The 15 Best Winter Gloves for Men: For Skiing, Hiking, and More

Touchscreen gloves, waterproof gloves, and some options to shovel the driveway.

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L.L. Bean, The North Face

Why is it that we often neglect gloves when it comes to building and expanding our capsule wardrobes? We make sure we're well stocked in the coats, hats, scarves, pants, and boots departments, but we also can't ignore purchasing gloves because we "can just put our hands into our pockets." Well that's no good now isn't it? Especially if you are partaking in activities such as skiing, hiking, or even just shoveling the snow outside your house. If you've ever been frost bitten aka had frozen hands/fingers, you already know that it's actually quite painful. Not only that, but in some cases frost bite can actually turn into a serious health issue that requires medical treatment. More than anything, however, it's just simply important to keep your hands warm, and in 2023 there's more than plenty of stylish and technical options to do so. The gloves that are available in 2023/2024 aren't the clunky gloves of yesteryear—they are actually quite attractive. We've put together a guide on the best winter gloves for men to purchase for the cold weather season.

Whether it's a wool glove like L.L. Bean's Men's Windproof Wool Gloves ($44.95), or a touchscreen glove like Lululemon's Men's Cold Terrain Lined Gloves ($39), these are some of the best and most affordable out there when it comes to men's winter gloves that will keep you warm without hurting the bank account too much.

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The 15 Best Winter Gloves at a Glance:

1. L.L. Bean's Men's Windproof Wool Gloves

Screen Shot 2023 12 08 at 10.45.21 AM
L.L. Bean

Best Wool Winter Gloves

  • Material: 63% polyester, 26% wool, 11% nylon; 85% polyester, 15% polyurethane in the palm area
  • Thickness: Medium
  • Touchscreen compatibility: Yes
  • What they're for: Protecting you against the wind
  • Insulated: Yes

You know what makes cold weather absolutely cooler? The wind, that's what. These Windproof Wool Gloves from L.L. Bean are sure a bet for making sure your hands aren't screaming for warmth, as they are technically and craftily designed with polyester, wool, and nylon on the outer part of the glove, along with polyester and polyurehane in the palm region to give you an optimal balance of warmth, comfort, and protection. The gloves also come insulated with 40-grams PrimaLoft Silver that really dials up the heat a notch, and still offer an element of style with their neutral brown design. These under $50 gloves have two different colors available, with sizing ranging between a M and XL.

The Windproof Wool Gloves are also well-liked by those who have bought, with one purchaser saying: " bought these in hopes these insulted gloves with fingers would actually keep you fingers warm when shoveling snow or exercising outside in cold weather. So far so good, I have used them on my walks with temperature ranging from wind chill of 5 up to 45 degrees." Sounds like a good winter glove for us.


2. Lululemon Men's Cold Terrain Lined Gloves

Screen Shot 2023 12 08 at 10.56.40 AM

Best Touchscreen Winter Gloves

  • Material: 90% Nylon, 10% elastane; 53% recycled polyester, 43% elastomultiester, 4% elastane in the back of the hand
  • Thickness: Light
  • Touchscreen compatibility: Yes
  • What they're for: Keeping you warm while running/outdoors
  • Insulated: No

If you are somebody that still likes to do your outdoor morning run in the winter, then these touchscreen compatible gloves from Lululemon are a great option as you'll be able to easily use your phone/fitness devices without frustration. Touchscreen compatibility is often a problem amongst a lot of winter gloves (which is a reason why many opt for not wearing them in the first place), but that's not a problem with the Men's Cold Terrain Lined Gloves as they allow you easy and effective typing and swiping. Made with a nylon/elastane blend that also includes recycled polyester, elastomeister, and elastane on the back of the glove, each finger on the glove is carefully optimized to make sure you stay warm while outside/running, and are more than capable of being able to use your devices if need be.

The reviews are great too, with one buyer saying: "Very comfortable, handsome looking, just the right level of warmth. also, can confirm the fingers do work on a smart running watch (some gloves have fingers that are supposed to work but don't do well, these worked just as well as bare fingers)." Priced at $39, the gloves are currently offered in a S/M fit.


