Meet Eitan Bernath, One of the Coolest Chefs of 2019

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Food is having a major moment. The space for chefs to become major entrepreneurs, owning their personal brand and promoting ancillary content through their platform, has exploded. This week we’re introducing three who need to be on your radar. Bon appétit. 

Eitan Bernath is a 17-year-old foodie with a penchant for tacos and entrepreneurship. He has established his own production company, runs successful social media platforms and appears on Food Network shows. He is a force of nature, and since he’s so young, we’re in for many more years of Eitan. Take a look.

What’s your favorite meal or snack to eat before a big business meeting?

Eitan Bernath: Whenever I want to eat something that will get me pumped up for any event—like a big business meeting—I go for some tacos. I am in the mood for tacos 24/7, so no matter what time of day the meeting is, I am down for some tacos to get ready.

What’s one aspect of your job that you knew nothing about? How did you adapt?

Bernath: When I started my blog, I knew absolutely nothing about cameras. After just a few weeks of blogging, I went from taking pictures on my iPad mini to owning my first DSLR. I kept learning as much as I could about photography online, and it eventually became my new passion. Five years later, I have kept expanding my photographic knowledge and have picked up videography for my YouTube channel. Now I own a small production company, Eitan Productions, that produces both photography and videography for clients, as well as my own production needs.

Tell us about the time in your career when you felt the most stuck.

Bernath: I would say I felt most stuck right after competing on Chopped on the Food Network when I was 11. At that point, I had no idea what would come from the experience. Having lost the show, I had no idea if I’d be a big disappointment to everyone or if this would be the end of my cooking. I choose just to ride the wave, work hard and see where it took me. Little did I know that I’d still be going at it now, more than five years later, accomplishing all the dreams of little Eitan.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to launch a business or new creative endeavor?

Bernath: I would say the most important piece of advice I would give would be something I believe I heard my friend Lilly Singh talk about in an interview. It’s easy to think that happiness is a destination to reach one day, but in reality, there is no destination because your goals are ever-changing. So to truly succeed, you need to find happiness in the journey. Instead of working on something you hate doing so that “one day” you can live a life that will make you happy, make the process of reaching your goals what brings you true happiness.

If you could wear only one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Bernath: Well, if we were talking in terms of comfort, then sweatpants and a comfy T-shirt all day every day! But if we were talking for fashion, then I’d pick my black leather Jimmy Choos, avocado socks, camo pants and my favorite blue Diesel button-down shirt. 

What is your favorite but easiest thing to make? Can you share your recipe?

Bernath: Right now, my favorite thing to make is an Impossible cheeseburger. It’s super simple. You sear a pattie of either Impossible or Beyond Burger in a nonstick pan on both sides, top it with a slice of cheese and cover the pan with a lid. Place it on a lightly toasted bun with some sautéed mushrooms and onions. I literally eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or all three if I am in the mood.

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