8 Ways to Wear Your Fanny Pack

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Once reserved for moms vacationing at Disney World, fanny packs have swept the street-style scene, embellishing the fits of your favorite celebs and influencers. While you can find the packs in their traditional location—around the waist at the belt line—true rebels are playing with placement. We’ve rounded up some ingenious ways to experiment with the fanny-pack trend. How are you wearing yours?

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The Classic

To begin, the classic mom-on-vacation position still holds a place in street style. To ace the look, make sure your baggage is sleek.

The Crossbody

Style guy Joey Zauzig—a leading influencer on the men’s circuit who has worked with Express, Old Spice and more—illustrates just how luxe a fanny pack can look when casually slung over a shoulder. His utilitarian black Prada is chic when paired with neutrals.

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In The Hand

Spotted climbing out of a car and into a helicopter (as Justin Timberlake does), the perfect way to wear a waist pack is, in fact, to not wear one. Carried as a tote-pack hybrid, the accessory becomes mobile and effortless.

The Backpack

Motian Kari, known on the internet as The Metro Man, buckled his Fendi in the front, turning a fanny pack into a backpack. This is a particularly strong style if the clasp of your bag is eye-catching.

We especially love this option from Rains for a classic black pack at an accessible price point. At a higher price point, this Gucci version is a crowd-pleaser.

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Double It Up

Thanks to Fashion Week, the streets of New York City are crowded with men donning fanny packs. Influencer and fashion blogger Mykola Hruts added an extra compartment to his bag for extra impact.

Try this double belt bag from MCM to pack a punch. 

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Two-Strapped Front Pack

Metro Boomin, aka Leland Tyler Wayne, arrived at the Pepsi Super Bowl party wearing a backpack/fanny pack double-strapped creation, also called a chest rig.

N.D.G Studio makes a chest pack comparable to this one, inspired by the U.S. Army’s chest rigs. 

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On an Arm

Yes, this is a woman’s arm, but that doesn’t mean your fanny pack can’t become an arm cuff. Think of it as upgrading the Velcro contraption you stick on for running outside. Just like that, but more fashion.

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Over a Jacket

Capitalize on two trends at once: Big jackets and waist belts. Cinch your look with a fanny pack. That’s right. Put it on top of literally everything else you’re wearing.

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