Revisiting the History of the Bratz Dolls for Their 20th Anniversary

These dolls were a cultural phenomenon

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I remember like it was yesterday. It was 2001, maybe 2002, and my dad and I were at a Walgreens in New Jersey picking up some snacks before we went to Blockbuster. My dad called me over to the toy aisle and asked if I’d ever heard of something called Bratz dolls. I hadn’t, but I was immediately intrigued.

My dad bought the Chloe doll for me, and I convinced him to take me to the toy store to pick up the rest of the collection. What followed was an obsession that lasted until my teenage years, and I know for a fact that I wasn’t alone. To put it succinctly, Bratz became a global phenomenon, one that you had to be there in real-time to witness.

So with the Bratz back in action for year 20, we’re going to be telling the story of how they changed 2000s culture.

The Beginning

That said, Bratz dolls didn’t really start gaining traction until after Christmas, which generally speaking is a time where people are more open to trying new things, especially if their first/second options are not available. However the Bratz hit, they hit. Those first couple of years saw the Bratz constantly evolving, adding characters like Megan, Dana, and the boys Cameron and Dylan.

They also used this time to experiment with collections such as: Funk N Glow, Style It, Formal Funk (my personal favorite), and Winter Wonderland to name a few.

Phase 2 (2005-2007)

It was also during this time that Bratz babies were introduced, which was a great way for the super young kids to get introduced to the brand. Not too long after the release of Rock Angelz, Bratz released a follow television series called Bratz: The Series, which continued to follow their journey of launching a teen fashion magazine.

Genie Magic and Forever Diamondz were the next two films released, with each having a respective collection, and Forever Diamondz having a video game as well. This leads us to Phase 3.

Phase 3 (2007 Live Film)

The Bratz gang would go on to release two more animated films Bratz: Fashion Pixiez and Bratz: Girlz Really Rock. Oh, and let’s not forget the interactive DVD’s as well: Livin' It Up with The Bratz, Bratz: Glitz 'n' Glamour, and Lil' Bratz: Party Time!

The video game releases would continue sporadically until about 2013.

Phase 4 (Present)

What’s next? Well, the Bratz official website says loading, so we can only assume that Phase 5 is on the way for the girls with a passion for fashion. 

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