3. Outdoor Research Highcamp 3-Finger Gloves

Screen Shot 2023 12 08 at 11.11.32 AM
Outdoor Research

Best Winter Gloves for Versatility

  • Material: Nylon; tricot/fleece in the lining area
  • Thickness: Heavy
  • Touchscreen compatibility: Yes
  • What they're for: Keeping you warm in all winter conditions and activities
  • Insulated: Yes

A glove and a mitten all in one, these Outdoor Research Highcamp 3-Finger Gloves put a solution to the question of whether you should opt for gloves or mittens in the warmest way possible. Accomplishing their duties of keeping your hands and fingers warm at all times while also being functionally made with nylon and tricot/fleece in the lining area, you'll appreciate the touchscreen capabilities as the liner gloves come with nonslip silicone palm prints that allows you to use your device with ease. Newly added to its features is the incorporation of the VerticalX high-loft synthetic insulation, which Outdoor Research says is meant to offer "superior warmth-to-weight ratio, breathability and moisture management."

Needless to say, you'll be toasty in these secure grippy gloves which come in two different sizes, and can be used for outdoor winter sports. The under $70 price tag is another selling point as well.


4. The North Face Men’s Apex Insulated Etip Gloves

Screen Shot 2023 12 08 at 11.34.20 AM
The North Face

Best Insulated Winter Gloves

  • Material: 86% recycled polyester, 14% elastane bonded fabric with non-PFC durable water-repellent; 8% spandex elastane with gripper dot print in palm overlay; 7% elastane knit fleece in palm side cuff
  • Thickness: Heavy
  • Touchscreen compatibility: Yes
  • What they're for: Insulating your hands
  • Insulated: Yes

In the words of Robert Palmer, "Some like it hot," and if you are a gloves lover who indeed likes your gloves "hot" aka insulated, then these Apex Insulated Etip Gloves from The North Face just might be a perfect match. Featuring a variety of materials that includes recycled polyester, banded elastane, spandex, and knit fleece, the Etip Gloves are supple and functional pair that will get you through the coldest of temperatures. "Gloves are very warm and flexible good for driving and walking outside in winter," says one buyer of the Etip, with another adding: "Not too thick, perfect for everyday wear."

Not all gloves work well for driving, so it's good to know that these check that box. The Etip Gloves are also touchscreen compatible, which gives them extra bonus points. Priced at $60, there's three different colors to choose from, with sizes ranging between a S and a 2XL.


5. Carhartt Men's W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove

Screen Shot 2023 12 08 at 1.38.10 PM

Best Waterproof Winter Gloves

  • Material: 100% Polyester; 100% polyurethane in the palm
  • Thickness: Heavy
  • Touchscreen compatibility: Yes
  • What they're for: Being waterproof
  • Insulated: Yes

Surely you didn't expect for Carhartt to not have an adequate winter glove now did you? To no surprise, they've actually got plenty including their W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove which is a puffy minimalistic (but still stylish) option that is specifically designed to protect against water. Made with mostly polyester, and 100% polyurethan in the palm, these gloves are Carhartt-level technologically equipped with a digital-grip palm, stick-grip fingers and a stick-grip thumb, and a waterproof insert that ensures no water gets in should you encounter cold rain or wet snow. The built-in insulation helps with keeping your hands warm, and the fast-drying technology makes the gloves sweat-wicking.

"Excellent pair of gloves, the best I had ever bought! Fits nice and comfortable and are super warm! I can tell it will keep your hands warm in -10° F. Any colder, I have rechargeable hand warmers in case," says a reviewer, with another reviewer exclaiming: "I recently purchased the Carhartt Men's W.P. Waterproof Insulated Gloves, and I am quite pleased with their performance. These gloves offer reliability, warmth, and protection from the elements."

An under $30 buy with multiple colors available, these gloves are a must-cop.


