Kicks and Fits: NBA Star Jalen Green

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What’s your daily drip like? What shoes are you rocking on your feet? What are you feeling fashion wise at the moment? Those are just some of the questions that inspire Kicks and Fits, a new style series we’re launching that checks in with some of your favorite entertainers, athletes, and influencers about their personal styles, and what they are feeling at the moment.

This year, Green averaged 17.3 points per game, 3.4 rebounds, and 2.6 assists, making the  NBA All-Rookie First Team. Green even participated in the Slam Dunk Content, finishing in third place. Stylish both on and off the court, Green is always dripped out to the fullest, we spoke to him about how he personally approaches his style game.

ONE37pm: What’s your daily drip like?

Green: I always got on something crazy! Right now I got on the university shirt with the Playboy pants, with the BAPESTERS and the Louis chain. It’s always crazy though!

ONE37pm: So we’re here at the NBA 2K23 House of Greatness, when you play, how are you going to dress your player?

Green: My player? I don’t know! I might do what my little brother AJ does with basketball shorts and tats all over my body. That’s what I’m gonna do.

ONE37pm: What are you rocking shoe wise today? The BAPES right?

Green: I got on the BAPES because you know I’m with adidas.

ONE37pm: And you are back with the number 4 right?

Green: Yeah I’m back with the number 4!

There you have it! Be sure to keep up with us as we drop more of these in the upcoming week.

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