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Do you want to know how a wrestling event is probably going down in your vicinity?

Check out some of the folks walking nearby and see if they’re rocking some apparel or even a replica title belt. That’s usually the sight you’ll come across whenever Vince McMahon’s wrestling juggernaut of a company comes to town. World Wrestling Entertainment has been reigning as the top sports entertainment organization forever now and has put forth a massive collection of awesome merchandise & memorabilia. Hopping on means you’ll probably empty out your checking account before you know it thanks to all the sweet gear they have in stock.

Here are 25 WWE items that you’ll want to throw on your body so you can showcase your undying love for wrestling as a whole.

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin 3:16 Retro T-Shirt

scsa shirt
WWE Shop

“Talk about psalms, talk about your John 3:16...Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!” And thus, history was made and a star-making run entered into earliest stages with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. This is the shirt that millions of people wore back in the late 90s to show their love for the beer-swilling, middle finger throwing, and Stone Cold Stunner landing SOB. This shirt design will forever be iconic and is still worth getting to this very day.

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2. Cactus Jack "Wanted" Retro T-Shirt

cactus jack shirt
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“BANG BANG!” Mick Foley’s hardcore antics will forever be the stuff of legend thanks to his run as Cactus Jack. When Travis Scott of all people reps that nickname and you see this same shirt in urban wear boutiques, then you know this piece of WWE merchandise has had a major effect on pop culture as a whole. This retro t-shirt is definitely an awesome blast from the past.

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3. D-Generation X "Two Words" Retro Authentic T-Shirt

dx shirt
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90s babies who were hardcore wrestling fans must remember how much this shirt got them in trouble during their school days. D-Generation X rebelled against the powers that be, which gave an entire generation of rebellious kids and teens all the fuel they needed to morph into lil’ badasses. This shirt is a relic from the Attitude Era that will get you “HEY, I REMEMBER DX!” callouts while you’re walking down the street with it on.

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4. nWo Retro T-Shirt

nwo retro shirt
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If you’ve been down for life since 1996, then you’ll have to make sure this classic t-shirt is a part of your casual wardrobe. WCW’s black and white stable was cool as hell back in the day and made a whole lot of kids adopt its logo across the front of their bodies across the globe. The nWo reigned supreme for years and for good reason - they were a dominant force that had fun handing out beatdowns and spray painting their victims while wearing this dope t-shirt.

Buy Now, $27.99

5. nWo "Wolfpac Wolf" Authentic T-Shirt

nwo wolfpac shirt
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And here comes the Wolfpac to cause some havoc and get the party started! The red and black spinoff of the nWo was just as ill and beloved due to the cool factor associated with members such as Kevin Nash, Konnan, and Sting. This shirt doesn’t just feature the logo itself - it also adopts the scary-ass wolf rep that defines the nWo Wolfpac creed. Always remember folks - don’t turn your back on the Wolfpac.”

Buy Now, $19.59

6. The Bloodline "We The Ones" Authentic T-Shirt

bloodline shirt
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Business is always booming when the “Tribal Chief” and The Usos are involved! The modern-day reign of Roman Reigns as Universal Champion has been amazing to live through. Plus his association with his blood cousins and Paul Heyman have made Reigns even more of a force of nature in pro wrestling. The best way to rep The Bloodline is by copping this boss-worthy t-shirt.

Buy Now, $27.99

7. Bret Hart "Hitman" Mineral Wash T-Shirt

hart mineral shirt
WWE Shop

He’s the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be until the end of time. Bret Hart’s pink and black motif still holds up as a dope color scheme. And it looks so good on any piece of clothing it’s plastered on. This Mineral Wash t-shirt stands out thanks to the color combination and the proud image of Bret that’s front and center.

Buy Now, $19.59

8. Shawn Michaels Women's Leggings

hbk leggings
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If you walk into your crib and peep your girl “tuning up the band” with these leggings on, be prepared to catch a sweet superkick before you know it! Shawn Michaels’ legendary status will always be kept intact thanks to his legendary in-ring work, lovable personality, and Dylan hot fire theme song. And the gear he used to wear? STUNNING! This pair of leggings for the ladies is perfect for all your heartbreakers out there.

Buy Now, $39.99

9. Triple H "Screw The Rules" Retro T-Shirt

hhh shirt
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At the height of Triple H’s career, he ran roughshod over his foes via cerebral planning and vicious sledgehammer shots to the dome. The best shirt he’s ever worn is most definitely this one. Its message is simple and straight to the point - break all the rules so you can hand out some L’s to your haters and plant them with a Pedigree whenever duty calls.

Buy Now, $13.99

10. The Rock Illustrated Logo T-Shirt

the rock shirt
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He’s the “Great One.” Some fans refer to him as the “Brahma Bull.” And he’s also known as the “People’s Champion.” Your grandmother probably calls him out by his real name. But as a longtime wrestling fan, you’ll always look to him as The Rock. This Illustrated graphic t-shirt looks super dope and showcases the WWE legend in the best way possible.

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11. WCW Nitro Retro Fanimation Chalk Line Jacket

wcw jacket
WWE Shop

Look at this bad boy! We promise that you’ll catch the eye of everyone that passes by whenever you have this slick jacket on. Your love for World Championship Wrestling will instantly be recognized, so prepare yourself for a whole lot of respectful head nods and excited screams for this one. The signature WCW Monday Nitro logo looks pretty damn cool on the front end of this gorgeous piece of apparel. 

Buy Now, $119.99

12. Macho Man Randy Savage "Sunglasses" T-Shirt

macho man shirt
WWE Shop

If there’s one “Macho Man” t-shirt that you must have in your collection, it’s this one! All the iconography that evokes warm memories of the master of the flying elbow drop can be seen all over this one. The fly sunglasses, the big & bold lettering for Randy’s nickname, and that recognizable image of the legend himself looks so incredible with black & purple attached to it all.