6. Arc'teryx Rivet Glove

Screen Shot 2023 12 08 at 1.52.40 PM

Best Winter Gloves for Gripping

  • Material: Polartec Power Stretch fleece with Hardface Technology
  • Thickness: Medium
  • Touchscreen compatibility: Yes
  • What they're for: Helping you be able to grip
  • Insulated: Yes

Technical and functional are very much the first words that come to mind when you look at the Rivet Glove, which is a representation of the Arc'teryx brand as a whole. Cut with the brand's Polartec Power Stretch fleece with Hardface Technology, the Rivet Glove is another winter glove that keeps it simple, while honing on the basics such as insulation. Speaking of insulation, there's an insulation layer built underneath the shell of the glove, which really helps with turning up the warmth. With a price tag of $60, customers can't help but love the Rivet as one buyer says: "This is my second pair and I love them. Works both when walking my dog or hiking in the mountains both summer and winter. The leather inside make my grip so good while wearing these"

Sounds like Rivet does a solid job at being a good gripping glove.


7. Mountain Hardwear Cloud Shadow GTX Glove

Screen Shot 2023 12 08 at 2.24.38 PM

Best Technical Winter Glove

  • Material: DWR 320D Plain weave Gore-Tex 2L insert 100% nylon; polyester tricot 100% polyester
  • Thickness: Medium
  • Touchscreen compatibility: Yes
  • What they're for: Using technical features to keep you warm
  • Insulated: Yes

Here we have another great pair of puffy insulated winter gloves that will no doubt keep you warm and fuzzy through the snow and ice. Mountain Hardwear Cloud Shadow GTX Glove hones in on its technical features to really deliver a winter glove rooted in science to keep you toasty. What are those features you ask? A Gore-Tex engineering, touchscreen compatible stimulus technology, a carabiner loop for hanging, and a brushed tricot lining amongst other neat specs for starters. A durable glove that's designed to hold up years, the Cloud Shadow GTX is also waterproof and wind-resistant, giving them superhero like capabilities.

"Perfect for wet spring skiing. Lightweight, warm/cool as needed, and waterproof. Used under very wet conditions and was very happy with these gloves," says a Cloud Shadow GTX buyer. Another reviewer adds: "My go-to lightweight gloves. I even keep spares around." Priced at $80, you can get the gloves in either a small or a large size.


8. Black Diamond Midweight Screentap Glove

Screen Shot 2023 12 08 at 2.39.42 PM
Black Diamond

Best Fleece Winter Gloves

  • Material: Nylon on the front, fleece on the back, polyester, suede goat leather palm patch
  • Thickness: Medium
  • Touchscreen compatibility: Yes
  • What they're for: Using fleece to help keep your hands warm
  • Insulated: Yes

This effortlessly sleek glove from Black Diamond will assist you well should you encounter below cold temperatures. Made with 222 g of stretch fleece on back the glove, nylon on the front to make the glove sturdy, and polyester on the inside for comfort and softness, the Midweight Screentap is glove that keeps heat trapped to the tenth power. As the name indicates, these gloves are also made for touchscreen devices as they are built with 222 g U|R powered material to make button-pressing and sliding the least of your concerns. Adding to its tech specs is the suede goat leather palm patch, which Black Diamond says is made specifically to help with gripping.

"I absolutely love these gloves. They are perfect for when things get cold or as liners for when things are really cold! The fabric is super soft and the screentap ability works extremely well." says one buyer. Another review says: "I love these gloves. Quality material and so comfortable. I tend to run very cold with Raynaud's and find these gloves really help. They are not bulky and I love the touch screen experience as well."

These are an under $50 buy that you'll definitely want to check out.


9. Bonobos Cashmere Tech Gloves

Screen Shot 2023 12 08 at 2.58.13 PM

Best Cashmere Winter Gloves

  • Material: 60% Recycled cashmere, 40% cashmere
  • Thickness: Light
  • Touchscreen compatibility: Yes
  • What they're for: Using cashmere to keep your hands warm
  • Insulated: No

Bonobos is a brand that has always got you covered from head to toe, and their Cashmere Tech Gloves do a great job with protecting your hands when its frosty. Coming in two different colors (black and grey), and two sizes (S - M and L - XL), these $100 gloves are sustainably made with 60% recycled cashmere, and 40% regular cashmere that has jersey stitching. Ultimate warmth is the priority for these gloves, which the brand suggests pairing with their Cashmere Beanie ($85) and Cashmere Scarf ($120). The Cashmere Tech gloves blend together sophisticated luxury style whilst still remaining a glove that fights the cold windy weather due to its technical and sweat-wicking properties. That's why we highly recommend them.


