Exploring the Street Style in 'Creed III'

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Like many others this past weekend, we saw Creed III starring Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors, and…*DJ scratch*... that’s where our “standard movie review” ends. Indeed the movie was excellent, and we definitely agree with the sentiment that this is the best movie in the Rocky/Creed series, but that’s not the topic of discussion today. In addition to the beautiful storytelling, cinematography, and acting, we also found the street style in Creed III to be quite intriguing as well. We’re going to do a breakdown of some of the movie’s best style moments from start to finish. Ready? Check them out below.

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Los Angeles 2002

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Creed III starts in early 2000s Los Angeles, and while not set there for very long, we did catch some classic Y2K LA streetwear looks such as a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball jersey (baseball jerseys were huge in the 2000s), baggy jeans, bandanas, ballcaps, and sneakers that we’ll just assume were some form of Jordans/Nike’s be it Jordan 1s, Air Force 1s, or even the Nike Cortez (Cortez sneakers are somewhat of an L.A. Legend).

Adonis Creed

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For much of the movie, Adonis Creed (Jordan) dressed like a wealthy accomplished all time boxer with a business to run. During the course of the film Creed wore a lot of sweaters, blazers, suits, and slacks (some of whom were designed by Ralph Lauren, which we’ll get into later) because, well, he was a man with a business to run. Creed’s watch and jewelry game was on point as well—if we might add.


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As you all know (or will know), Damian’s story is a lot different from Adonis’, so we mostly see him wearing athletic apparel such as joggers, hoodies, tanks, and beanies. The athletic/athleisure look seems to be Damian’s overall go-to style because even when he does come into some money, he doesn’t switch it up.


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At this point in the Creed story, Bianca is fully immersed in the world of being a mother and working from home as a producer, so we pretty much see her in nice comfortable loungewear around the house. That said, she still knows how to get dressed up when the occasion calls for it such as parties and fight nights.

Fight Night Scenes

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Speaking of fight nights, there are two major fight scenes in this movie, one of which is a representation of how things go when you are attending as a spectator. While you and I might wear casual clothes to a major fight, anybody who is “anybody” shows up rocking their finest, which often includes formal wear. For the first fight scene where there’s more attention on the audience, we see many of the important folks wearing suits and upscale wear.

Boxing/Training Apparel

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And lastly with Creed III being a boxing film, that means the boxers were obviously rocking boxing/gym apparel to train and fight in. Throughout the movie there were loads of boxing shorts, technical jackets and joggers, hoodies, sweatshirts, tanks, and running/workout shoes sported.

That’s not all either. A couple of days before the release of the movie, Ralph Lauren announced a brand new collection called “Adonis Creed for Ralph Lauren,” which introduces the Ralph Lauren Purple Label for Adonis Creed in a first-of-its-kind partnership.

While the style in Creed III wasn’t the main focus of the film, it was a small yet integral part of accompanying the story. As you can imagine, Creed III is already off to a hot start, raking in $51.1 million during opening weekend. Make sure to catch it if you haven’t already.

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