The 25 Best Robes for Men to Feel Like a King of Their Bathroom in 2024

What are best, smoothest, and most comfortable?

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The start to 2024 is all about prioritizing your self-care kings. After you showered (with one of the best body washes), groomed and styled your hair (if you need a long hair styling guide or a curly hair styling guide, we've got you covered), sprayed on your favorite fragrance, and have got your favorite pair of boxers on, the next step to treating yourself to ultimate relaxation is donning a royal bathrobe—one that will go right along with the crown sitting right next to you (okay maybe dramatic much). There's levels to making sure you select the right robe for your style and personality, and we're here to help guide you. We've researched, vetted, and have put together a list of the best robes for men that will help you (or the man in your life) feel like a king of their bathroom. These bathrobes are not only very fashionable and fun, but they are also heavily researched and vetted. You'll feel ten times better after you get one—bet on it.

Our top choice, the L.L. Bean Men's Bonded Waffle Fleece Robe ($129) is regarded for its comfort, simplicity, and affordability—making it a go-to bath robe option for many men. So is the Mack Weldon ACE Robe ($128)—especially as it pertains to its technicality. Plus multiple other bath robes that we found worthy of the investment. Check them out below.

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The Best Bathrobes, a Shopping Guide:

1. L.L. Bean Men's Bonded Waffle Fleece Robe

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 at 12.31.09 PM
L.L Bean

The Best Bathrobe for Men, Overall

  • Color: Charcoal, Mariner Blue, Mountain Red
  • Size: S - 3XL
  • Material: 77% Polyester, 23% cotton
  • Design details: Waffle-knit fabric on the outside, plush berber fleece on the inside

Made with waffle-knit fabric on the exterior and plush berber fleece on the interior, what makes L.L. Bean's Men's Bonded Waffle Fleece Robe so effortlessly comfortable is that is features bonded fleece construction that creates a single-layer fabric that doesn't loose it's shape over time. Priced at $129, there's three different colors to choose from with sizing going up to a 3xL. This robe is the perfect robe for staying inside all day during the winter.


2. Mack Weldon ACE Robe

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 at 12.58.10 PM
Mack Weldon

A Technical Bathrobe Option

  • Color: Charcoal Heather, Total Eclipse Blue
  • Size: S/M, L/XL
  • Material: Micro-brushed French terry
  • Design details: Classic boxing robe silhouette

It's giving Tyson in the 1990s. Made to have classic boxing robe silhouette and crafted with oh so soft micro-brushed French terry, the Mack Weldon ACE Robe is a robe on the technical side that features deep side pockets and a self-tie belt. There's two different sizes to choose from, with Mack Weldon taking their updated features and combining with the old school. We'd say the $128 price tag isn't too shabby either.


3. Matouk Kiran Robe

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 at 1.10.45 PM

A Robe That's Smooth to Your Skin

  • Color: Silver
  • Size: S/M, L/XL
  • Material: 75% Cotton, 25% rayon
  • Design details: Waffle weave texture

Offering what Matouk says is a "luxuriant suppleness and thirsty texture to a lightweight belted robe," the Kiran Robe is made mostly with cotton, a little bit of rayon, and the incorporation of OEKO-TEX, which Matouk's way of assuring their clothing is free of harmful materials. If you are in need of a lightweight, easy-to-wash, affordable work-from-a-robe, this is your guy.


4. Casper Snoozewear Blanket Robe

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 at 1.35.59 PM

A Robe to Sleep In

  • Color: Indigo, White, Oatmilk
  • Size: S - L
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Design details: Puffy design

If you want a bathrobe that also looks like it could make its way onto a runway at some point, we've got the Casper Snoozewear Blanket Robe which is built with a puffy and extra comfortable design loaded with cotton that you can literally fall into. Can you imagine going to sleep in this? Instant comfort, instant knockout. Sizes come range from small to large, and the robe is priced at $152.

