How 2 Brothers Are Bringing Georgian Skill to Sneakers

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Founded in 2015, Crosty, a unisex sneaker brand, has gained an increasing amount of attention from the fashion press, celebrities and influencers throughout 2019. Staying true to the founders’ cultural roots, brothers George and Shota Mikaia created the brand based on the concept of freedom. Growing up during the Georgian Civil War in the 1990s, the duo believes that this message is more relevant than ever today. 

What does this have to do with sneakers? George explains that “sneaker culture is almost entirely based on individual expression.” In today’s world, people feel as though their lives are watched under a microscope, amplified with frequent social media use. However, the Crosty cofounder suggests that we use this societal pressure for personal empowerment and self-improvement. He says that “sneakers could be a way to express freedom.” Our style choices give us autonomy and allow us to regain a sense of agency. 

With this principle in mind, Shota discusses Crosty’s overarching philosophy: “Aspiration is giving way to inspiration. Customers want to know more about the brand and its values, and we believe we can be an inspiration to fight for freedom.” He continues: “Today’s customer is more liberated. They choose products not only through aggressive marketing campaigns but by how much they associate themselves with the values the brand promotes. It is not only about the product anymore. It is about the story behind the product.”

It is not only about the product anymore. It is about the story behind the product.

- Shota Mikaia, Founder of Crosty

Every sneaker from the company’s latest DRO collection has the word freedom printed on the tongue. The DRO, best translated as “time,” collection exemplifies how—especially in fashion—everything old is new again. Made to last, the sneakers are constructed of Italian calfskin leather with a mesh upper lining and feature Bluetech rubber soles and fluorescent laces for a sporty yet sophisticated look. The DRO collection features three colorways: white, black and avocado (dark green).

A high-quality white sneaker is a staple in every modern man’s wardrobe. Constructed from all Italian materials and embossed with the brand’s logo in Georgian script, these sneakers allow you to effortlessly embrace the East-meets-West aesthetic. This gender-inclusive option’s sleek, understated design liberates you from decision fatigue, giving you more incentive to experiment with your daily outfit choices this summer.

Made out of Italian suede, these two-toned sneakers liven up all of your neutral outfits. The rich navy and medium blue hues perfectly complement shades of khaki, gray and navy for an of-the-moment monotone look. For a refined, sharp style that effortlessly transitions from season to season, these sleek sneakers elevate your casual daytime outfits and add a European-inspired element.

For an all-weather option, this pair of gray sneakers in the same style adds seasonless sophistication to any look. Constructed from Italian calfskin leather with rubber cup soles, the sneakers can be worn with everything from a T-shirt and jeans to a suit, and the neutral light gray pairs well with almost any outfit. This style is available in four other colorways: yellow, sky blue, black and white.

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