Blackstock and Weber: The Loafers Everyone Won't Stop Talking About

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Blackstock and Weber

Most people are beginning to tire from the constant barrage of sneaker releases from huge conglomerates, striking out upon every drop only to be confronted with grossly inflated resale prices. Is a pair of Dunks really worth hundreds of dollars? Realistically, that money can go to a significantly higher quality shoe, and that realization has been felt across all of men's fashion. Let's talk about Blackstock & Weber.

The comeback of the loafer has been nothing short of a miracle in recent years, and in large part we have Chris Echevarria to thank. Since 2017, Echevarria's Brooklyn-based brand, Blackstock & Weber, has redefined the loafer and restored it to its former glory within the menswear zeitgeist. Gone are the slim, shined, or suede silhouettes of yesteryear that conjure mental images of dreaded Wall Street financiers; they have been replaced with pebble grain leather and double stacked leather soles.

Much of Echevarria's objective revolves around modernizing traditional Americana and creating a new vision for American fashion that defies the codes defined by the Ralph Laurens and Tommy Hilfigers of the world. The timing couldn't be better, either.

Echevarria's loafers don't look like anything else you'll see on the market now. His palette is relatively limited, with only a handful of styles, but within that there are hundreds of options. You'll find everything from pebble grain leather to pony hair on classic welted soles or a sturdy Vibram lug sole, each constructed with a modern sensibility that feels immensely refreshing.

In just a short few years, Echevarria has managed to get his brand in stores like KITH, where the initial release had lines snaking down Lafayette. The brand has numerous collaborations under its belt now too, ranging from the Philadelphia 76ers to J.Crew, each embodying the spirit of the collaborator without compromising the design of the loafer. Regardless, grab yourself one of the pairs below before Echevarria and his team realize how underpriced these shoes are.

The Ellis Penny Loafer, Chocolate/White

2203 MarchIG Ellis ChocoWhiteANG
Blackstock and Weber
Shop Now at B and W - $345

The Clásico Tassel Loafer, Onyx, Vibram 1757 Lug Sole

BLK Clasico Vibram ANGLE 3000x30
Blackstock and Weber
Shop Now at B and W - $365

The Mason Horse Bit Loafer, Emerald

Emerald Croc ANGLE 2000 72106fa0
Blackstock and Weber
Shop Now at B and W - $345

The Clásico Tassel Loafer, Flamingo

Clasio Pink Suede ANGLE 3000x300
Blackstock and Weber
Shop Now at B and W - $345

The Mason Horse Bit Loafer, Palomino II

Mason Brown and White Pony ANGLE
Blackstock and Weber
Shop Now at B and W - $345

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