5. Majestic International Men's Ultra Lux Jacquard Shawl Robe

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 at 1.57.10 PM
Neiman Marcus

A Luxury Robe Consideration

  • Color: Marine, Black, Blanco
  • Size: S/M, L/XL
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Design details: Self-tie with belt loops

You can also keep it luxuriously simple with this Men's Ultra Lux Jacquard Shawl Robe from Majestic International, which features a shawl collar, v-neckline, two front patch pockets, a self-tie sash, and belt loops. You shouldn't have any trouble using this robe to towel/dry off, and it's one that will keep you warm in the cold weather. The shawl collar is also just the right size as it isn't too thick or too thin, and should you just to walk around the house in the robe for a long time, the pockets are deep enough to store your smaller essentials.


6. JcPenney Stafford Waffle

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 at 2.05.48 PM

An Affordable Option

  • Color: Gray Heather, White, Black, Navy
  • Size: One size fit all
  • Material: 60% Cotton, 40% polyester
  • Design details: Waffle fabric

Getting a quality robe doesn't always mean you have to break the bank. Sitting pretty at $40, the JcPenney Stafford Waffle is made with a cotton and polyester blend, and features a two front slip pockets that can hold your smaller items, a shawl collar, and a self-tie waist. The waist-tie seems to be pretty stable as it isn't the type to easily come undone/fall down, and is pretty absorbent thanks to its waffle fabric. The robe doesn't run too long, and is good with keeping you warm if that's your purpose for using it as well. However, the Stafford Waffle only comes in two sizes. Just something to consider as you shop.

7. NY Threads Luxurious Mens Shawl Collar Fleece Bathrobe Spa Robe

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 at 2.15.59 PM

Also Great

  • Color: Black, Plaids, Black With Steel Grey Contrast, Burgundy With Black Contrast, Camouflage
  • Size: S/M, L/XL, 2XL/3XL
  • Material: Fleece
  • Design details: Shawl collar, adjustable waist

A robe that you can kick your feet up and sit by the fireplace with. Made with a fleece that puts the comfort in comfortable, the Luxurious Mens Shawl Collar Fleece Bathrobe Spa Robe from NY Threads deserves all the praise for its attractive design and flowy nature. A robe that allows you movement without restriction and can be worn all day long, there's also adjustable waist belt that allows you adjust as needed. Sizing goes up to a 2XL/3XL, and there's several funky colors to choose from.

8. Coyuchi Unisex Air Weight Organic Robe

Screenshot 2024 02 24 at 8.40.01 AM

An Organic Option

  • Color: Shadow, French Blue
  • Size: XS/S, S/M, M/L, L/XL
  • Material: 100% Organic cotton grown 
  • Design details: Mid-calf length, double belt loops

You can also hit the haystack in the Coyuchi Unisex Air Weight Organic Robe which satisfies organic requirements with its 100% organic cotton grown material. The robe hits your mid-calf, and features double belt loops along with absorbent weave material that helps the robe to dry quickly whether its hanging up in your bathroom/closet, or in the dryer. The fabric on this robe is very breathable and easy to care for and fits generally well thanks to the way it's designed. Sizing goes up to a L/XL, and the robe is priced at $60.

9. Polo Ralph Lauren Microfiber Men's Robe

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 at 2.55.59 PM
  • Color: Cruise Navy, Polo Black
  • Size: L/XL
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Design details: Removable tie belt, front patch pockets

If you haven't yet found your robe for the winter, the Microfiber Men's Robe from Polo Ralph is about as thick, fluffy, and comfortable as they come. Giving you feel-good premium quality at an affordable price, the robe is made with 100% polyester and features a removable tie belt, front patch pockets, a reasonably sized shawl collar, and the preppy equestrian logo embroidery at the chest. The robe washes well without loosing threads or changing its shape, and it's hard to beat the $115 price tag. When you get Ralph Lauren, you're ultimately getting prime quality. The Microfiber Robe is certainly high quality.


