Goldwin Releases the Hyper-Sustainable SS23 "Goldwin 0"

We caught up with designer Julia Rodowicz about the recent release

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Goldwin is back just in time for us to kick off the spring season of the April showers that are going to bring May flowers. This go-around the sportswear and performance brand is unleashing the Goldwin 0, the ethos of wish mirrors the environmental elements of their film Chance Encounters. Produced in the mountainous forests of Japan, Chance Encounters is about the line of contact between organic systems and human perception, with nature serving as both inspiration and technical input for a subjective synthesis. This enquiry delights in the
unknown, thrives on chance, and indulges in the beauty and mystery of being.

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We had a chance to speak with Goldwin 0 designer Julia Rodowicz to learn more about the inspiration behind this collection. Check out the interview below.

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ONE37pm: Great to be chatting with you guys! Could you start by telling us more about this launch? I understand this collection is pretty versatile right?

Rodowicz: We have continued to explore the sacred geometry of the patterns that Mother Earth creates and our connection to nature. We designed clothes that will accompany people in the urban jungle as well as on trails in the great outdoors.

ONE37pm: What was the creative process behind putting this collection together?

Rodowicz: As with FW22, for SS23 we imagined an ideal wardrobe that will fit into a cabin luggage to accompany a digital nomad and a nature lover. We worked with the best possible fabrication for each garment to improve the comfort and enhance the performance of our customers.

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ONE37pm: What are some of the standout pieces?

Rodowicz: Denim jeans were first produced in California to sustain heavy usage by gold-miners and designed to last in the harshest conditions. We have combined this heritage with the design language of Japanese workwear - the most functional and sophisticated clothes ever.

ONE37pm: What else is in store for Goldwin as we approach spring and summer?

Rodowicz: The shell products using PERTEX® SHIELDAIR, that have been redesigned and upgraded. The collection focuses on lightweight and highly stretchable items, expanding the variations of active scenes, from fast hiking, to trekking, traverse, peak hunting.  All-weather jackets and pants that provide optimum protection against wind and weather and at the same time are highly breathable for all-round pleasant and dry wearing comfort in hot and high humid weather more than ever.

Another highlights are lightweight outers combining functionality and minimalist design at a high level, made with GORE-TEX PACLITE PLUS which offers comfort, lightweight and a compact design. These coats and jackets can be worn and layered for a long season thanks to the thin and lightweight material and also can be worn not only as daily wear, but also for travel and business occasions.

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You can shop the collection on the Goldwin website right now.

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