If You Don't Know What to Wear, Follow These 13 Guys on Instagram

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Grabbing your phone and opening up the Instagram app for your daily scroll has become second nature. An automatism you can barely control anymore—your fingers just go there while your brain coasts on autopilot, like a mechanical action powered by your subconscious. 

We can relate. 

While your thumb aimlessly swipes in an upward motion, occasionally doling out some precious double-taps, you may also be concluding that your feed of followed feels a little stale—it’s probably been a minute since you’ve added new accounts to it. Yup, even your personal Instagram’s curated connections require the occasional revision. But where to start?

Here are the reasons you go on Instagram: to connect with your friends and family, to fetch your daily dose of boss motivation and cultural happenings, and to get fashion and lifestyle inspiration. Since you already have both former points covered, we thought we’d offer some assistance with the latter. 

Here are 13 style guys you should be following to spark endless style inspo for your next fresh ‘fit.

Name: Igee Okafor

His style: Sharp tailoring and classic, old-world vibes 

Why we love following: Calling all aspiring gentlemen! Igee’s creativity and strong aesthetic shine in all of his posts, which will make you want to both bookmark and double-tap every frame.

Name: Caleb Hill

His style: A scoop of casual, a pinch of trendy, a dash of prep

Why we love following: Caleb’s inimitable playfulness and joie de vivre will make you feel like you’re privy to a fabulous life of food, fashion, and faraway travels… without ever making you feel bad that you’re not doing any of those things. He’s like the cool friend you’ve always wanted to have.

Name: Eliezer Infante

His style: Streetwear meets Pitti Uomo 

Why we love following: Eli wears clothes very well. Smashingly so. His unique sensibility harmonizes aspirational and achievable—no wonder we’re hooked on his slick creative approach. You will be, too.

Name: Ryan Clark

His style: Classy, classic and fresh AF

Why we love following: The man doesn’t shy away from a suit, for everyone’s sake: Ryan’s account is one big exhibit of masterful tailoring. If suiting up isn’t your forte but you long to be that guy, look no further for a study in bespoke wear.

Name: Anthony Urbano 

His style: Trend-forward with a penchant for the architectural and oversized

Why we love following: There’s no shortage of daring on Anthony’s feed, and his eclectic take on otherwise timeless silhouettes always makes us want to step outside of our sartorial comfort zone.

Name: Alexander Atkins

His style: Elevated sporty

Why we love following: Nailing that perfect balance of chic and casual, Alexander shows us how to navigate New York City living while looking impeccable at every moment. And we did mention that strong men wear pink, so here’s further evidence.

Name: Dimitris Kolonas

His style: Master minimalist

Why we love following: Sometimes you just want to keep things simple and clean, and that’s precisely what this resident Euro delivers. Learn how to make basic pieces look anything but by taking notes from Dimitris.

Name: Jovel Roystan

His style: Effortless city slicker with globetrotting goals 

Why we love following: Jovel provides his followers with endless inspiration on how to put together looks imbued with a certain urban je ne sais quoi. That’s when he’s not off to a dreamy exotic destination, in which case it’s all about resort wear flair.

Name: Denny Balmaceda

His style: Americana heritage peppered with whimsy

Why we love following: There’s something iconic about Denny’s look. He’s never not serving ‘70s rock star vibes and if that’s not goals, then I don’t know what is.

Name: Leo Chan

His style: Billionaire using the world as his playground

Why we love following: If we conjure what a very important entrepreneur/CEO might be wearing while jet setting to wherever he pleases, he would be dressed like Leo. ‘Nuff said.

Name: Steven Onoja

His style: Fluent in dandyism

Why we love following: Steven is the consummate style pro you never knew you needed on your mood board. His attention to detail is unparalleled and will make you pay better care to those little things that can make your ‘fits real standouts.

Name: Isaac Hindin-Miller

His style: Grown-up cool kid 

Why we love following: This dude about town throws down a funky print and neon hues with aplomb. Isaac’s the life of the party and takes you along with him in the most unpretentious, righteous way.

Name: Travis White

His style: Polished all-American

Why we love following: Trav strikes that aspirational equilibrium of rugged American charm and casual prep. Not only is it super timeless, but it’s also fire. Winning.

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