COOVAN Cushion Ankle Socks


If you want a combination of comfort and affordability, this 10-pack of cushion ankle socks by COOVAN is a good choice. They do a good job of moisture wicking and will do this regardless of if you wear them on their own or with a pair of sneakers.

Shop now at Amazon, $14.99

The Best No-Show Socks

If you’re wearing canvas sneakers, boat shows or loafers etc., then you might not want socks that show. Below are some of the best no-show socks out there.

26. MeUndies No-Show Sock


MeUndies’ no-show socks are great because they’re made with silicone gel grips which mean that they won’t sag and more importantly, you won’t slip in them. They’re made from supima cotton and are ethically sourced and imported.

Shop now at MeUndies, $14

27. Bombas Performance Cushioned No-Show Sock


These Bombas no-show socks are great because they conform to the shape of your foot, making them great to relax in or even work out in. The special performance yarns wick away moisture, keeping you cool or dry and crucially, there’s no annoying bump on the toe.

Shop now at Bombas, $49.50

28. Amazon Essentials Cushioned Athletic No-Show Socks


These Amazon Essentials no-show socks are 63% cotton, 30% polyester, 4% nylon and 3% elastane. The cushioning and mesh on here mean that you’re protected in high impact areas and there’s ventilation. 

Shop now at Amazon, $17.40

29. UNIQLO Low-Cut Men’s Socks


These low-cut socks from UNIQLO are thin with a smooth feel. They won’t keep you the warmest, but they’re perfect on a hotter day if you still want to wear socks. The anti-slip grips on the heel will make sure you don’t slip and the socks don’t move around your feet.

Shop now at UNIQLO, $4.90

30. Banana Republic Breathe No-Show Socks

Banana Republic

These no-show socks from Banana Republic are sourced from sustainably managed forests. They’re crafted from soft and warm merino wool which makes them silky soft but still good at regulating temperature.

Shop now at Banana Republic, $15
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