Gap and Tyla Celebrate Individuality in Spring 2024 Campaign

All laid over the music of Jungle, inspired by their 'Back on 74' video

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Courtesy of GAP

Good basics are anything but basic; they're the canvas on which one can paint an illustrious portrait of their individual style. And perhaps no brand represents this ethos quite like Gap, which has long championed the importance of creating garments that inform an individual fashion sense. Today, the iconic American fashion brand previews its Spring 2024 collection of beautiful linen in a campaign homage to the band Jungle's ultra-viral "Back on 74" music video. A celebration of self-expression and individuality through fashion, music and dance, the video features GRAMMY Award-winner Tyla, building on the brand's ongoing legacy of working with the biggest names in pop culture.

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The video, directed by Jungle’s J Lloyd and Charlie Di Placido, is inspired by the track’s official video which inspired a dance craze that eclipsed a billion views—largely due to the masterful Shay Latukolan, who returned to choreograph the campaign.

“It's an absolute honor to be in a Gap campaign—so many iconic artists have worked with Gap and I now get to be one of them,” said Tyla, who has had an incredible rise to prominence since the release of her chart-topping hit "Water." “I'm excited for my fans to see me do a new type of dance where I'm styled in comfortable clothes with my own personal touches. It was really  fun—a true celebration of music, fashion and dance.” 

"Working with talent who embody the spirit of originality is not just a choice, but a commitment to our brand's heritage,” said Mark Breitbard, Gap’s President and CEO. “This campaign pays homage to Gap's iconic musical ads of the past while embracing the diverse voices and talents that shape our present and future. We continue to draw inspiration from artists who authentically express themselves, using Gap style to reflect their unique personalities."

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The pieces donned by the cast throughout the campaign video signal the immense wearability of Gap's Linen Collection, allowing for free-flowing movement without sacrificing an ounce of style. Collection staples include the Linen Cropped Boyfriend Shirt, 100% Linen Boyfriend Shirt, Linen Button-Up, and the 365 Linen-Blend Trouser, all of which are machine washable.

The campaign cast wears a mix of several linen and linen-blend items dressed in neutral and tonal styles. Tyla wears the Linen Cargo Pant and Crop Top alongside the rest of the cast styled in other loose fit and utility-focused items from the collection, such as the Linen Halter Vest, the Linen Cargo Wide-Leg Pant, the Linen Long Sleeve Button-Up, and the Linen ’90s Loose, which is a new take on the classic pant.  

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