JORDANLUCA is a Brand Exploring 3D and Sacred Human Connections

Check out their FW23 presentation this Saturday

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You are now entering the 3 dimensional time warp known as JORDANLUCA. Established in 2018, the young Italian/UK brand has quickly become one to watch in the global land of couture, with a dedication to challenging not only how we wear our fashion, but how we look at style through an everyday lens. The eponymous menswear label regularly explores themes of avant-garde, sexuality, unconventional tailoring, and streetwear through their multiple collections, which we have seen regularly through their different collections and Fashion Week presentations.

Speaking of Fashion Week, the FW23 presentations are beginning as early as today (yes today) with Milan Fashion Week, and will go through February.

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As we mentioned earlier, JORDANLUCA was founded in 2018 by Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto with the goal of bringing together an authenticity to counterculture and a commitment to craftsmanship. The brand merges both Italian heritage with the raw intensity of London, with both Bowen and Marchetto taking a holistic approach to menswear and masculinity. JORDANLUCA dives into sexuality and queer representation, different tailoring styles and cuts, radical themes of self-sabotage and plenty more through their variety of collections and equally captivating campaigns. 

Standout Campaigns

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The last campaign we saw from JORDANLUCA was their FW22 Jeans collection, which consisted of 3D artwork created by Loyd Lye. The campaign explored the complex times that we live in along with our general connection to nature and human spirit.

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Their RTW SS 2023 “SABOTAGE” show this past June in Milan brought forth some cool fashion as well. 

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A little behind the scenes shot just for fun.

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Last but not least, their current teaser for the show this Saturday. From the looks of things, it looks like it is going to be just as captivating as their previous presentations.

You can keep up with all of the latest happenings in the vibrant world of JORDANLUCA via their Instagram and official website

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