Five Best Sneaker Drops This Week, Ranked

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I am so friggin excited! I know I say this often, but this week just might be the hardest week that I have had since starting this series. Adidas and Reebok seriously brought the heat, and in my opinion, they beat out Nike this week in terms of overall releases. Sure the Jordan 1 ‘University Blues’ is probably the best and most highly-coveted sneaker on this list, but it would be disrespectful not to acknowledge the other sick drops we saw this week. I am even going to make the argument that these shoes are going to be much more attainable as opposed to the AJ1s and Dunks (I don’t see the Foams selling out quickly, but that is just my opinion). I’m not going to keep y’all waiting any longer, so here we go.

1. Adidas Forum Mid

Forum Mid Shoes White FY4975 01 standard
Adidas Forum Mid / Adidas

Release Date: 3/1

Phew! These are a thing of beauty. This revival is thanks in part to the success of the Adidas x Beyonce ‘Ivy Park’ collection and a good chance to get a nice all-white shoe for the spring and summer. The ‘Icy Park’ mids sold out almost immediately, so this is another opportunity for fans to get their hands on a similar version. I don’t believe a sneaker always has to be super colorful or bold in order to make a statement. These are eye-catching and can be paired with almost anything you have in your closet. Solid job, Adidas. Solid Job.


2. Adidas Yeezy 450

YZY 450 WHITE.png
Yeezy 450 / GOAT

Release Date: 3/6

Y’all are going to kill me, but I am only putting these here due to the sheer hype and anticipation this silhouette has gotten. Much respect to Yeezys—I like them a lot, but I can’t think of a single item in my wardrobe that I could wear these with, which would make it an inauthentic purchase on my end. That said, I understand that this is a groundbreaking shoe in terms of its overall design. If anybody reading this decides to buy these, please reach out to me! I’m interested to see how this can be styled with everyday wear, and I am also curious about the comfort level.


3. Reebok Pump Omnizone II ‘Dee Brown’

Dee Brown
Reebok Pump Omnizone II ‘Dee Brown’ / GOAT

Release Date: 3/5

This is another revival that dates all the way back to 1991. As you all know, Brown brought down the house during the 1991 Dunk Contest with his ‘no-look’ spectacle capturing the coveted title, and the ‘Omnizone Pumps’ have since become a living legend. Now nearly thirty years later we get to experience the magic again, and while I'm here,  I’m going to give the Minnesota Lynx’s Lexie Brown a shoutout too. She has been one of Reebok’s biggest ambassadors, and I’m going to need a picture of her in these ASAP!

Update: Lexie gave us a whole look book y’all


4. Nike Dunk Low ‘City Market’

City Market
Nike Dunk Low ‘City Market’ / GOAT

Release Date: 3/04

I am a city girl, and I absolutely love these because they remind me a lot of the graffiti, paintings, etc., that you see plastered around every major city. In my opinion, this shoe is very ‘New York’ and it gives me a throwback to the early 2000s (especially Harlem). I consider the ‘City Markets’ a rare shoe in the sense that you won’t get a colorway quite like this very often. Hopefully, Nike keeps playing around with these designs, and we get more "poster-like" shoes. I had given up hope on getting these, but in light of the current Nike resell news, I may actually have a shot now (kidding).


5. Under Armour ‘Velocity Wind’

Velocity Wind
Under Armour 'Velocity Wind' / Eastbay

Release Date: 3/3

Ladies and gents, my first Under Armour entry. Sometimes Under Armour gets the short end of the stick when it comes to overall sneaker hype, and I think that needs to change ASAP. The ‘Velocity Winds’ are sick, and I love their versatility. You could wear them to the gym or pair them with casual clothes and athleisure wear. Everybody has their own opinion as to what is "hot" and what is "not," but if I saw somebody wearing these, I would definitely have to throw a compliment in their direction. Oh, and they are extra comfortable due to the fact that they were made primarily for long-distance running.


So what did you guys think of this week's drops? Let me know, and be sure to keep up with my collection on Instagram and Twitter.

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