10. Cozy Earth Waffle Bath Robe

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 at 3.03.30 PM
Cozy Earth
  • Color: Charcoal, White, Light Grey
  • Size: XS/S, M/L, L/XL
  • Material: 60% cotton 40% viscose from bamboo
  • Design details: Waffle design, front-lacing pockets

Affordable and cozy, the Cozy Earth Waffle Bath Robe is made with 60% cotton 40% viscose from bamboo, and has waffle design that helps with fast absorption and water retention. There's two front-lacing pockets for storage and the usual adjustable tie waist, but there's also hidden shoulder buttons for attaching a towel, which is pretty darn neat if you ask us. Make sure you tumble dry on low so you don't ruin it!

11. Versace Baroque Bathrobe

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 at 3.13.42 PM
Neiman Marcus
  • Color: Black, White, Red, Pink, White + Silver, and 5 others
  • Size: S - 3XL
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Design details: Barocco print, belt loop

Can we get fancy here for a second? Let's get fancy. You wanted a robe to make you feel like a king right? We present to you the Versace Baroque Bathrobe, a stunning royal robe with a barocco print and Versace Allover motif. Made with 100% cotton that is soft like a cloud, there's ten different colors that are all unique in their own way, and while the robe requires a slight investment of $550, it's actually on the affordable side when it comes to luxury. Sizes go up to 3XL on this one.


12. Dolce & Gabbana Logo Detailed Bathrobe

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 at 3.26.24 PM
Dolce & Gabbana
  • Color: Black
  • Size: S - 2XL
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Design details: Chest and patch pockets, self-tie belts

Oh but let's not stop there! The Dolce & Gabbana Logo Detailed Bathrobe is the pinnacle of a luxury robe as well. Cut with 100% Cotton, you've got the standard shawl collar, long sleeves, and patch pockets, but there's also a pocket located on the chest area. The robe hits your mid-calf and checks all of the boxes in the comfort and quality department. With sizes going up to 2XL, the robe is priced at a little over $1100 and will have people calling you "your majesty."

13. Lands' End Calf Length Terry Robe

Screenshot 2024 02 24 at 8.48.57 AM
Lands' End
  • Color: Ultimate Grey, Soft Blue Haze, Charcoal, Deep Sea Navy, Rich Burgundy
  • Size: 34 - 36, 50 - 52
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Design details: Calf length, faux cuffs

The Lands' End Calf Length Terry Robe will have you feeling like you're getting treated to a spa day (even if you aren't). Made with authentic Turkish terry cloth, some of the features on this robe include an anti-piling finish for long-term wear and support, the usual shawl collar and patch pockets, and non-bulky faux cuffs. The robe hits your calf, and Lands' End gives you the option of choosing either regular or tall sizes. Five colors are available at the moment along with a range of sizes at your disposal.

14. Hanes Soft Touch Mens Robe

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 at 3.41.41 PM
  • Color: Navy, Charcoal
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Design details: Knee-length, two front slip pockets

If you are looking for a slightly shorter robe option to lounge around the house in, the Hanes Soft Touch Mens Robe measures out to be 48 inches in length, meaning the robe should extend to around your knee area. With fleece material and a polyester crafting, the Soft Touch Mens Robe is durable, soft, and super affordable with its $45 asking price. It's hard to turn down a robe for that price even if you've got one in your closet already.


15. Kohl's Men's Sonoma Goods For Life Waffle Robe

Screenshot 2024 02 24 at 8.52.51 AM
  • Color: Light Blue Heather, Steel Heather, Navy, Stone Heather
  • Size: S/M, L/XL
  • Material: Cotton/polyester
  • Design details: Tie front closure, waffle knit fabric

Survey says you need this $40 robe from Kohl's, especially since there's also some plaid colors in the mix. Made with 100% Polyester, features a tie-front closure boosted by soft comfortable plush fabric and once again, is only forty bucks! Plus, the robe doesn't wrinkle, it dries easily, and the washing instructions are simple. It's hard to say to no to this.


