MAWdoods Thinks Outside Of The Box To Make Captivating Art

MAWdoods, an artist from Green Bay, Wisconsin, has gained a ton of attention for his SHOEBOXSERIES. The collection is centered around the idea of making art on pre-existing canvases: Nike shoe boxes. He came up with the idea after working at Finish Line and being immersed in sneaker culture. One day, MAWdoods saw the Nike swoosh and thought it looked like a sword. He made that idea into a piece depicting the swoosh stabbing someone, titled “Death By Sneakers.” From there, the idea has evolved to focus on texture and other unique aspects of the boxes. He refers to his art as “kixed media,” like “mixed media” but for “kicks.” 

MAWdoods’ SHOEBOXSERIES is an innovative approach to customizing a familiar element of people’s lives, turning typical items into extraordinary collectibles. The series references characters and themes of pop-culture, ranging from South Park to Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. Each piece employs the Nike swoosh in a way that makes it a part of the art, and with each design, MAWdoods has brought more and more life to this breathtaking idea. Even the ideas that don’t reference pop-culture are wildly creative utilizations of the Nike logo: a Nike swoosh surfboard, snake fangs, a musical note, an ice skate, a high heel, and much more. To see such a simple concept be taken to such an extreme is riveting; MAWdoods shows his audience that there are a seemingly endless amount of perspectives to look at this simple everyday packaging.

The collection has obviously drawn a major appeal amongst sneakerheads. How could they not love this collection? It’s the perfect type of art piece for people that love sneakers and Nike, specifically. MAWdoods sells these beautiful pieces in both original and print form, offering his audience affordable options to own a piece of his art. 

MAWdoods makes art beyond this Nike shoebox collection, including pieces of renowned rappers, other pop-culture references, and even trippy visual landscapes so intricate that they resemble “Where’s Waldo?” pieces. Whether he’s making portraits of your favorite rapper or showing you a completely different way to look at a Nike shoebox, MAWdoods is always working, and he’s set the stage for an impactful presence in 2022. His instagram accounts are the perfect way to get familiar with his work, and we’ve included them below so you can get hip. Take a look at this alluring artist and his one-of-a-kind collection below!

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