10. J. Crew Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves

Screen Shot 2023 12 08 at 3.11.05 PM
J. Crew

Best Leather Winter Gloves

  • Material: Cashmere, sheepskin leather, wool
  • Thickness: Medium
  • Touchscreen compatibility: Yes
  • What they're for: Using leather to keep your hands warm
  • Insulated: No

Nothing screams 1990s vintage quite like a leather glove, which all these years later remains a staple part of fashion. Not only does leather keep your hands toasty, they also present an instantly sleek look that takes your outfit to the next level. Cut and crafted with cashmere, sheepskin leather, and wool, these toasty gloves also allow you the ability to use your smartphone while wearing as they are made with tech-friendly fingertips. "I've gone through lots of gloves, since I need them to bike comfortably in chilly weather, and these are the best I've tried so far. I even bought a second pair after I lost the first one. The cashmere is much warmer than even lambswool, and it feels great. The leather is high quality as well and feels very soft," says a buyer of the gloves, and that's more than enough reason to add to your buying list.

Priced at $98, sizing ranges between a S and XL.


11. Spyder Men's Traverse Gloves

Screen Shot 2023 12 08 at 3.20.33 PM

Best Winter Gloves for Skiing

  • Material: Stretch Recycled EXO Shield polyester, micro one-sided fleece lining
  • Thickness: Heavy
  • Touchscreen compatibility: Yes
  • What they're for: Skiing and other winter activities
  • Insulated: Yes

If you are specifically on the hunt for a winter glove to wear while skiing or participating in any other winter activity, we're not sure it gets anymore better (or technical for that matter) than Spyder's Traverse Gloves, which are made with Stretch Recycled EXO Shield polyester and micro one-sided fleece lining to add an extra layer of warmth. Adding to its technical highlights are the glove's GORE-TEX standard insulated glove insert, touchscreen features, and a zippered heat pack pocket that makes sure your hands are never cold. Also keeping you warm, dry, and breathable thanks to its waterproof capabilities, the Traverse comes in two different colors, multiple sizes, and an asking price of $89.


12. Hestra Touch Point Dry Wool Liner

Screen Shot 2023 12 08 at 3.32.23 PM

Best Winter Gloves for Hiking

  • Material: 78% Polyester, 22% wool
  • Thickness: Medium
  • Touchscreen compatibility: Yes
  • What they're for: Hiking and other activities
  • Insulated: Yes

If in the instance you are one of those adventures types brave enough to bear the trails and mountains during the peak of winter, you'll be glad to know that the Hestra Touch Point Dry Wool Liner is the perfect glove for you. It's neither too light or too heavy, features a polyester/wool blend that has natural insulating properties that will naturally temperature-regulate, features an easy grip should you need to grab something, and has touchstone capabilities. Buyers seem to love the Hestra Touch Point Dry with one reviewer saying: "So Warm and lightweight. Great find," and another backing that up by adding: "Nice as a liner, and can be worn without outer gloves."

Priced under $40, the Hestra is available in a size 3 - 10.


13. SEALSKINZ Men's Waterproof Dragon Eye Gloves

Screen Shot 2023 12 08 at 3.41.59 PM

Best Casual Winter Gloves

  • Material: 100% Merino Wool
  • Thickness: Medium
  • Touchscreen compatibility: Yes
  • What they're for: Keeping warm during casual activities
  • Insulated: Yes

SEALSKINZ's Waterproof Dragon Eye Gloves moisture-wicking merino wool will keep your hands warm and breathable at all times courtesy of it construction. Boosting a waterproof protector that increases durability, good grip control accompanies the Dragon Eye courtesy of its PU suede palm, which also gives you the precise control needed for touchscreen usage. There's also the incorporation of a fleece thumb wiper, which can be used for, well, whatever you need to use a fleece thumb wiper for. Pre-curved fingers and zero liner movement are features that add to the overall control of the glove which comes in two colors and numerous sizes. "Went to Iceland and used these gloves at all the waterfalls I visited. My hand stayed dry and warm the whole time I was in the waterfalls. Also, the gloves did dry relatively quickly after being soaked," says one buyer, and these gloves working well an Iceland is a further testament to their accuracy.

Not to shabby of a price point either.


