Grand Collection and Umbro Drop Second Capsule Collection

If you've been keeping up with Grand Collection—or NYC skate culture in general—then odds are you peeped the brand's collaboration with Umbro from late last year. The two seemingly disparate brands, hailing from the worlds of skateboarding and soccer, mesh together in a collaboration that invokes aspects of what has made both communities so integral to fashion. It's no secret that 2021 has been, in many ways, the year of the brand collaboration. Successful collabs rise above the rest when they're able to remain true to both brands, maintaining the cultural integrity behind the vision of each.

In recent years, track suits have become increasingly ubiquitous in skatewear, as part of the wave of 90s nostalgia that has been dominating numerous cultures. The incorporation of a true sportswear brand like Umbro formalizes the collection as a successful crossover, paying homage to both communities.

The collaboration dropped late last week, but as of the time of writing, you can still get your hands on some of the inspired pieces. Check out Grand's website to see what's still available. I've personally got my eye on the track pants; each colorway could bring its own vivid individuality to a fit.

Part of Grand's success is owed to the brand's founder Ben Oleynik, a true skater's skater. Ben's passion for skating is tantamount to all of the collections, which is why everything Grand drops isn't just aesthetically pleasing, but truly wearable for a day out in the streets.

This collection isn't solely available online; you can also find it at select skate shops across the US, Canada, UK, EU, Korea, Japan and worldwide.

Skate shops are the life blood of skate culture, which is why it's always important to release cultural movers like this capsule through the local shops that drive the community.

If you're just hearing about Grand, make sure to check out some of their previous collections and keep your eye on their social channels, as they consistently drop great capsules.

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