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USB hubs have a variety of uses, including but not limited to an increase in the number of USB ports available, which helps with transferring data over multiple USB drives and charging multiple devices at once. Being such a handy piece of technology, there are a bunch of options you can pick with their own benefits, so to help narrow things down, we’ve compiled a list of five of the best options around.

How to pick the best USB hub for you

  • Consider the number of ports – This seems obvious, but it’s incredible easy to forget about things you might need ports for and end up wishing you had more even after you have your hub. Think about all of the devices you could possibly want to charge or use simultaneously and buy accordingly.
  • Consider data transfer speed – USB 2.0 is mostly considered to be a thing of the past, though it has its benefits like lower cost. 2.0 has a data transfer speed of 480mbps while USB 3.0 has a data transfer speed of 5gbps, as massive increase.
  • Consider compatible devices – Many USB hubs will have a USB port as their connector, so you’re taking up one USB port to have many more. But some people will need a Type C port on their hub because they want it to connect to their MacBook, for example. Think about what you want the power source of your hub to be.


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Top Pick

This first USB port has not only a Type-A port but a Type-C port too. This means that it can connect to a Mac, a MacBook, a PC, a Notebook and more without any additional pieces. This versatility alone makes it a great choice. It has 4 USB 3.0 ports, which means it can transfer data at 5gbps. In addition to all of this, it comes with a 2 foot extension cable if you need the extra length. Some have stated that the build quality leaves something to be desired because forcing it in and out of ports makes it feel like it could break.


  • Works with Type-A and Type-C USB ports
  • Great length


  • Build quality could be better
Buy now, $13.98

2. 4-Port USB Hub 3.0

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Honorable Mention

Next up is YaimhSound’s USB hub. It has four ports which are all USB 3.0, meaning you’ll get high data transfer speeds. The design is slim and compact but fortunately, you won’t struggle to have all four ports filled at the same time because they’re far enough apart. If all four ports are filled and being used at the same time, you also won’t have to worry about the hub overheating. The length of the cable is 30 centimeters, although some have said they wish it was a little longer and more flexible.


  • Compact design
  • Won’t overheat


  • Cable could be longer and more flexible
Buy now, $12.99

3. uni USB Hub

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Also Consider

Next up is this USB hub from uni. Immediately, it’s easy to tell that it’s a premium, durable product because the hub itself is made from aluminium and the cable from braided nylon. It also has a LED indicator on it so that you quickly know if it’s connected. It has four ports which are of course all USB 3.0. There is built-in smart chip that helps the device avoid overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuiting. The length of the cord could be better.


  • Durable hub and cord
  • LED indicator


  • Cord could be longer
Buy now, $15.99

4. Atolla 7-port USB Hub

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Easy To Use

Next up is Atolla who boast a 7-port USB hub. It has not only a USB 3.0 connector port that is 100cm, but a 5V/4A power adaptor that you can use with it too. Each port also has its own on and off switch with a blue LED light to show if each one is on. On top of the incredible seven ports it offers, it also has a side port which is exclusively for charging. While the polished plastic means that this port looks great, it does also mean that it can easily move around and this isn’t helped by the fact that the hub is light in weight.


  • 7 ports should suffice for most
  • Extra charging port
  • Comes with a power adaptor
  • Each port has an on and off button


  • Could use rubber base
  • Could be heavier
Buy now, $28.99

5. ORICO USB Hub Clamp Adaptor

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Great For Desk Set-Ups

Last up is this USB hub from ORICO which is great for those who have a setup which includes a monitor or laptop on a desk. That’s because it has a clamp which allows it to clamp to the side of a table and stay in place that way. This works as long as your desk is between 0.39 inches and 1.26 inches. It means you won’t have to keep the hub and its multiple attached wires on top of a desk, making it look messy. The hub has four USB 3.0 ports and has great build quality. Some have stated that with external power, it can get noisy.


  • Keeps desks cleaner
  • USB 3.0 ports


  • Can be noisy
Buy now, $20.99

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