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When you’re picking items for your set up, a monitor is perhaps the most obvious thing to think about, but what you might overlook is the fact that the monitor might need a stand or mount so that it’s properly situated. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best options around.

How to pick the best monitor stand for you

  • Consider mount or desk – Monitors can be held up either by sitting on a stand that acts as a desk or with a mount that is like an arm which holds it up from the back. Each one has their own benefits, but your decision will also depend on the amount of space you have and what else you plan on doing.
  • Consider the size and weight of your monitor – Of course, mounts will have maximum weight and size capacities that they can support, so knowing the exact weight and size of your monitor (or anything else you plan on putting on a platform stand) is key.
  • Consider cable management – You might want to think about a table or arm mount that helps you with cable management with either a desk grommet or a stand that allows wires to be wrapped tightly to it with cable holders.

1. Eveo 17-35” Premium Dual Monitor Stand Mount

1 35

Top Pick

EVEO’s VESA arm mount is compatible with VESA monitors that are 18.5 inches to 32 inches. It fits a pair of monitors and each arm can hold 18.5 pounds. Although it may look complicated, installation only takes a few minutes and can be attached to the screen either by desk clamp or through a grommet. The mount has 360 degrees of rotation, the arm extends from 0.4 inches to 2.4 inches and the tilt range is 70 degrees to 5 degrees.


  • Good adjustability
  • Holds two monitors


  • Tilt screws can be too tight
Buy now, $82.97

2. Monitor Riser Stand and Desk Storage Organizer

2 35

Best Long-Lasting

This stand is made from high quality ABS plastic which is not only environmentally friendly but durable. It can support monitors that weigh up to a massive 55 pounds. This stand is great because the width of it can actually be adjusted. You can have it either 16.5 inches wide, 18.5 inches wide or 20.5 inches wide. It also has a pair of USB 3.0 ports on it and a Type-C port, which comes in handy if you run out of ports elsewhere. It’s worth noting that if you have a desk that is already too low, this stand might not help much with height.


  • Width can be adjusted
  • USB ports


  • Doesn’t add much height
Buy now, $49.98

3. HUANUO Single Monitor Mount Stand

3 35

Most Convenient

Next up is this single mount monitor stand from HUANUO. It can hold monitors that are anywhere from 17 inches to 35 inches that weigh up to 26.4 pounds. Not only does this stand have a USB port in it, but it has a cable management option that allows cords to be wrapped to it. It offers great adjustability, tilting from 30 degrees to 85 degrees, rotates 360 degrees and swivels to a 90 degree angle. Although there is an option for height adjustment, it can be a little stiff.


  • Cable management
  • USB port


  • Adjusting height can be difficult
Buy now, $62.99

4. LORYERGO Dual Monitor Riser Stand

4 33

Most Notable

This option from LORYERGO is a dual monitor stand that is made from thick PDF that can hold up to 44 pounds. Uniquely, the platforms have two slots on them that can fit your phone or a small tablet and they even take into account having space so that you can charge them at the same time. It comes in black, light wood and vintage. Some have reported that it can be a little clunky and take up a lot of room, so make sure you have the space.


  • Phone and tablet slot
  • Different colors


  • Can take up a lot of room
Buy now, $32.98

5. 2 Pack Premium Laptop PC Monitor Stand

5 26

Also Consider

Last up is Husky Mounts’ pair of black metal stands. It can add 4-5.5 inches of height to your monitor which should handle you ergonomically. It can hold up to 44 pounds despite being quite compact and not taking up much space. Each platform measures at just 14.5” x 9.3”. The bottom features non-slip pads and the stands themselves look modern and stylish as well as being functional. Some users have stated that they can be a little wobbly.


  • Stylish
  • Compact


  • Can wobble
Buy now, $26.95

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