What Do the People Behind ONE37pm Wear Every Day?

A week of daily fits from Omari White and Tyler Schmitt

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I know we recommend a lot of products to you. We suggest things like running shoes, provide weekly celebrity inspiration and we sure as hell talk a lot about sneakers. But how do we, the people behind ONE37pm, put outfits together? Welcome to a series that will answer just that. 

First up, Omari White, the associate editor at ONE37pm, and Tyler Schmitt, the right-hand man to Gary Vaynerchuk and social media savant, provide a glimpse into their daily fits. Take a look.

Omari, Monday

omari fit monday
Courtesy of Omari White

A fresh fit to start a fresh week. What better way of bringing out a different and much more positive outlook to a new week than by wearing these Austin Powers-themed checkered pants that ooze confidence and a winning look for the workweek.

Tyler, Monday

tyler fit monday
Courtesy of Tyler Schmitt

I went simple today. Gap denim was my first decision (They were my last pair of clean pants, so that was easy. Overdue on laundry.) Then, I chose this simple, purple Theory tee. I have been wearing AF1s over the last few days, so I switched it up to the K-Swiss GaryVee 004 Lows to keep a dark theme.

Omari, Tuesday

omari fit tuesday
Courtesy of Omari White

Rainy and gloomy days bring out the nostalgic Urban Outfitter T-shirts. There's nothing like showing your appreciation for Drake paired with a good pair of Air Jordan 1s. This shirt is a reminder of the legend known as "Wheelchair Jimmy."

Tyler, Tuesday

tyler fit tuesday
Courtesy of Tyler Schmitt

Got around to doing laundry last night, so I broke out these AG Jeans brown khakis that are super comfortable. Went with a black tee (purchased from Checks Downtown that I picked up at their shop while exploring Auckland, New Zealand) with an orange accent to play off the brown. Finally, I threw on one of my favorite sneakers of all time: the Soulland x SB Dunk Low Pros.

Omari, Wednesday

omari fit wednesday
Courtesy of Omari White

What a perfect way to pay homage to this tragic day—September 11—by wearing the colors of the strong and the brave. This Dodgers throwback made by Mitchell & Ness paired with the hat worn by Jackie Robinson is so Brooklyn and New York.

Tyler, Wednesday

tyler fit 3
Courtesy of Tyler Schmitt

I find that brown is always a great color to build an outfit on and it gives lots of options for your look. So I broke out these chocolate brown AG Jeans pants with a striped Parra tee. I finished the look off with one of my favorite GaryVee x K-Swiss releases: the GaryVee 001 "Crushing It!" sneakers. 

Omari, Thursday

omari fit thursday
Courtesy of Omari White

While en route to my first R&B concert headlined by Chris Brown, this fit was only right. I had to add some masculinity by paying homage to the moment that one of the greatest NBA players of all time joined the greatest sports team ever assembled. Shout out to the 1992 "Dream Team" for rewriting the record books and providing an iconic moment in sports.

Tyler, Thursday

tyler fit 4
Courtesy of Tyler Schmitt

Fall is coming. Hoodie szn is here. Except we're still catching that two or three warm days a week, so you gotta pick your spots. It was a nice fall morning, so new the hoodie was coming out. Grand Collection is one of my favorite brands out there, founded by Ben Oleynik based in New York City. I added dark jeans to keep the tone and then had to break out the Nike SB Dunk Low Purple Lobsters cause, why the hell not?

Omari, Friday

omari friday fit
Courtesy of Omari White

As you can see, my obsession with jerseys is super duper real. The Arizona Diamondbacks throwback Matt Williams jersey is the Friday outfit we all can appreciate—if you are a Yankee hater like me.

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