A Systematic Breakdown of Jonah Hill's Outfit Recipe

And the best part isn’t even a fashion accessory

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Jonah Hill has long been a golden boy of ONE37pm. We broke down the true #mood psychology behind his jujitsu energy on Instagram, we rallied for him to be cast as the next James Bond and we presented nine wild shirts so you could try to emulate his untouchable, effortless style. But this Hill fit is the king of them all.

While running errands on a gloomy Tuesday in January in New York’s Soho neighborhood in front of the Camper store at 110 Prince St., Hill slayed this fit. The outfit recipe calls for bleached blond hair slicked back unforgivingly, navy pants and T-shirt to act as a strong foundation, a very wild checkered jacket, AirPods, a Leica camera and a plastic shopping bag from NYC’s prime photography supply store Adorama. (Peep our find that will give you that New York takeout vibe even when you haven’t been shopping.)

We broke down his style so you can shop the look, giving you Jonah Hill’s exact item (called “his pick”), plus “save” and “splurge” versions of each element.

Apple AirPods

Marni Bomber Jacket

Leica Camera

Adorama Bag

Maison Margiela Glam Shoulder Bag

Adidas Samba Shoes

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