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The best projector comes with a great screen and powerful projectors continue to become an increasingly popular option due to their specific set of advantages, including but not limited to a bigger picture, being better for your eyes, and high image quality at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a projector, below we have a list of five great options. But first, some things to consider before buying.

How to pick the best projector for you

Before buying a projector, be sure to go over its lumens. More lumens mean a brighter, more vivid image. The right projector will deliver clear, bright images and videos without being overpowered by the area’s ambient lighting. If you need a projector that can perform well in brighter rooms, choose one with at least 2500 lumens.

You should also consider screen size when choosing a projector. A “good” projector should be able to cover your screen’s entire surface without being too large or too small of a fit.

Are 4k projectors worth it?

4K projectors cost slightly more than regular projectors but offer better performance and video quality by employing a higher video resolution. 

However, you do have to be a considerable distance away from your projector, so sitting far enough away from a 4k screen that you get optimal viewing quality might mean that it’s not worth getting the 4k for you in the first place. It depends on your own needs.

Are mini projectors worth buying?

Mini projectors are excellent if you’re looking for a small device that’s easy to carry around. However, mini projectors typically offer lesser lumens than larger ones, which is why they may not always perform well in places that contain a significant degree of ambient light.

These devices are ideal for those who need an on-the-go, highly portable device that can easily fit into their bags. If that’s what you require, then, yes, mini projectors are worth buying as long as you’re okay with watching videos that are slightly less bright than those cast by full-size projectors.

Should I buy a projector or TV?

Whether you plan to get a projector or TV largely depends on how much you’re willing to spend on either product.  

Projectors tend to be more affordable than TVs, which is why many people prefer to install them within their home theaters rather than a TV.

Projectors also place less strain upon your eyes, making them a smart choice for people with eye conditions. 

However, TVs sometimes offer more vivid imagery, which is why some people prefer them over projectors.

What is a throw distance for a projector?

A projector’s throw distance determines how far the device needs to cast its light for it to create a clear, fully defined image on the screen. In other words, the throw distance refers to the distance between the project’s lens and the projection screen. 

This distance defines how far you’ll need to place the projector from the screen for the best performance and image quality. 

1. GooDee 2021 Upgrade HD Video Projector

1 11

Great Sound

First up is GooDee’s YG600 projector. It’s the company’s best seller and has recently been updated. It offers 6,000 lumens, an incredibly respectable number considering 4,000 does the job for most people. The maximum screen size is 230 inches, and the projector boasts an SRS sound system. It also comes with many ports (HDMI, USB, VGA, AV), meaning that you should be able to connect most of your devices to it with little to no problem. On the other hand, the projector can sometimes struggle to maintain 1080p and can heat up rather quickly. There’s also no zoom control, meaning that you have to physically move the projector any time you want it zoomed in or out.


  • 6,000 lumens


  • It can get very hot
  • No zoom control
Buy now

2. YABER Y21 Native

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Great Color

Next up is the YABER Y21, which offers a minimum projection size of 45 inches and a maximum of 300 inches. Though it claims to hit 7800 lumens, its brightness leaves a little to be desired. However, unless you’re going to be using your projector in a dimly lit room 24/7, this might not be much of a problem. It boasts a great zoom function that can be controlled with a remote, which means the projector won’t have to constantly be moved forward or backward. An image can be reduced to up to 50% of its length. It also handles color very well, something that can get lost with bigger images.


  • Zoom function
  • High color gamut coverage


  • Not so bright
Buy now, $209.99

3. HOMPOW 5500L Movie Projector

3 11

Great For Long Term

A great option if you’re on a budget, HOMPOW’s T20 offers a minimum screen display of 50 inches and a maximum of 176 inches. It is a mini projector that claims that its projector lamp lasts 50,000 hours, which means that it can last that long without the lamp being replaced. With frequent use, this is around 30 years of service, more than most will ever need. It offers 5,5000 lux, which means that the brightness of the projector’s image will spread out fairly well, but it will undoubtedly look much better in a darker setting.


  • 50,000-hour projector lamp
  • 5,500 lux


  • It works much better in darker settings
Buy now, $79.98

4. DBPOWER HD Native Projector

4 1

Very Bright

This projector from DBPOWER does it big. It boasts a stunning 9,000 lumens and has a maximum screen size of 300 inches, very impressive. What’s just as impressive is that it also allows you to project a screen as tiny as 35 inches. The Bluetooth feature of the projector also allows you to connect it to headsets or speakers as you please to enhance your viewing experience. It also comes with a carrying bag that fits the projector plus all of its accessories.


  • 300” projection
  • 9,000 lumens
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • Edges of the picture can be blurry
Buy now, $179.99

5. TMY Projector

5 1

Quiet Option

TMY’s mini projector is special because it comes with a free proTMY’s mini projector is unique because it comes with a free projector screen that is 100 inches. The projector itself allows for a 220-inch picture, though, so if you want a screen that takes full advantage of that, you’ll have to get a bigger one or settle for projecting on your wall. TMY has also made an effort to reduce the noise of the fan so that it doesn’t disturb you while stopping the projector from overheating, which is very useful. It’s worth noting that if you’re planning on using your projector outdoors (exclusively or as well as indoors), this won’t be a convenient option for you because it uses a ceiling mount.


  • 100” projector screen included


  • Ceiling mount means it can’t be used outside
Buy now, $89.99

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