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13. Randy Orton "Legend Killer Portrait" Special Edition T-Shirt

orton shirt
WWE Shop

Randy Orton has never looked better! In animated form. The immense work put into the main graphic on this short must be commended and worn at every opportunity. Orton’s time spent as the “Legend Killer” and his current run as the fearsome “Apex Predator” are both represented by this Halloween-esque apparel.

Buy Now, $13.99

14. Finn Bàlor “Bàlor Club Worldwide" Replica Jacket

finn jacket
WWE Shop

While you won’t look as fly as Finn Bàlor whenever he has this much drip on, at least you’ll come close enough to matching him. This is the famous jacket he’s used to wearing on the regular during his epic entrance and powerful promos in the squared circle. You could rock this thing during NYC Fashion Week and no one would even bat an eye since it looks great during any occasion.

Buy Now, $139.99

15. WWE Attitude Era Championship Replica Title

wwe attitude era replica
WWE Shop

Wrestling fans love to head to live shows and conventions with their favorite championship belts over their shoulder or around their waist. WWEShop has a fine lineup of the very best titles from every era of the cherished sport, of course. If you’re an Attitude Era head, then it’s definitely worth adding the “Global” WWE Championship to your collection. This is the title that was solidified by the likes of Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, etc.

Buy Now, $399.99

16. WCW Heavyweight Championship Replica Title

wcw world title replica
WWE Shop

The “Big Gold” will forever be a beauty as far as wrestling titles go! WWE sells its own version of the title, but the WCW replica is clearly the best-looking rendition of that classic belt. The red gems add that extra bit of shine that makes this belt look all the more remarkable. This is the belt that defined the careers of Sting, Diamond Dallas Page, Goldberg, and many more wrestling legends.

Buy Now, $299.99

17. WWE Replica Winged Eagle Championship Title Belt

wwe winged eagle
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If you feel nostalgic for the WWF greats of the early to mid-90s, then owning this retro championship belt is a must. The “Winged Eagle” is a staple of the wrestling culture and represents WWE’s willingness to push its younger stars to the forefront. Wearing this title around your waist will make you feel just as prideful as Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker when they wore it.

Buy Now, $379.99

18. WWE White Intercontinental Championship Commemorative Title Belt (2014)

wwe ic replica
WWE Shop

Shout out to Cody Rhodes, man! When he captured the Intercontinental Championship, he paid tribute to the titleholders of the past by bringing back this version of the classic midcard title. The best color variation of that workhorse belt is clearly the white one, which is the exact rendition we chose to list here. It doesn’t get any better than this gorgeous replica of WWE’s classic IC prize.

Buy Now, $149.99

19. Edge Rob Schamberger T-Shirt

edge shirt
WWE Shop

Rob Schamberger is a noted artist that produces some amazing illustrations of your favorite wrestlers. Edge’s 2020 Royal Rumble comeback blew everyone’s minds and will go down as one of the greatest wrestling returns of all time. The framed print on this t-shirt captures the exact moment from that return where he basked in all the fan adoration afforded to him that night.

Buy Now, $27.99

20. Harlem Heat Satin Chalk Line Entrance Jacket

harlem heat jacket
WWE Shop

One of WCW’s most celebrated tag teams is most definitely the ebony powerhouse duo known as Harlem Heat. Booker T and Stevie Ray always made their way to the ring in the flyest of attires - this jacket could usually be seen on both superstars and it always looked amazing. Now you can add that jacket to your wardrobe. Just be sure to rock some black sunglasses and nose tape so you look as intimidating as possible.

Buy Now, $134.99

21. RAW IS WAR Retro Chalk Line Football Jersey

raw is war jersey
WWE Shop

The Attitude Era was defined by the Monday night madness that regularly occurred during Raw. And whenever that show came on, the “Warzone” elicited tons of excitement for everyone involved. The RAW IS WAR logo looks good on anything it’s placed on. And it damn sure sticks out for all the right reasons since it’s placed on this comfortable football jersey.

Buy Now, $74.99

22. Seth Rollins "For The Greater Good" Special Edition T-Shirt

seth rollins shirt
WWE Shop

ALL PRAISES DUE! “Crossfit Jesus” embraced that inside joke thanks to a welcome gimmick change that has made him even more of a quality superstar. This incredible t-shirt goes the "stained glass in the Church" route and looks quite inspiring. If you’re going to rep Seth Rollins, this is the best way to do so.

Buy Now, $13.99

23. Trish Stratus Fanzine Graphic T-Shirt

trish fanzine shirt
WWE Shop

Trish Stratus is a Hall of Famer that’s done so much to push women’s wrestling forward. The best piece of merchandise that’s being sold in her honor is this fanzine-inspired t-shirt that features her best pics and top credentials.

Buy Now, $13.99

24. Big E "Think" Authentic T-Shirt

think big shirt
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Based on the response to Big E’s WWE Championship win over Bobby Lashley (2021), it became quite clear that everyone loves the guy. Like the man himself, you have to adopt the motto that will push you to do so much more to win on a daily basis - “Think Big.” Don’t be surprised when you get the urge to swivel your hips out in public when you have this t-shirt on.

Buy Now, $13.99

25. The New Day Podcast T-Shirt

new day podcast shirt
WWE Shop

Shout out to The New Day for having some of the best merchandise in wrestling today. This shirt features all three members of the GOAT stable and shows love to their popular podcast. The best aspect of this t-shirt is that it pays homage to the cover art seen on old-school rap albums and offers a funny take on the parental advisory sticker.

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