The 5 Hottest Sneaker Drops This Week

Whew! What a Week!

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You know what they say: If you have an opportunity to go for the dunk, you gotta take it. I’m actually not sure if anybody has ever said that, but what I do know is that this week’s sneaker releases feature a lot of ‘Dunks’ that are absolute fire. I could actually make a majority of this list “Dunk” heavy, but I will torture myself and only pick one (or maybe two). Aside from the ‘Dunks,’ we also have Nike dropping a new round of Jordan 1s (here we go again) and 3s, plus a dope drop from Reebok. Oh, and Beyonce will be releasing her heavily anticipated ‘Icy Park’ line over the weekend as well. This was my toughest week of selections by far, so let’s get to it!

1. ‘Nike Dunk Low’

Nike Dunk Low / GOAT

Release Date: 2/18

Fine, I'll only pick one out of the three ‘Dunks’ that were released this week. This was a tough call, but I’m going with...the UCLA theme colorway. Don’t get me wrong, the ‘UNLV’ and ‘Hyper Cobalt’ are very nice, but the ‘UCLA’ inspired ones are cold. These remind me of the ‘UNC Jordan 1s,’ but those can be extremely hard to come by, so this just may have to be the next best option.

Nike did release a ‘Dunk Low’ for women in a UNC color scheme last Spring, but those are nearly double the price of its original release. I’d say try to pick these up ‘Dunks’ now if you can, because I can definitely see a world where you will have to pay double or triple the price if you wait too long. Plus, March Madness is slowly creeping upon us. It would certainly be a good time to get a university colorway. Just saying.


2. ‘Paris Saint-Germain x Air Jordan 1 Zoom’

paris jordan
Paris Saint-Germain x Air Jordan 1 Zoom / Getty Images

Release Date: 2/17

I’m beginning to have a love-hate relationship with 1s. Honestly, I’m tired of never being able to snag new releases in my size, and it is breaking my heart. So here is yet another pair that won’t be in my possession anytime soon—the ‘Paris Saint-Germain Jordan 1s.’ The ‘PSG’s’ are dope, and the tie-dyed purple and pink collar is a rare feature on 1s. The cream suede is an added bonus (you guys know I love suede), and the black overlay mixture really gives the shoe a smooth, classy look. You could wear these casually or pair them with a dressier outfit (pantsuit, skirt, etc.). The versatility of the ‘PSGs’ is incredible. You can definitely create different looks for various occasions—which is one of the most important things you can look for in a sneaker. 


3. ‘Hot Ones x Reebok ‘Spicy and Icy’

Hot Ones Question Mid Mens Basketball Shoes Pink GV7093 03 standard
Hot Ones x Reebok ‘Spicy and Icy / Reebok

Release Date: 2/17

Reebok ‘Spicy and Icy.’ Fire and Desire. Flamin Hot Cheetos and Smirnoff Ice. Okay, I’ll stop. Seriously this is probably Reebok’s best drop of 2021 so far. Designed to bring you a fiery ‘Spicy’ colorway representing the ‘Last Dab Apollo Sauce’ and an ice water ‘Classic Leather Legacy’ shoe to ‘cool things down,’ the ‘Spicy and Icy’ shoes are a unique approach for Reebok. They really put a lot into not only the design of both shoes but also the overall promotional campaign.

The ‘Spicy’ silhouette features an all-red design with a yellow rubber outsole, while the ‘Classic Leathers’ sports an all-blue theme with a water design. If I had to choose one, I would go with the ‘Spicy’ colorway. The yellow outsole gives the shoe that extra finesse, and I feel like 2021 is the year to make bold fashion statements. What do you think?


4. ‘Air Jordan 3 Cool Grey’

air jordan 3 cool grey
Air Jordan 3 Cool Grey / GOAT

Release Date: 2/20

These sneakers release tomorrow, so make sure you have everything ready to go on SNKRS because I have a feeling the 'Cool Grays' are going to go pretty fast. These have been rumored since last summer, and this is a re-release of the 2007 AJ3s. This is the first time in history that Jordan 3s have gone retro, and the upgrades are definitely worth the purchase. The new-and-improved 3s sport an all-grey colorway with an elephant theme design in the overlay. The imaginary sneaker designer in me says that you could even play around with different lace colors. These would look absolutely sick with a yellow or red lace. You could even do a blend (white/grey, black/grey, etc.). I personally think the 3s would be a good investment and a great start for beginner sneakerheads or casual wearers.


5. ‘WMNS Air Jordan 1 Silver Toe’

WMNS Air Jordan 1 Silver Toe / GOAT

Release Date: 2/19

I could end up being wrong, but I’m already getting ‘Jordan 4 Off-White Sail’ vibes from these in the sense that I don’t think they are going to be $170 for very long. The ‘Retro Black and Whites’ remain amongst the most popular Jordan 1s, and these are essentially the same thing, but with a high-top design as opposed to a mid. The silver leather gives the shoe a crisp retro look, and I think these can be worn year-round. I’m going to call it now—the ‘Silver Toes’ are going to be one of the sneakers of the summer. Book it.


Well that is going to do it for this week! I’ll be including the Icy Park sneakers in next week’s round-up. In the meantime, you can keep up with my collection on Instagram and Twitter!

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