14. REI Co-op Guide Insulated Mittens

Screen Shot 2023 12 08 at 3.52.51 PM

Best Mittens for Men

  • Material: Synthetic soft-shell fibers, leather on the palm, polyester shearling fleece liner
  • Thickness: Heavy
  • Touchscreen compatibility: No
  • What they're for: Keeping warm in frosty temps
  • Insulated: Yes

If you are one of the those people that want to keep it "old school" with the mittens because all you want is for your hands to stay warm and you absolutely don't care about using your phone while you're out, say hello to REI Co-op Guide Insulated Mittens, which look like Timbs in a glove format. Cut with synthetic soft-shell fibers, a leather palm, and a polyester shearling fleece liner, these mittens are a go-to when it comes to a budget-friendly glove option. "They keep my fingers and thumbs warm but not too warm, are easy to take on and off, and the elastic wrist keeps snow out," says a reviewer who lives in Colorado.

"I love these mittens! I specifically purchased them to wear while snowshoeing and they are exactly what I needed. Love them," adds another buyer, confirming that these $30 gloves are indeed the real deal.


15. Paul Smith 'Artist Stripe' Cuff Gloves

Screen Shot 2023 12 08 at 4.04.16 PM
Paul Smith

Best Luxury Winter Gloves

  • Material: 100% Lambskin leather
  • Thickness: Medium
  • Touchscreen compatibility: No
  • What they're for: Keeping warm in style
  • Insulated: No

You don't always have to get all designer with it when it comes to gloves, but should you choose to take that route, Paul Smith's 'Artist Stripe' Cuff Gloves are a fashion museum worthy piece to add to your lineup. Made with 100% Lambskin leather, the gloves boost a soft sleek look that's finished with beautifully striped cuffs that make them standout in a subtle way. Lightweight, warm, and svelte, they'll do the trick of keeping you warm all winter long along with complimenting any outfit you choose to pair them with. Paul Smith is a brand that always comes through with the epic designs, colors, and patterns, and these 'Artist Stripe' Cuff Gloves are no different. Priced at $295, there's also an option to purchase the glove in a solid brown color as well.


The different types of insulation:

There's many different types of insulation that can be found in winter gloves including: wool, cotton, fiber, Thinsulate, Thermalite, and more. The type of insulation found in the glove depends on which one the brand decides to use for their product. If you ever have any questions about what type of insulation is used, you can scroll into the product description which 99% of the time will tell you the insulation the glove was made with. If in the instance you can't find the insulation type in the description, you can always reach out to a customer service rep who will be able to confirm for you.

The different shell materials:

The shell material of the glove aka the outer part can come in many different materials including: polyester, fleece, nylon, knit, leather, and more. It's also not uncommon to see the shell consist of multiple fabrics blended together such as polyester and nylon blends for example. You can find which material was used in the shell (along with the material used in other parts of the glove) in the description boxes for the gloves under the material tab/category.

FAQs about winter gloves:

Here are some frequently asked questions about winter gloves:

What are the warmest winter gloves?

The warmest winter gloves are ones that have built in insulation as they provide heating properties in the interior that helps with keeping you warm. Majority of the gloves that we included on this list are very technical gloves made with a decent amount of insulation.

How do I wash my winter gloves?

How you wash your winter gloves depends on the individual instructions for each glove. Some gloves can be washed on a warm gentle cycle, whereas other gloves (the more expensive and technical types) may require you to take a trip to the cleaners. You can find out how to wash your gloves by reading the care instructions online, or on the tag of your gloves.

Which gloves are best for winter?

When it comes to winter, we believe the best gloves are ones that are heavy with insulation, as accomplish the mission of keeping your hands warm in freezing temps (especially if you are going to be outdoors for long periods). The winter gloves we listed from Spyder would be an example of a great winter glove.

How should winter gloves fit?

Winter gloves should neither be too tight nor too loose while at the same time having a generous amount of movement. If your gloves are cutting off your circulation, then they are too tight. On the flip side, if your gloves are sliding off your hands, then they are too big. A slightly snug fit is the sweet spot.

My gloves got wet, how do I dry them?

Most technical gloves (which are the majority of the ones we listed) have built-in moisture-wicking properties that allow them to dry fast on their own. However, if your gloves get super wet (like fall into a lake wet), then you can let them air dry in a designated area you feel is best.

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