Breanna Stewart Is Changing The Sneaker Game

The two-time champ does it all

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We’ve only got about two more months until the start of this historic WNBA season (fantasy basketball for the win), which means it’s several weeks before we see Breanna Stewart, aka Stewie, back dominating the court again. Until then, the two-time champ and WNBA MVP is keeping busy with a new shoe deal. 

On March 1st, eBay kicked off Women’s History Month with the Trailblazers Collection, an exclusive sneaker drop highlighting kicks designed or inspired by the industry’s most influential “trailblazing” women.

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Trailblazers Collection / eBay

ONE37pm: Congrats on this new partnership with eBay! When did you first discover your love for sneakers?

Stewart: I think I first discovered my love for sneakers when I was in junior high or high school. I was always looking on the apps to see when sneakers would be released and things like that. I always wanted new pairs, and I didn’t know why other than the fact that they were cool and colorful. Basketball shoes and off-the-court shoes were really important to me.

ONE37pm: What does it mean to be working with eBay to celebrate women who’ve paved the way in sneaker culture?

Stewart: Partnering with eBay for the Trailblazer collection is something that is really important to me because it’s highlighting women who have been designing shoes and making shoes for women to wear by continuing to uplift women in the sneaker space. To be able to do that alongside Vashti Kola is amazing because she’s really influential in the sneaker world.

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