The 26 Best Waterproof Sneakers to Keep You Covered This Spring

You won't need to worry about the rain with these

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We’ve all been there. Or perhaps you in particular haven’t been there, but for those of us that tend to veer on the unlucky side, we’ve definitely had at least one experience where we weren’t responsible enough to check the forecast for the day, and ended up in a situation where the rain ruined our previously in perfect condition outfits and shoes. You get home and desperately try to save the items that you invested quite a bit of money on, only to find that they can’t be saved because they aren’t made with waterproof material. Damn. Another bites the dust. It’s a tough lesson to learn, but problems like these can be easily avoided by first checking the weather to make sure you are prepared and dressed appropriately, and by also having a few waterproof selections in your closet in the case of a rainy day.

Sure you could go with rain boots because that’s an automatic, but rain boots don’t always work with everything style wise. Plus, they can be a little clunky, sometimes they’re uncomfortable if you have to walk for an extended period of time, and depending on where you’re going, you may have to end up pulling a shoe switcheroo. So why not consider sneakers? Most sneakers that are waterproof are also ones that meant for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, etc., and not only are these shoes highly technical, but they’ve even gotten more “casual” in their design over the years so it doesn’t always look like you’re wearing a “hiking sneaker.” 

As always, we’ve got you covered with our selections. Below is our roundup of the best waterproof sneakers for the spring and summer seasons. 

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The Best Waterproof Sneakers, at a Glance:

Best Design - Sorel Men's Explorer Mid Waterproof Sneakers

Best Outdoor Sneaker- adidas Terrex Swift R3

Best All Black Sneaker - The North Face Ultra 111

Best Sneaker Boot - Columbia Men’s Facet Outdry Shoe

Best for the Trail - Nike Men’s Pegasus Trail 4

Most Comfortable Sneaker - Vessi Everyday Move

Best for Hiking - Merrell Moab 3

Best Designer Sneaker - Prada A+P Luna Rossa

Check out the list below

1. Sorel Men’s Explorer Mid Waterproof Sneakers

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Dick's Sporting Goods

Best Design

  • Pros: High top design, pairable with a lot in your closet
  • Cons: Limited sizing
  • Material: Leather, suede, and mesh
  • Sizing: 8, 8.5, 10, 11, 12

Sorel has not one, but two high top waterproof options to choose from. You can either go with the brown color, or the black if that is more to your liking but regardless, this sneaker is a fashionable staple that you can add to your closet. The shoes are lined with microfleece to offer additional warmth, and as far as comfort, the inner part of the shoes have a removable EVA footbed with a microfleece top cover for extra warmth making them both stylish and comfortable.


2. adidas Terrex Swift R3

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Best Outdoor Sneaker

  • Pros: Built for the outdoors, nice design, comfortable
  • Cons: Could be too roomy in the heel area
  • Material: Rubber
  • Sizing: 5 to 12

If you plan on being outdoors this summer, then it might be a good idea to consider grabbing the adidas Terrex Swift R3, which is your standard adidas hiking/trail shoe. Amazon gives you more than ten colorways to choose from, and there’s loads of sizes including halves, so you should definitely be able to find something that suits your needs.


3. The North Face Ultra 111

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Best All Black Sneaker

  • Pros: Great for running, nice all black design
  • Cons: May have issues with fitting
  • Material: Rubber and mesh
  • Sizing: 8, 8.5

As you all know, The North Face is a brand that is built specifically for the outdoors, meaning that you’ll be getting among the best when it comes to the technical elements of waterproof/outdoor sneakers. This includes performance mesh uppers that have DryVent membranes, an integrated ghillie lacing system, and OrthoLite Hybrid footbeds.


