12 Days of Christmas Spotlight: FRIED RICE and Maya Wang's Commitment to Fun

Day 6

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Fried Rice

And on this sixth day of Christmas our true love sent to us six geese a laying, five golden rings, four calling birds, three french hens, two turtle doves, a partridge and a pear tree... and FRIED RICE. This next installment of our 12 Days of Christmas series features FRIED RICE, a vibrant eclectic clothing brand built around the founder's idea that clothing should be fun. One of our favorites from 2022, caught our attention both because of their amazing apparel, and the wonderful personality of founder Maya Wang.

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Why We Love Them

Favorite Campaigns

Speaking of campaigns, here are our favorites from 2022.

The Reversible Poncho

MADE x Paypal Festival

Spring Collection

Summer Collection


Day 7 is tomorrow. Tune in to see who we’ve got next!

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