Black Fashion Fair Founder Antoine Gregory Talks Exclusive Fashion Drop, NYFW and More

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Black Fashion Fair

Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially in the month of fashion and it is already off to an exciting start. Today, NTWRK is announcing exclusive fashion drops curated by Antoine Gregory, founder of Black Fashion Fair, and graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology. Gregory’s resume includes work with Dolce & Gabbana, Akris, Pyer Moss, Fubu, Telfar & beyond.

All proceeds will be donated to Black Fashion Fair's partnership with the Brooklyn Sewing Academy, a program dedicated to addressing systemic issues in the design industry.

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Black Fashion Fair

The products include: Antoine Manning's signature Mini Ova bag in HubSpot’s solaris orange with a sprocket bag charm, Nicole Zizi's organic cotton logo hoodie with "grow better" detailing, and a custom one-of-one Nicole Zizi recycled patchwork denim jacket.

We spoke with Gregory to learn more about Black Fashion Fair’s event with NTWRK, the brand itself, and plans for the future.

ONE37pm: Hi Antoine. Great to be chatting with you! Would love to start this off by asking you to tell us more about Black Fashion Fair and its initiatives this year.

Gregory: Black Fashion Fair is a conceptual retail, educational, and cultural experience aimed toward the discovery and furtherance of Black designers and Black-owned brands.  Through Black Fashion Fair and our Fair Fashion Foundation we are able to continue to advocate for greater access and visibility while also creating community. We are working on some really cool things this year, recently we launched the Museum World Tour with the Brooklyn Museum.

Museum World Tour is a cultural experience aimed at countering the historical lack of space afforded to Black artists and Black people in cultural institutions; giving Black artists and Black people agency, space, and access. The series will travel with dates at other museums throughout the US.

ONE37pm: So this September 9th event will be taking place on the NTWRK app with HubSpot. Tell us about how this came together & the designers you teamed up with, Antoine Manning and Nicole Zizi.

Gregory: Both Antoine Manning and Nicole Zizi are designers I have worked with and truly believe in. I think they both take really interesting and non-traditional approaches to their work and I appreciate their POV, especially as young emerging designers. 

ONE37pm: Tell us more about the charitable component with Brooklyn Sewing Academy please.

Gregory: Black Fashion Fair's Fair Fashion Foundation supports all of our educational and community initiatives. Our mission is to reach communities and individuals that may not have access and resources they need to pursue a career in design and fashion. We are excited to grow our own reach through grants and partnerships like this. 

Be sure to keep up with all things Black Fashion Fair via their official website.

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