How French Designer Lionel Moroy Created Luxury Sunglasses Brand L’Écurie Paris

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Longevity in the fashion industry is a rarity considering it is a highly competitive field with ever changing trends and sometimes fickle consumers. And yet, French designer Lionel Moroy has been able to achieve thirty years in this business. Throughout his three decades in style, Moroy has worn many different hats, the latest being his newest venture L’Écurie Paris, a Parisian eyewear brand that exudes the timeless elegance of classic French design.

The glasses are handmade with unparalleled craftsmanship in Italy and Japan from the highest grade of materials, and feature six styles with innovative frame designs and two-color options. We caught up with Moroy recently to talk more about his awesome career thus far, L’Écurie Paris, and what is on his radar for 2023. 

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ONE37pm: Great to be chatting with you Lionel! For those being introduced to L’Écurie Paris with this article, could you please just give an overview of the brand and how it came to be?

Moroy: Yes, thank you for the interview, I am very happy to share more about the brand. When I turned 40 a couple of years ago, I really took stock of my life and career, and decided to follow my passion. I had been designing apparel and accessories for other brands for many years. I had the urge to create something of my own that expressed my creative vision. I created L’Écurie Paris with goals to design a unique and personal luxury product. Something that complements a person’s individual style and can instantly transform their look and attitude. 

ONE37pm: Your career has been one for the books so far with over thirty years of experience on your end. How have your previous experiences prepared you for what you are doing with L’Écurie Paris?

Moroy: I am only and already 43. But I have been designing since a very young age. I received my first design order at 6 yrs old.  I believe being a designer is not a career but more of a personality trait. Bringing luxury eyewear to life with L’Écurie Paris has been in my head and heart ever since I can remember. Inspired by architecture and art in Paris, I was always dreaming of shapes, designs, and materials.  It’s a very emotional connection that I have to the brand and the collection. I am so grateful that people have been so receptive and have welcomed the brand even better than I had anticipated.

So yes, I am prepared, ready and excited to see the brand continue to grow. I am not alone in this venture. I have an amazing and talented team that are on this journey with me and that makes it so much more fun and fulfilling. It’s such a pleasure to evolve every day.  To think about new designs, new colors, how to tell the story and bring them to life. And I love getting feedback and inspiration from our models and our customers.

ONE37pm: What made you specifically want to focus on eyewear?

Moroy: L’Écurie Paris came from a very personal place. I wanted to design an item that generates an emotional attachment and helps to portray the best version of yourself when wearing it. With all this in mind, I wanted to be creative and enjoy the material used, such as gold, acetate, titanium. I decided then that eyewear was the perfect accessory.

ONE37pm: Okay let’s talk about the LEO Sunglasses. We’re seeing a rise in aviator sunglasses making a comeback don’t you think? What inspired the design?

Moroy: Yes, Aviator style won’t ever go away. And it transforms over the generations to fit the fashion of the time. Designers love to put a new, modern spin on this classic and iconic style. I wanted the Leo style to be a piece of jewelry, with a unique design that brings a sensation of freedom. When you hold the Leo frame in your hand, the first sensation is how lightweight is it.

Then, when you try it on, it feels like home. It feels light as air, but also fits like a glove. I focused on the reflection of the light going through the top bar floating above the gold lens. I wanted to get as close as I could, to something that feels organic. I am so proud of this design, so much detail and craftsmanship went into it.

ONE37pm: What else do you have in store as we approach 2023?

Moroy: L’Écurie Paris has a total of 6 models right now.  I am currently working on a special frame that blends acetate material and gold at the same time.  The goal is to let both materials unveil their own qualities and beauty for what they are. It’s such a fun and exciting process. I hope to offer 5 new models in 2023.

You can keep up with all of the latest happenings from L’Écurie Paris via their official website and Instagram.

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