Autumn’s Sneaker GOAT Is Vintage Larry David

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A$AP Rocky, Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert, Larry David. These are the fashion icons of our generation, the enthusiasts who have worked tirelessly to determine daily trends, the ship captains who wrangle the tides of uncurated looks and poorly manicured style and act as bastions of pure, untapped cool. I digress. The point is, Larry David is a God-tier sneakerhead, and people need to know.

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Although his footwear choices throughout Curb Your Enthusiasm would signal otherwise (he most recognizably wears the Simple OS), David used to have a bit of a knack for discovering now-hyped sneakers. During his run with fellow sneaker enthusiast Jerry Seinfeld, both comedians were often seen donning signature Nike shoes.

In a now-iconic photo from the filming of Seinfeld’s finale, David is seen kicking back at the legendary Monk’s Café, giving Seinfeld some acting direction as he flashes the Air Jordan 6 Maroon. Despite the simplicity of the rest of the look, David glistens. It’s an important lesson for all sneakerheads and aficionados: Sometimes the kicks can make the fit. 

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Noting the current renaissance of baggy pants, David’s wide corduroys paired with court-ready shoes is even more of an unstoppable fitspiration. David’s pants here look like they could have been plucked straight from a 2019 lookbook, with appropriate stacking and draping. Between the glasses, jacket and shoes, the outfit is a huge contender for 2019’s best fall inspiration.

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Throughout his tenure with HBO, David’s sneaker choices weren’t in the spotlight. Nonetheless, more than a decade before the hyped Stan Smith revival of the early 2010s, our hero often sported the iconic tennis shoes as the cherry on top of magnificent normcore outfits. In a gorgeous burgundy overshirt with popping tortoiseshell buttons, David exemplifies cohesion. Sometimes the right choice for a minimalist fit is a minimalist shoe. And David was on the sleek-silhouette-white-sneaker train before the train had even left the station.  

Eventually, David found his stride with the Simple OS sneaker—hardly a showstopper. But nonetheless, his continuous pursuit of comfort, corduroy and cohesive outfits leaves an unmistakable imprint on the contemporary normcore menswear landscape.

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