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There are many benefits to using a standing desk, like reduced back pain, improved posture and arguably even increased productivity. Due to these benefits and many more, standing desks are an increasingly popular option for many. To help you out in making your choice, we’ve compiled a list of five great options on the market.

How to pick the best standing desk for you

  • Consider weight capacity – Some desks will have a weight capacity high enough to hold just a few writing utensils and for you to be writing on, but some will be able to hold a heavy laptop or monitor. Decide how you want to use your desk and then make sure it has the ability to hold it all.
  • Consider size – This is important to consider not only because of how much space you have in the area you’re going to put it, but because the surface area of the desk matters.
  • Consider materials – The last thing you want is a standing desk that is easily damaged and not durable.
  • Consider adjustability -  Most working adults likely won’t want to change the height of their standing desk too often, but if you’re buying one that you think multiple people will use, being able to greatly adjust the height of the standing desk is crucial, so that everyone can use it comfortably. You also want one that can go high enough that if you’re staring at a screen, it’s at eye level. This is the best for your posture.

1. Flexispot Standing Desk

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Top Pick

First up is the Flexispot EC1. It’s 48” x 30” and has enough room to allow for two monitors and a laptop, although most won’t even need all of that space. In terms of weight capacity, it can hold 154lbs, which will cover most without extreme demands from their desk. The height is adjusted with a motor list mechanism that allows it to go from 28” to 47.6”. It goes up about an inch per second and isn’t too noisy. Keep in mind that you will need a drill to assemble this and some have noted that the assembly instructions aren’t thorough.


  • Good height adjustability
  • Good weight capacity
  • Spacious


  • Difficult to assemble
Buy now, $239.99

2. SHW 55-Inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

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Best For Multiple People

Made with high grade industrial steel, this standing desk from SHW is perfect those who will have multiple people using the desk. That’s because it has a function that allows you to have four preset options that it remembers and will adjust to with a few presses of its digital display. The fully motorised height adjustment system goes from 28” to 46”. The desk also allows for cable management, with a wire basket under the table and a grommet.


  • Remembers different heights
  • Sturdy base


  • Heavy
Buy now, $294.87

3. Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro

4 21

Best For Adjustability

With a name like Airlift Pro S3, it’s no surprise that this desk goes up a few inches above many of the desks on this list. It has a maximum height of 51.4” and a minimum of 25.6”, which is a very impressive range. The motor allows it to move up 1.5” per second quietly. Just by looking at the stylish desk, you can tell it’s a premium product and a solid product. It’s very durable and comes in many color options, our favorite of which has to be the all-black. It’s worth noting that the wooden desk can be easily stained.


  • Incredible height adjustability
  • Stylish and sturdy


  • Stains easily
Buy now, $479.99

4. SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk

5 17

Also Consider

Next up is SIDUCAL’s standing desk which is unique for a few reasons. One, it has two platforms, one of which can be angled downward 45 degrees, so that it’s convenient to have your laptop on and comfortably type. Second of all, it has wheels on the bottom so that it can be moved around. If you’re going to have your standing desk in one area of your home or office then perhaps that’s not as useful, but for some it’s perfect. The desk adjusts from 27.5” to 45.3” and thick metal base. Keep in mind that some have reported the desk wobbling slightly.


  • Wheels allow it to move
  • One platform can be angled


  • Can wobble
Buy now, $73.99

5. PUTORSEN Standing Desk

5 5

Most Versatile

Last up is PUTORSEN’s standing desk which is wide enough and goes low enough that it can actually be used as a regulsr sitting desk when necessary. This might be handy if you want to switch between the two or have people in the house who want to use a regular desk. The work surface is large, at 47.2” x 23.6”, so you won’t struggle to fit things onto it. It can also support up to 176 lbs. There are two cables holes which help with management and pre-installed screw holes to make installation easier.


  • Large surface area
  • Can easily be used as a regular desk


  • Installation can be difficult
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