4. Columbia Men’s Facet Outdry Shoe

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Best Sneaker Boot

  • Pros: Lightweight and made for harsh conditions
  • Cons: Could run a bit small/large
  • Material: Ballistic textile, techlite, rubber
  • Sizing: 7 to 14

You can always count on Columbia as well, which is another trusted outdoor brand that has been in the game for decades. There is a lot to choose from in the Columbia catalog, but we went with the Men’s Facet Outdry Shoe, which is a versatile trail shoe with a running-inspired fit and athletic midsole built for performance.


5. Nike Men’s Pegasus Trail 4

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Dick's Sporting Goods

Best for the Trail

  • Pros: Variety of colors to choose from and comfortable
  • Cons: Doesn’t have a thick rubber outsole
  • Material: Rubber
  • Sizing: 6 to 15

Of course, you can rock with Nike as well which always have quality selections. The Pegasus Trail 4 has all the features you would look for in a waterproof running shoe including the GORE-TEX invisible fit, and Nike React technology that makes the sneaker lightweight, durable, and responsive.


6. Vessi Everyday Move

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Most Comfortable Sneaker

  • Pros: Extremely comfortable, athletic, suitable for any weather
  • Cons: May have a sizing issue
  • Material: Rubber
  • Sizing: 6 to 14

The Dyma-tex 100% waterproof technology is what really makes this shoe standout in our opinion. You also have other features that make this sneaker worthwhile such as the VZero2 cushioning midsole, and the flexible, breathable upper. These shoes are also all vegan which is an added bonus as well. 


7. Merrell Moab 3

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Best for Hiking

  • Pros: Great for hiking, more than one color to choose from
  • Cons: May have a sizing issue
  • Material: Pigskin leather, mesh upper
  • Sizing: 7 to 15

The Merrell Moab 3 is a waterproof shoe that is favored by avid hiker lovers for many reasons including the fact that the sneaker has waterproof membranes that seal out water and let moisture escape. There’s also something called a “Super Rebound Compound” that delivers shock absorption in the heels to reduce torque and helps to allow a smooth transition to the mid foot. Pretty cool.


8. Prada A+P Luna Rossa

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Best Designer Sneaker

  • Pros: Cool design, made with recyclable materials, comes with special packaging
  • Cons: May have a narrow fit
  • Material: Primegreen recyclable materials
  • Sizing: 3.5 to 7.5

Channeling the 1997 Prada America's Cup boat shoe, the A+P Luna Rossa is a little bit of old and a little bit of new as it combines elements of both classic adidas and Prada features, while incorporating some of the 1997 features in a way that is slightly more modern. You also have the BOOST midsole associated with adidas sneakers along with EVA ergonomic tongue, and the logos of both adidas and Prada designed on to the shoe. Waterproof and fancy. We like.


9. Asics Men’s GEL-CUMULUS 24 GTX

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  • Pros: Comfortable, good quality, good for distance running/walking
  • Cons: Could have a sizing issue
  • Material: Mesh and rubber
  • Sizing: 7, 7.5, 8, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12

Asics will always have you covered with the basics. You definitely want your running/walking shoes to be waterproof unless you plan on only exercising outdoors when the weather is nice. That’s not usually an option for avid runners as they tend to run everyday, so the Asics Men’s GEL-CUMULUS is a sneaker to consider.


10. adidas Y-3 TERREX Swift R3

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  • Pros: Great design, comfortable, highly functional
  • Cons: May be a bit too pricey
  • Material: textile and rubber
  • Sizing: 4.5 to 12.5

Another adidas selection, but this time we’re going with the Y-3. You probably didn’t know these bad boys were waterproof, but indeed they are. You gotta love functional fashion.


11. Salomon Outbound Prism Shoe

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  • Pros: Versatile, comfortable, highly functional
  • Cons: May be a sizing issue
  • Material: Rubber
  • Sizing: 7, 8.5, 13

A versatile trail shoe made for runners, walkers, and everything in between. Easily adaptable, the Prism’s can be worn in the city, or in mountainous regions as it has a breathable mesh, waterproof membrane, and durable design.


