The 11 Best Skirts for Men As We Enter Summer 2023

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While men wearing skirts might seem like more of a modern concept, believe it or not, men’s skirts have actually been worn since the prehistoric era. During those days, skirts were a common choice of everyday wear for both men and women for various daily activities such as farming, building, and fighting. Skirts in particular were the standard way of dressing in Egypt, along with wrap-around style skirts known as kilts, which most commonly went from the torso area to your ankles. As society and fashion progressed as a whole, specifically in Western Civilization, the concept of skirt wearing seemed to be divided into a “masculine/feminine” thing where girls wore skirts and boys didn’t (though skirt wearing amongst men is still common outside of Western culture).

Now, in 2023, the standards are slowly beginning to change. To get you ready for the summer we’re rounding up the best skirts for men that you can cop right now, but first, let’s take a look at some recent examples of the fellas doing skirts better than everybody else. 

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Skirts for Men are Here to Stay

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As we continue to evolve as a society, the concept of respective gender roles and expectations are slowly but surely beginning to change for the better. Whereas perhaps twenty years ago men wearing skirts and dresses might have been looked at as a feminine trait, those concepts and notions are being abandoned.

In the past several years alone there have been quite a few examples of prominent male figures and celebrities wearing skirts such as Russell Westbrook wearing a skirt to the Thom Browne Spring 2022 Collection Show, A$AP Rocky wearing a kilt over top a leather skirt over this past summer, and Brad Pitt rocking a brown linen skirt to the premiere of Bullet Train. Simply put, skirts for men are here to stay and we’re loving it.

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Check out our selection of men’s skirts to buy below.

1. Thom Browne Super 120s Twill Pleated Skirt

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Thom Browne

Thom Browne has a whole section of their website solely devoted to men’s skirts, which is super cool. While all of them are equally great, in our opinion you can never go wrong with a solid black piece as it can be mixed, matched, paired, and styled with just about everything. The Super 120s are a low-rise ankle flat front pleated skirt that is slightly asymmetrical, giving it both a modern and vintage look.


2. ÉTALON Men’s Skirt

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Of course not everybody has a couple of grand to spend on clothing, so here’s a more affordable option from ÉTALON by Steve Canar which features a removable skirt panel with an adjustable closure, a minimal monogram print, and side pockets with an elastic waistband to help provide ultimate comfort. 


3. ASOS Design Pleated Skirt

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ASOS has a really cool pleated skirt in a shaved chocolate colorway that is also affordable and worth checking out. The skirt is a part of the ASOS Design brand meaning that it’s a piece from their signature line, along with giving you the option to purchase in tall and plus sizes as well. Additional features include the skirt being built for waist-down dressing, structured pleating, and zip fastening. 


4. Off-White Buckled Cashmere Kilt

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Mr. Porter

Off-White is also a brand that regularly prioritizes skirts/kilts for men at the highest level, and their Buckled Cashmere Kilt is an example of that. Italian made with Grey mélange cashmere, the skirt is made with 100% cashmere and lined with 100% cotton for extra comfort. It’s also classically pleated and detailed with buckles and elongated ties as additional accessories.


5. NOKO Seven Pleated Skirt For Men

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NOKO’s Seven Pleated Skirt is incredibly versatile with one pocket for your smaller accessories and a waistband to help with a secure fit. Designed and handmade in London, there’s also two internal pockets to accompany the external one, and appears to be loved by all who have purchased it as it is highly rated. 

BUY NOW AT NOKO, $131.99

6. Yohji Yamamoto Viscose Wrap Panel Skirt

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Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto also has some good options for men’s skirts too, our favorite being the Viscose Wrap Panel Skirt which is a nice smooth look that has fabric washed to increase the softness of the skirt’s finish, and a belt that can be fastened with a square buckle. 


7. Rick Owens Cargo Skirt for Men

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Rick Owens has never been one to conform to any standards, which is something that is regularly affected in his work. The Cargo Skirt for Men is just one of the many examples of that which has the traditional biker look that Owens loves, which gives the piece an extra flair. The skirt, which has a high shine jet black finish, also boasts a wrap design, front button fastening, and two diagonal side pockets.


8. adidas Adicolor Contempo Tailored Skirt

Adicolor Contempo Tailored Skirt

If you are looking for a more sporty look, adidas has their Adicolor Contempo Tailored Skirt which is gender neutral and sophisticated. Perfectly tailored, the skirt is crafted in unblemished twill and refined in chunky treatments that give it a playful minimalist look that is crisp, clean, subtle, and sharp.


9. Julius Black Ribbed Skirt

julius black ribbed skirt

Many of us who spent time on men's fashion forums throughout the 2000s will recognize Julius as one of the first labels that was popularizing skirts for men a while back. Their pieces can be part of an overall drapey, layered look.


10. Dolce & Gabbana Wool Blend A-Line Skirt

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Give Dolce & Gabbana a shot in the men’s skirt department as well. Their Wool Blend A-Line Skirt dressed in brown, has a wool-silk blend, belt loops, two side slit pockets, and a frayed edge for the finish. 


11. Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY Skirt

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Whether you are looking for a skirt to wear by itself, or something to wear over pants Y2K style, the Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY Skirt is a pleated pinstripe that accentuates any preppy look you are going for.


Surely there are more men’s and gender neutral skirts to check out as this is just a list to help get you started. Be on the lookout for more style content and updates. 

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