British Sportswear Label Cole Buxton Launches First NFT

The brand's first ever NFT is making waves

Cole Buxton

Luxury British Sportswear label Cole Buxton has officially launched their first-ever NFT collection. Entitled “NFT Collection #1,” the line will feature a compilation of designs and digital pieces based on the archetypal CB silhouettes from the Cole Buxton catalogue. A brand that keeps getting better with age, Cole Buxton is a collection of daily essentials, born with a vision to redefine contemporary menswear for the modern lifestyle. All of the brand’s jersey is custom made right in the heart of Leicester, England, and the brand itself focuses on topline construction techniques and timeless aesthetics.

Cole Buxton NFT #1 / Cole Buxton

The “NFT Collection #1” is a streetwear lover's dream, comprised of over 100 completely unique, hand-drawn pieces, created from original concepts and designs of co-founder and lead fashion designer, Cole Buxton. This collection offers customers and fans a chance to reminisce on Cole Buxton’s journey and style evolution and progression throughout the years, from their earliest designs to the brand’s more recent offerings.

We spoke to the Cole Buxton team about this first NFT Collection, and what we can expect from future endeavors.

Cole Buxton NFT #1 / Cole Buxton

ONE37pm: Congratulations on the new collection! What made you decide to get involved in the NFT landscape?

CB: ​​This NFT project came to fruition after we spent time looking at the way the fashion industry is evolving into the digital world. But we are way further down the line than people think or realize, in a world where most people can’t wait to share their next purchase or ‘fit pic’ on Instagram, there are a lot of parallels we can draw between social media posts and NFTs. We have already colonized that digital world and have been inhabiting it for a long time. The last decade of social media has set the foundation for what is yet to come, and having collected a number of NFTs, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to reward our customers as we introduce them to this next chapter of fashion, art and curation. 

We hope the NFTs will provide on-going value to those who have received them, and we also hope to raise money for the upcoming Cole Buxton foundation set to launch next year. As a brand, we will make no money from the NFT release, but what’s important is that our community is nurtured and rewarded for the support they’ve given us.

ONE37pm: How did you guys decide which pieces to select for this collection?

CB: We really wanted to build out a collection of looks combining past, current and future pieces. It was the perfect opportunity to give a nod to some styles from past seasons while also teasing upcoming releases that we haven’t shown anywhere else yet.

Cole Buxton NFT #1 / Cole Buxton

ONE37pm: Were there any challenges that you all encountered along the way?

CB: Conceptualizing, strategizing and implementing any project of this size is always going to come with difficulties. Hand drawing all pieces meant that we needed enough time to ensure the NFTs were all to the high standards our customers are used to seeing from us. Technically, creating an NFT project is also very challenging and required a lot of research to ensure we were benefiting our community as much as possible.

ONE37pm: This collection is entitled “NFT Collection #1,” so we’re assuming there’s more in store, correct?

CB: We’re not giving too much away right now, we wanted to focus on giving back to our most loyal customers and this project is doing exactly that. We’re excited to see how the digital landscape in fashion develops over the coming year and with this marking our first step into the digital world we thought the name Collection #1 was fitting. Watch this space!

Cole Buxton NFT #1 / Cole Buxton

ONE37pm:  What’s the plan for 2022? Anything in the works that you can share right now?

CB: This year's Autumn/Winter collection was the first time we’d really shown a sign of closing the gap and getting closer to reaching our ambitions for the brand. The collection hit every touch point, exploring new silhouettes, luxury fabrics and innovative patented insulations. From hand-dyed silk for our outerwear, to cashmere and merino wool yarns for our knitwear, Italy has become the stepping stone to elevate Cole Buxton to the heights we knew we could reach.

It’s really about building from this collection, we can't wait to launch the rest of our Autumn/Winter pieces and then our Spring/Summer collection.

Be sure to check out the Cole Buxton official website for more details on their upcoming projects, and you can also browse their NFT collection here

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