12. Under Armour Men’s UA HOVR Sonic 5

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Under Armour
  • Pros: Affordable, comfortable, tons of colors
  • Cons: Might be snug for wider feet
  • Material: Rubber
  • Sizing: 6 to 15

Another waterproof shoe made for runners who want something that gives them flexibility, breathability, and support. Lots of color and sizing options too which Under Armour always gives you plenty of.


13. Swims Park Sneaker

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  • Pros: Affordable, comfortable, more than one color to choose from
  • Cons: Might run too small/big
  • Material: Recycled Knit Yarn Upper and rubber
  • Sizing: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13

The elevated streamline and design is one of the many things that make the Swims Park Sneaker attractive, which is consciously created with a recycled knit yarn upper and a rubber outsole to complete the look. You gotta love a shoe that looks good, and helps out the planet while at it.


14. Peter Millar Glide Performance Wool Sneaker

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Peter Millar
  • Pros: Slip-on, comfortable, has a mesh sockliner
  • Cons: Could take a while to break in
  • Material: Wool and polyester
  • Sizing: 8 to 13.5

Peter Millar shoes are an investment, but one that’s worth making. Made with wool (which is material practically built for the rain), this Glide Performance Sneaker is a part of Peter Millar’s new line of slip-on sneakers making them not only easy to put on and pull off, but very comfy as they also have a mesh sock liner and padded tongue.


15. Cole Haan GrandPro Topspin Sneaker

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Cole Haan
  • Pros: Variety of colors and sizes, comfortable, has extra support
  • Cons: Could run big
  • Material: Rubber
  • Sizing: 7 to 13

Cole Haan just might be the king of making waterproof sneakers that don’t look…waterproof. You’ve got tons of colors at your fingertips with this one, so you should be able to find something that fits your style.


16. The North Face Larimer Lace II Shoes

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The North Face
  • Pros: Variety of colors and sizes, comfortable, has extra support
  • Cons: Could potentially run into a fitting issue
  • Material: Leather and mesh
  • Sizing: 7 to 14

Another selection from The North Face because you can never have enough North Face. The minimalist design is one that’s appreciated as well, as it makes the shoes super versatile.


17. Allbirds Men’s Trail Runners

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  • Pros: Variety of colors and sizes, comfortable, super durable
  • Cons: Could be a small/narrow fit
  • Material: Rubber
  • Sizing: 8 to 14

If you’re planning on seriously hitting the trails this summer, then you’ll need a shoe that provides durability, stability, and traction. The Allbirds Men’s Trail Runners hits all of the above and then some as they are specifically built for outdoor life.

The UltraRange sneakers are constructed with water-based inks , and also have…you guessed it...a breathable mesh in the upper. Lightweight with sock-fit cushion, you can get out a lot of these shoes, and there are loads of colors to choose from depending on what you are feeling. The reviews are great too, so this is certainly a good buy that is worth the investment. 


18. FootJoy Club Casuals

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  • Pros: Great for golfers, more than color, comfortable
  • Cons: Might run too big
  • Material: Leather
  • Sizing: 7 to 15

We had to put something in here for the golfers as well! If you’re going to be hitting the course, you’ll need to be prepared for those days where rain seemingly comes out of nowhere. The Club Casuals have you covered in that regard. 


19. Converse All Star Lugged 2.0

waterproof sneaks copy 18
  • Pros: Very stylish, more than one color, comfortable
  • Cons: Runs large
  • Material: Leather
  • Sizing: 3 to 13

If you live in a city area, sometimes you might have to “schlep it,” meaning you might find yourself maneuvering through heavy rain puddles. The Converse All Star Lugged 2.0 is an excellent shoe not just for “schlepping it,” but “schlepping it” in style.