16. UGG Men's Robinson Two-Tone Robe

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 at 3.56.54 PM
Neiman Marcus
  • Color: Gray
  • Size: M
  • Material: Cotton/polyester
  • Design details: Self-tie sash at waist, rises above calf

We'll call this the "dad robe." Made with highly-raved upon cotton/polyester blend, the UGG Men's Robinson Two-Tone Robe is lightweight, durable, and efficient with its self-tie sash at the waist for adjustability and patch pockets. The double-knit fleece material built into the robe makes it warm for the cold months, and the comfort is one its most praised elements. Just turn on the football game, prop your feet up, and you're good for the day. The $145 price is also super reasonable.


17. L.L. Bean Men's Rugby Robe

Screenshot 2024 02 24 at 8.57.17 AM
L.L. Bean
  • Color: Charcoal/Dress Gordon, Navy/Black Watch, Shadow Green/Antique Dress Stewart
  • Size: M - 3XL
  • Material: 91% Cotton, 9% polyester
  • Design details: Flannel-lined hood, banded cuffs

Speaking of sitting around on a weekend watching a game, perhaps this Rugby Robe from L.L. Bean might pique your interests. The features on this robe are actually somewhat different from other robes as it has a flannel-lined hood, a herringbone trim located inside the color, banded cuffs, and a locker hoop to hang if your wish. There's also the traditional self-tie waist and front patch pockets. Made with mostly cotton and a tad bit of polyester, the comfort is superior, with sizing going up to 3XL.


18. Dandy Del Mar Tropez Robe

Screenshot 2024 02 24 at 9.00.11 AM
Dandy Del Mar
  • Color: Burnt Sienna
  • Size: XS/S - XXL
  • Material: 80% Cotton, 20% polyester
  • Design details: Tailored sleeves, reinforced collar

The new Tropez Terry Cloth Robe from Dandy Del Mar boasts luxury features with its tailored sleeves and reinforced collar, but keeps a wallet-friendly price of $129. Aside from the sleeves and collar, there's also side pockets for a small amount of storage, with the robe hitting slightly above the knee. Topping it all off is the very nice design that once again looks like it could be at the center of a fashion show.


19. Highway Greedo Robe

Screenshot 2024 02 24 at 9.03.18 AM
Highway Robery
  • Color: Green
  • Size: Standard
  • Material: Poly-spandex blend
  • Design details: Self-tie at waist, knee-length

Designed for relaxation, the Lone Starr is a good ole western-design robe that you can find over yonder at the Highway Robbery. The brand claims that this is the coziest robe they've ever made, so we reckon you oughta give it a try now fellas. The robe should hit you at knee length, and there's a standard and extended option to choose from in sizing. The price is $108 so get on to that ya heard?


20. Onsen Bath Robe

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 at 4.41.38 PM
  • Color: Cinder Grey, Ochre, Denim, White, Black, and 2 others
  • Size: S - L
  • Material: 100% Supima cotton 
  • Design details: Waffle fabric

There's lot to love about the Waffle Bath Robe from Onsen. For starters, it has honeycomb pockets that prevent anti-bacteria from forming and promote fast water absorption. There's also the fact that the robe is stronger than average cotton towels and take up less space due to not being as bulky. Onsen also claims that this the type of robe that gets better with time. Made with 100% cotton, the Waffle Bath Robe is so cozy that you'll want to walk around in it all day.


21. Off-White Logo Detailed Belted Bathrobe

Screenshot 2024 02 24 at 9.06.58 AM
  • Color: Green
  • Size: S/M, L/XL
  • Material: 100% Cotton 
  • Design details: Self-tie, logo detail

Slightly athletic and slightly luxury, the Off-White Detailed Belted Bathrobe is a robe that keeps it simple, but sometimes simple is all that is needed to get the job done. The robe is cut with 100% cotton for comfort, and has the usual self-tie with front patch pockets that present on bath robes. You can use this solely as a shower robe, or you can lounge around in it. Your choice.

