The 15 Best Sneaker Cleaners to Keep Your Kicks Fresh

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With Fall now in full swing it's time to think about protecting your kicks against the elements. With nubuck, suede, leather, and other materials to consider, picking a product is no easy thing. There’s plenty of solutions, scrubs, wipes, and other tools for keeping your kicks as deadstock as possible and we’re here to try and make sense of the fury of brands jockeying to clean your kicks. 

From popular products to some OG shoe cleaners, and some other not-so-well-known products, we’ve rounded up the 12 best sneaker cleaners to keep you fresh throughout the season and after. Check out our curated selection below, picked just for your sneaker rotation.

  1. Reshoevn8r
  2. Jason Markk
  3. EB Kicks
  4. Crep Protect
  5. Sneaker Labs
  6. Angelus Foam Tex
  7. G-Star Raw
  8. Rufus Styles
  9. Kiwi
  10. Liquid Proof
  11. SneakersER
  12. Pink Miracle

1. Reshoevn8r 8 oz. Cleaning Solution

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Reshoevn8r has been a bastion of sneaker cleaning with 10 years in the game and they have a plethora of products to choose from. Their basic entry-level product is their 8 oz. premium sneaker cleaner. It can be applied with a brush or cloth. The brand also offers a discount when you subscribe, a good deal for anyone finding themselves cleaning their kicks often. Shop their other products or a whole kit here, for all your sneaker cleaning needs.

BUY NOW, $18

2. Jason Markk Premium Bundle

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Jason Markk

Jason Markk is another name in the sneaker cleaning arena that carries a lot of weight. From celeb endorsements to deals with major retailers, the double K moniker is a highly trusted name for getting those sneakers restored to their former glory. The premium bundle is just about all you’ll need with their repel spray, RTU foam, microfiber towel, and suede cleaning kit. Their premium products are effective and reliable, also it makes a great gift for the sneakerhead in your life, even if that’s you!

BUY NOW, $65

3. EB Kicks Cleaner and Conditioner Kit

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EB Kicks

EB Kicks’ cleaner and conditioner kit comes fully stocked with an 8 oz. cleaning solution of their own, wooden brush, and sponge to carefully scrub both leathers and suedes. The brand advertises that their product lasts for 60 washes and can even be used on other things besides sneakers. You might have seen EB Kicks products at your local FootAction store but check out their website for their cleaner and conditioner kit as well as a fury of other related products. E-mail subscribers get 10% off their first order so make sure you get that code before you click checkout.

BUY NOW, $19

4. Crep Protect Bundle

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Crep Protect is another big name in the sneaker cleaning world and for good reason. The brand offers a wide variety of products like the Pill shoe freshener, wipes, insoles, solution, and even pretreated laces. The best bang for your buck is their “Bundle” which includes some of the aforementioned products in an “all you need” type of packaging that includes their well-known spray.

BUY NOW, $50

5. Sneaker Labs Wipes

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Sneaker Lab

For most sneakerheads, wipes are the easiest and most handy item to have and Sneaker Labs is one of the many brands doing it right. With their cool packaging and modern design, they’re one of the top-selling sneaker cleaning products. Their all-purpose sneaker wipes are suitable for any sneaker material and are good in a quick pinch to combat a spill or misstep. Also, they’re biodegradable. Watch this video for the official how-to applying process.


6. Angelus Foam Tex Cleaning Kit

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Angelus Foam Tex cleaning kit takes a simple, no-frills, approach to sneaker cleaning. Their simple but comprehensive cleaning kit comes equipped with a wooden brush, microfiber cloth, and 5.7 fl. oz. of their foaming cleaning solution. The foam route is one to go if you’re tired of filling a bowl with hot water and making a mess while you try and clean. With foam tex, the warm water is practically built-in, featuring a no dry mess. Apply the foam directly to your sneakers and start scrubbing until clean.