20. Paul Smith “Miyata” Sneakers

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Paul Smith
  • Pros: Nice design, versatile
  • Cons: Might be too pricey
  • Material: Leather
  • Sizing: 7 to 12

While on the pricier side, the overall quality and design that you get from Paul Smith products is more than worth it. When it comes to rain sneakers, you want something that is going to hold up in the long run and serve multiple purposes, which the “Miyata” does quite well.


21. Moncler Men’s Trailgrip GTX

waterproof sneaks copy 20
  • Pros: Nice design, versatile, more than one color
  • Cons: Might be too pricey
  • Material: Polyester and Rubber
  • Sizing: 6 to 13

And a little Moncler for the luxury lovers.


22. Under Armour Charged Pursuit 2

Screen Shot 2023 03 31 at 11.04.28 AM
  • Pros: Great for Runners
  • Cons: Might be too wide/narrow
  • Material: Polyester and Rubber
  • Sizing: 7 to 15

There’s a select few who enjoy doing their daily runs/jogs in the rain. If you are in this category, then the Under Armour Charged Pursuit 2 Running Shoes are just for you. Light and comfortable, the shoe has a mesh upper with breathable fabric, and a cushioned midsole to protect your feet while running. Some running shoes can also be worn casually, and these could also go well with regular athletic attire. Regardless of where you choose to wear them, your shoes will be safe in the rain.


23. Adidas Lite Racer Adapt 3.0 Sneakers

Screen Shot 2023 03 31 at 11.13.15 AM
Rack Room Shoes
  • Pros: Comfortable and lightweight
  • Cons: Might run small
  • Material: Polyester and Rubber
  • Sizing: 7 to 15

The Racers are a slightly cheaper alternative that still gets the job done. While not on the ‘stylish’ side, the shoes are comfortable, lightweight, and most importantly waterproof. There isn’t too much to these sneakers—they are your standard resistant shoe built for rain, water puddles, and pool days, but you don’t have to spend that much as opposed to other brands.


24. Ugg Cali Sneaker Low Weather

Screen Shot 2023 03 31 at 11.16.38 AM
  • Pros: Nice design, lots of sizes
  • Cons: Might run small
  • Material: Leather and suede
  • Sizing: 7 to 13

Have you ever had UGG sneakers? Well if not before, now would be a good time to give them a chance. The texture is neat because at first glance the shoe appears to be suede, but it’s really waterproof leather. The UGGs have flexible outsoles, cushioned insoles, and also has a black colorway option if that is more of your style. The waterproof leather has sealed seams for additional protection, and the shoes in general are great for jogging/walking, but still fancy enough for dinner.


25. Timberland Men's Boltero Sneaker Boot

Screen Shot 2023 03 31 at 11.27.37 AM
  • Pros: Nice design, lots of sizes
  • Cons: Might run small
  • Material: Leather and suede
  • Sizing: 7 to 13

Let’s switch it up and go with something different. Sneaker boots tend to be a hit or miss depending on whether you love or hate them, but these are doable. While the Bolteros might be better suited for the winter season, these could work for those icky days when snow and ice melts into water. Timberland currently has two colorway choices available (black or the standard Timberland sand), and is perfect for everyday wear.


26. Under Armour Charged Assert 8

Screen Shot 2023 03 31 at 11.30.35 AM
Under Armour
  • Pros: Nice design, great for running
  • Cons: Not as durable as others
  • Material: Rubber
  • Sizing: 7 to 10.5

How about another Under Armour? The 8s are covered in mesh all around, while providing extra cushioning for comfort and support. The EVA sockliner is an added feature, and the rubber outsole provides stability when walking through slippery conditions. Other features on the 8 include: a lace-up closure, a round toe, and comfort technology. The reviews on these sneakers are definitely worth looking into as those with foot conditions have raved about the overall comfort level, and others have noted the shoe’s breathing room. Whatever the case, Under Armour seems to be pretty good at this water resistant sneaker thing.


So what did you think of this list? Are there any that we missed? Let us know your thoughts!

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