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In the past six or seven years, the number of households with at least one smart TV in them has gone up drastically. In an age of streaming and connectivity, they’re only going to get more popular and become the norm quicker. If you’re looking to get on yourself, below is a list of great options. However, not all smart TVs are created equal. Here’s what you need to look out for when buying yours.

How to pick the best smart TV for you

  • Consider what size you want – Of course this somewhat depends on your budget, but also how much room you have wherever you want to put the TV. Take note of how much space you have and how far away from the TV you’ll be sitting to make the right decision for you.
  • Consider resolution – This depends on what you want to use the TV for and how often you think you’ll use it. With each passing year, the world moves closer to 4k being the norm, but if you don’t think 4k makes a difference to you, 1080p TVs are still widely available.
  • Consider what you’ll use it for – This is important because it will have an effect on all of the other considerations, but it’s especially important if you’re buying a TV that you expect to game on. While many might suggest a monitor, TVs are better for single player games and those that want to do multiple things. If you do want your smart TV to be perfect for gaming, get one with a higher refresh rate. This is measured in Hertz (Hz). You’ll want at least 60Hz if you’re a gamer.

1. TCL 32-inch 3-Series

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Top Pick

The first option is from TCL, and it’s a 720p LED Roku Smart TV. Roku is a great system that supports Netflix, Skype, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify, and more. 720p is good enough to watch shows on here and there but leaves something to be desired for bigger movies. The world has all but moved on from anything that’s not full HD (1080p), but this is a helpful option for those on a budget. It offers 3 HDMI ports and a headphone jack, amongst others, and because it’s a Roku, you can use a smartphone or tablet as a remote, which is helpful if you lose the real thing or it’s out of arm’s reach. It also has a refresh rate of 60Hz.


  • Great number of ports
  • 60Hz


  • Only 720p
Buy now, $169

2. Toshiba 32LF221U21

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Voice Control

Next up is Toshiba’s 31.5 inch Smart TV, which was released last year and has Fire TV built-in. That means that Alexa is also built-in and so the TV has full voice control. In theory, you’ll never need a remote. Unfortunately, this product also doesn’t do full HD, but again, it does the job for someone who won’t be using their TV regularly or for anything too demanding. It stands on a sturdy table mount and weighs 10.4 pounds.


  • Full voice control
  • Great on a budget


  • Not full HD
Buy now, $159.99

3. Insignia NS-24F202NA22

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Full HD

Released earlier this year, Insignia’s NS-24F202NA22 is a mouthful. Instead, just know that this 24 inch TV has a resolution of 1080p and built-in access to Fire TV, which means you have easy access to Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, HBO Max, ESPN+, Hulu, and many more great streaming platforms. It’s worth noting that despite the full HD resolution that this TV offers, the great price of this smart TV is because 24 inches is not big enough for most. Go for this if you’re going to be able to sit pretty close to the TV anyway.


  • 1080p resolution


  • Only 24 inches
Buy now, $129.99

4. LG 65UN7300PUF

4 19

Big Size

LG continues to be one of the biggest brands in TVs, and this option for them might be right for you. Their 65UN7300PUF is a 65 inch 4k Smart UHD TV. As we mentioned in the intro, 4k is the present and near future, so purchasing this TV will mean you’re good for the next few years. At a whopping 65 inches, this will take up a hefty amount of space on your wall too. It has active HDR and is 60Hz. The remote has not only a voice control option but motion control so that you can simply point at your screen, and it will pick it up. It’s worth noting that this option doesn’t come with a stand, only a wall mount, although if you’re picking up a 65 inch TV, that might not be a problem.


  • 65 inches
  • 4k UHD


  • Is only a wall mount
Buy now

5. SAMSUNG 55-inch Class Curved UHD TU-8300 Series

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Also Consider

Last but not least is the Samsung TU-8300 Series. In terms of specs, it’s hard to get much better than this. It’s a curved TV that offers 4k UHD and HDR. The curved design might be off-putting to some who have never used a curved TV, but it’s an immersive experience that is great if your living room has seats aimed at the TV from many different angles. HDR means that colors are rich, lively, and vivid. If you’re making a big purchase and going all out like this, though, perhaps you should also invest in a high-quality sound system.


  • Curved
  • 4k UHD HDR


  • Doesn’t come with the most impressive sound system
Buy now, $597.99

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