BUY NOW, $15

7. G-Star Raw Footwear Cleaning Kit

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While you might not know G-Star Raw for their footwear cleaning products, but their cleaning kit is one of their better accessories. The kit features some top-notch products like a leather cleaner conditioner, water repellent spray, multi brush, and microfiber cloth. The highlight here is that brush, handle, and all separate it from the handheld bristle brushes that come with other kits. This heavy-duty tool comes in suede with both plastic and brass bristles for a tough or gentle clean.

BUY NOW, $17.50

8. Rufus Styles Sneaker Cleaning Kit

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Rufus Styles sneaker cleaning kit features the usual suspects of a sneaker cleaning kit with their own solution, cleaning brush, and cloth. Rufus Styles boasts their own long-lasting clean scent after a wash and is available on Amazon for quick and easy shipping. The spray and other products come with a tidy kit for keeping everything together and it’s safe for any sneaker material like nubuck, suede, leather, and mesh.

BUY NOW, $19.95

9. Kiwi Sneaker and Shoe Cleaner

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Kiwi has a solid reputation for footwear products and their sneaker and shoe cleaner seems to be up to par. The site has a variety of sneaker accessories including a three-step sneaker cleaning product lineup. If you’re not interested in taking all three home, just getting the sneaker and shoe cleaner should be good enough for a base clean. It’s available on Amazon in a three-pack of 2.5 fl. Oz. size. The pack comes with a sponge applicator to help you out.

BUY NOW, $16.71

10. Liquiproof LABS Cleaning Kit, $19.95

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Liquid Proof

The Liquid Proof LABS cleaning kit comes equipped with all your sneaker cleaning necessities and it's environmentally friendly. Their eco-cleaner even comes with a vegan brush and microfiber cloth. The 50ml solution is safe to use and scrub on leather, suede, and it’s great for removing stains. Pick up the non-toxic formula today.

buy now

11. Sneaker ER “Dopper” 7-Piece Luxury Kit

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Sneaker ER

Sneaker ER has plenty of basic tools and products but they separate themselves from the competition with the “Dopper”, a 7-piece luxury kit that comes with just about everything the site has to offer, plus a leather Dopp kit to keep it all together. The kit is comprehensive, with different types of brushes, solutions, and other products. It’s the complete on-the-go kit for any sneakerhead looking to stay clean while traveling.

buy now, $78.62

12. Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner

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Pink Miracle

The OG sneaker cleaner, Pink Miracle has been around since 1985, a convenient year to market your product as the first cleaner to scrub the Air Jordan 1. Pink Miracle comes in an 8 oz. bottle and is made from a combination of concentrate with saddle soap, gentle oils, and conditioners. A little goes a long way with this concentrate-based product so be conservative with how much you apply to your brush or cloth. Check out their how-to video for the best possible practice on bringing your dirty sneakers back to their deadstock glory.

BUY NOW, $20

13. ShoeAnew Shoe Cleaner


Many people have benefited from using ShoeAnew over the years. While the company puts a disclaimer out that the product "can't fix a broken shoe," ShoeAnew can help to remove scuff marks as well as dirt and build up. The cleaner also automatically comes with a nylon brush and microfiber cloth that are made to protect your shoes while cleaning them, and can be used on every fabric except Suede. Amazon prime members can also take advantage of getting the sneaker cleaner shipped free. 

BUY NOW, $15.99

14. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

mr clean

Most people associate the Mr. Clean brand with household cleaning items, but in actuality, the product can also be used as a shoe cleaner. The process of cleaning your sneakers is pretty much the same as cleaning your kitchen. Simply grab a sponge and use the cleaner to wipe down your shoes. The product has no harsh chemicals added to it, making it safe to use on your sneakers.


15. New Balance Suede Cleaner

new balance
New Balance

Suede is a tricky product. One wrong move and your suede item (whatever it is) can be ruined forever. It is extremely important to have a suede cleaner in your household, as shoes can get dirty pretty easily. The New Balance Suede Cleaner helps to renew and restore suede items, and can also work on leather, synthetic, and nubuck items as well. The Suede Cleaner is definitely an affordable and handy item to have at hand.

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