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As MMA continues to grow in popularity, there are going to multiple generations of people worldwide that start training. Just like there are many variables in MMA, there are also many options in terms of training gear. Picking a pair of shorts to train in can be daunting, no matter if you’re training for fun or are getting amateur wins. To help you out, below is a list of some of the best MMA shorts on the market. First though, here’s what you need to think about to make the best decision for you.

  1. Top Pick - Sanabul Cross Fit Workout Shorts
  2. Also Consider - Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Shorts
  3. Most Light - Meister MMA Compression Rush Fight Shorts
  4. Best Materials - Elite Sports MMA Fight Shorts
  5. Great Design Patterns - Anthem Athletics MMA Shorts

How to pick the best MMA shorts for you

  • Consider what material you want – Depending on what type of training you’re doing at the time, you might require a more breathable material. In terms of flexibility, you’re obviously never going to want your movement restricted, but on a boxing day for example, you don’t require as much movement from the shorts as on BJJ or a kickboxing day.
  • Consider what kind of shorts you want – Most shorts that are widely available are baggy and might have the Muay Thai styled cut on the sides, but perhaps you’d prefer compression shorts. We have both on the list.
  • Consider design – While being functional obviously comes first with MMA shorts, there’s never any harm in looking stylish while doing it. You might find that a lot of MMA gear has an old school preference in designs, but some color is also a great thing.

1. Sanabul Cross Fit Workout Shorts

1 39

Top Pick

These shorts from Sanabul are called their Essential MMA Shorts and that does a pretty good job of describing them. They’re simple and clean looking and despite not being compression shorts that hug your legs tightly, they’re not the baggiest either. That makes them great to grapple in, because they won’t get caught under your opponent at all. The stitching is also reinforced so that they won’t tear easily, even with rough and thorough use. It’s worth noting that the Velcro around the waistband, while easy, can be uncomfortable in certain positions.


  • Flexible
  • Strong stitching to avoid tears
  • Simple design


  • Velcro can be uncomfortable in certain positions
Buy now, $19.99

2. Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Shorts

2 39

Also Consider

These shorts were designed with Jiu-Jitsu in mind, so they’re made from a great, breathable material that is light, very stretchy and won’t stop any of your movement on the ground. There are also no pockets, so that no-one’s limbs can get caught there. Despite what was in mind in creation, these shorts work great for pretty much all aspects of MMA. The stretch means that you can kick very comfortably in them too. Some would criticise them for being too long, because they go down to the knees for most, but that’s your call.


  • Stretchy, breathable material


  • Can be too long for some people
Buy now, $34.95

3. Meister MMA Compression Rush Fight Shorts

3 2

Most Light

Even the slimmest and least baggy of regular board shorts are too baggy for some, so for those, perhaps compression shorts are the answer. These are similar to what you see cyclists in. There are benefits like decreased muscle soreness and improved muscle oxygenation, but of course more basically in MMA, there’s no chance of these getting caught in a grappling exchange and it even means that it’s impossible for someone to grab your shorts for an unfair advantage. These shorts from Meister MMA do a great job of moisture wicking and they’re specially made so that a cup will fit in them without changing the form of the fabric, although for some people it’s too small and not in the right position. They come in black, red and white.


  • Different colors
  • Great for wearing a cup under
  • Flexible


  • Cup pocket not in the right position
Buy now, $26.99

4. Elite Sports MMA Fight Shorts

4 37

Best Materials

These shorts have an elastic waistband for comfort, but a drawstring too, to ensure that they don’t fall off easily in training. There are also slits in the side of the shorts too so when you’re practicing high kicks, your movement won’t be restricted. They’re comfortable and tear-resistant, so don’t worry about going live in them.


  • Comfortable


  • Can be too long for some
Buy now, $9.99 - $19.99

5. Anthem Athletics MMA Shorts

5 29

Great Design Patterns

Last up is Anthem Athletics’ shorts which are made with a tear-resistant, quick drying fabric which is extra stretchy around the groin area. These are a highly durable option which have strong stitching. If you’re looking for some great designs, this is a great choice because there’s a hex camo desert design, a black design and a green camo design amongst others.


  • Great variety of designs
  • Strong and durable


  • Material is thin
Buy now, $39.99

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