Alexis Morgan, Lance Fresh and Austin Mills Talk Basketball's Unique Fashion

Michael Caloca / ONE37pm

In ONE37pm's latest live room hosted by JD Sports, we got together with some of the biggest names in basketball culture to talk about the myriad of ways in which the sport overlaps with style. Chief Creative Officer of Players TV, Lance Fresh, player-turned-basketball personality Austin Mills, and sports and entertainment reporter Alexis Morgan all shared some gems during the stream. Read on for their hot take and shop all the styles donned by the crew below.

Alexis and Austin were both in Vegas for Summer League, so we started off talking about some big takeaways from the pre-season series. Then, of course, we had to dive into the culture. From pickup games to street ball to the NBA, it's safe to say that basketball has a more unified culture than any other sport. Some topics we covered in the first half included: everyone's first pair of sneakers (Nike and Jordans reign supreme), the symbiotic relationship between basketball and fashion and some of the most stylish players in the game.

Lance paraphrased a quote from Pharrell Williams himself, "I never go to a spot and think I'm killing everybody. I'm just comfortable," adding "It's all about comfort and how you feel and how you want to express yourself." Comfort isn't just about materials and fit—it's about "being true to who you are."

It's all about comfort and how you feel and how you want to express yourself.

- Lance Fresh

Austin emphasized the importance of evolving your look based on where you are, saying, "I think adapting to your environment also is important." He also addressed his passion for vintage tee shirts, a growing trend in NBA circles.

Throughout the rest of our convo, we tackled a lot more of the facets of basketball culture and fashion. What defines basketball style? Who are the best-dressed players in the league? "Basketball—the NBA and the WNBA—is the only sport where your style can translate onto the court," said Lance. He then went on to reference Allen Iverson and players who have built up personas on court that reflect their off-court style. Alexis chimed in to reference Devin Booker, who boasts a classic style of play, anchored by his love for classic cars and looks off the court.

This whole stream was just so much fun. Each and every member of the group provided an individual perspective on the culture and how basketball fashion is a unique phenomenon. Watch the full stream above and shop the looks from the event, only at JD Sports.