10 Kid Fashion Influencers Who Are Setting Trends

Fashion inspiration can come from unexpected places like art, the craft store (at least, we’re assuming this was the inspiration behind Timothée Chalamet’s recent runway look) or nature's fall leaves. Or perhaps your next wardrobe eureka moment could come from the Instagram page of a second-grader rocking couture brands and a picture-perfect smize.  

Meet the “micro-fashion influencer”: an up-and-coming group of Instagram aficionados under 12 years old. These young people and their account managers (usually their moms) have crafted aesthetically pleasing social media pages with tens of thousands of followers. Many have racked up sponsorships with notable clothing companies and are well on their way to internet stardom. 

This new and highly entertaining sect of influencers is slowly but surely taking over the platform, and their sartorial choices could certainly inspire your next shopping venture. We looked at ten of our favorite little guys and found one look from each to emulate. Affordable, fashionable and kid-influencer-approved, you’ll want to add all of these looks to your cart.

1. @princeandthebaker’s Leopard Coat

There’s no better way to be bold than with a bold print. Take it from Prince, one half of the mom and son duo behind @princeandthebaker. Prince knows how to make an impression with a colorful print, usually paired with a felt fedora. This leopard look finds the perfect balance between sleek and daring—and just in time for chilly weather.

2. @ryansecret’s Distressed Jeans

Every guy needs a classic pair of multi-purpose, no-nonsense jeans, but why stop there? A statement pair of jeans can elevate any look, even if it’s paired with just a plain white tee. Take @ryansecret’s distressed dark jeans. The outfit’s simplicity draws your eye straight to the denim.

3. @gavinduh’s Work Boots

They’re not just for yard work. Perfect for a rugged, down-to-earth ensemble, tan work boots are as practical as they are fashionable. Gavin adds a denim-on-denim combo (construction worker, but make it fashion? Sign us up). Comfort is king—and you never know when you’re going to need to pick up an odd job around the house.

4. @engjiandy’s Fleece-Lined Jean Jacket

He may still have baby teeth, but Andy can wear anything from a Mickey Mouse t-shirt to a three-piece suit. And he’s got the right idea when it comes to perfect fall outerwear. Find a comfy sweatshirt and top with a fleece-lined jacket.

5. @maks_model’s Transitional Coat

Do you know that time between late fall and early winter when every jacket seems like the wrong choice? A transitional coat is a necessity, and @maks_model has this look down. Beanie or no beanie (to each his own), this fit screams fall. A light, single-button jacket is the perfect remedy for those days when the weather can’t make up its mind.

6. @wynnjgoldberg’s Blazer

A go-to blazer is a must-have item. Flexible for dressing up or dressing down, blazers can give your streetwear a polished look or liven up your casual work ensembles. Roll up the sleeves like @wynnjgoldberg and pair with a graphic tee for an easygoing vibe. Whatever your personal style, a blazer gives any fit an added boost.

7. @_ruffryder_’s Black Jeans

From the pup to the pose, there’s almost too much about this photo from @_ruffryder_ to cover. Black skinny jeans are a classic staple, and if you don’t own some, now is the time to purchase.

8. @ministylehacker’s Leather Jacket

Leather truly never goes out of style, and @ministylehacker knows it. Mom, Collette Wixom, always has her three sons—Ryker, Grey and Wyatt—dressed to the nines, and this fit is a perfect example. Effortlessly cool and full of swagger, the right leather jacket can completely transform your look and confidence.

9. @christian_the_bae’s Joggers

Now, this kid knows how to strike a pose. Sometimes you want to leave the house in pajamas (we’ve all been there), so joggers are the perfect option for feeling comfortable without sacrificing fashion. Christian has the right idea, opting for some camo ones with a funky zipper. Find the color and style that suits you.

10. @nyjahrinato’s Cargo Pants

Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and happy—just like @nyjahrinato. Cargo pants are simple, convenient and straightforward to mix and match to ensure you’ve got looks for days.

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