22. Quince Luxe Turkish Cotton Bath Robe

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 at 5.04.59 PM
  • Color: White
  • Size: S - L
  • Material: 100% Turkish cotton 
  • Design details: Two front pockets, sleek design

Speaking of a robe that keeps it simple, the Turkish Cotton Bath Robe from Quince is made specifically to be absorbent and plush with its Turkish Cotton crafting. Certified OEKO-TEX 100, the robe is chemical-free, and tailors your body while still providing the loose fit robes are known for. Of course you've got the two front pockets, shawl collar, and snug waist tie, with sizing going up to large. Pretty inexpensive as well with a $54.90 asking price.

23. Tom Ford Solid Towelling Shawl Collar Robe

Screenshot 2024 02 24 at 9.11.23 AM
Tom Ford
  • Color: Black, Turquoise
  • Size: XS - XL
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Design details: Three front patch pockets, self-tie at waist

The Tom Ford Solid Towelling Shawl Collar Robe gives you not two but three front patch pockets which separates it from the pack. Not only that, but the leopard print is a killer that will have you feeling the king of the hill. An elegant robe to the fullest, the robe is calf-length with sizes going to up to an XL. You'll have to drop $1,150, but since its Tom Ford it's totally and completely worth it.


24. Polo Ralph Lauren Terry Velour Robe

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 at 5.19.52 PM
Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Color: Classic Wine, Navy, White
  • Size: S/M, L/XL
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Design details: Wrap silhouette, oversized patch pockets

Nothing says your royal majesty like a velour robe. Very softly made with 100% cotton, a wrap silhouette is what defines the robe, which is also accompanied by oversized patch pockets, that are plenty spacious. The cotton combined with velour makes the robe cozy and smooth to the skin, and there's a self-belt in the waist area for you to tie it all together as the finishing touch.


25. Soho Home Hooded House Robe

Screenshot 2024 02 24 at 9.17.42 AM
Soho Home
  • Color: Beige, Grey, Navy, White
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Material: 100% Recycled polyester
  • Design details: Tie fastening, two front pockets

Gotta love a robe that comes with a hood—major Darth Vader vibes. The Soho Home Hooded House Robe is soft, fluffy, and nicely designed with two front pockets that can house some of smaller items if needed. The front pockets run deep so there's plenty space, and the robe is very smooth to the touch. One size fits everybody and its easily adjustable. You'll only be spending less than $200 which is a steal.


Things to consider when shopping for robes:

When choosing the robes for this article we looked at a couple of key details:

Material: While we love the design of robes, the most important detail to us is the material because if you aren't comfortable wearing a robe, then that defeats the purpose. We primarily looked at robes made of cotton, polyester, or a blend of the two, but fleece and linen robes can be very comfortable options as well.

Design details: It was important for us to also select designs that had sturdy belts as if the belt isn't durable, then it can lead to the robe constantly coming undone. Pockets were also important detail as if you choose to wear your robe around the house, while cleaning, etc., and you may want pockets to your store your phone and other smaller items. Not all of our selections included hoods, but hoods were a bonus.

Colors: We wanted to include robes that comes in a variety of colors so that way you could have the option of selecting one that best suits your style and personality. Not everybody automatically wants a white robe, so we have selections that offer a range of choices for you to consider.

How we chose the best robes for men:

We dedicated hour of research when it came to the process of selecting which bathrobes to include in this guide. Comfort was the primary factor of consideration as we consider bath robes a form of self-care and relaxation. As such, we primarily looked at the material used in the robes we selected, as well as scouring through user reviews to see buyers own experiences with the product in consideration. Another important factor within our research was durability and price. While you can find some robes for under $100 or even under $75, most robes will require you to spend over $100. Many people consider that an investment for a bathrobe, so the durability of the robes we looked at was critical for us. Again, we looked through user reviews to see what robes were the most highly rated in terms of durability and longevity. Lastly, we wanted the overall care of the robe to be easy. Unless you are somebody who regularly makes trips to the cleaners, taking a robe to get dry cleaned frequently can be a bit tedious. As such, we searched for and included robes with an easy at-home wash and dry process to make things simple.

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