International Clothing Brand Kikiriki Has Big Plans For 2022

The brand is on pace for another big year


Fun, fearless, and edgy. Those are the very words that describe lifestyle brand Kikiriki, a company dedicated to the intelligent, creative, independent, and fashion-conscious person who likes to push life to its limits, dress well, have fun, and still live within their means. Already promoted by some of the biggest names in the industry including Britney Spears and Seyma Subasi, the brand prides itself on its conscious and ethical work, producing good quality pieces, while being one of the first on-trend clothing brands at its affordable price point.

Always on top of the latest movements and trends, Kikiriki never stops working on new ideas, and their range is constantly being updated constantly designing, manufacturing, and custom-sewing for their customers to offer countless options and ensure every client is catered to. Introducing up to 40 brand new designs weekly, each piece constructed with careful attention to detail, reflecting the latest fashion trends, eye-popping colors, patterns, lines, and coupes.

Kikiriki / Kikiriki

We asked Kursat, the head of Kikiriki, more about the brand and what they hope to continue to offer in the future.

“We created Kikiriki to help our customers feel empowered. We make everything with our intelligent, creative, independent, and fashion-conscious clientele in mind. We want our consumers to push life to its limits, dress well, look good, have fun, and feel great, while still living within their means… and we are proud that Kikiriki makes that possible!”

Their goal is to continue to partner with others who believe in our aesthetic and share our mission to be one of the best brands preferred as a “life-style store” by the modern fashionista of today all around the world.

You can check out all of Kikiriki’s latest products via their official website.


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