2024 Fashion Trends: 10 Styles for Men to Look Out For This Year

Plus where to shop each trend

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Gentlemen, 2024 is now officially upon us which means one thing—it's time for the annual fashion trend predictions to commence! The saying "new year, new me" can apply to many different things—for some the statement is declaration of a new gym membership (or a promise to act upon the one you purchased last year). For others, the new year might be the start of a new dietary change (like going vegan for example). For some, however, the new year means a new you when it comes to your style game. Whether you are looking to reinvent your capsule wardrobes completely, or just make some minor changes that have a major impact (upgrading your blazer and trench coat game for example), we've put together a rather sartorial guide on some men's 2024 fashion trends to keep an eye on through the course of this calendar year.

Some of these trends are a continuation from what we were seeing in the later months of 2023, while others we believe will be surprise pop-ups out of nowhere. We've gotten some hints thanks to a few of the runway collections we saw during the fall fashion week, but others are just simply an educated hypothesis on our part. Nonetheless if you're looking to cop some new pieces in celebration of the new year, scroll down to see our suggestions.

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1. Oversized formalwear

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The oversized/baggy look has been in style for a few years, but last year we really began seeing the trend explored in ways that we hadn't previously (such as wearing oversized blazers/suit jackets and baggy dress shorts). Dark/neutral tones seem to be the direction menswear is heading, so we're expecting to see many black/dark brown/blue/green oversized two-pieces this year—especially as we head towards the fall and winter seasons.

2. Y2K Fashion

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If you thought the days of wearing denim tops, shorts, and hats were left in the early the 2000s, well guess what? The Y2k fashion is back and doesn't appear to be leaving anytime soon. That means prepare for the continued rise of the denim. If you have no idea what we're talking about, just Google Justin Timberlake denim and you'll see exactly what we're talking about.

3. High-Waisted Pants

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Don't look now, but we're suddenly in the 1970s again with the rise of high-waisted pants. The coolest thing about high-waisted pants is that it serves as a compliment to everything. If you have on high-waisted pants—you're glasses automatically stand out. If you have on high-waisted pants—suddenly your shirt becomes ten times cooler. You get our drift. In short, high-waisted pants are definitely in.

4. Bomber jackets

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Has the bomber jacket every truly gone out of style? The answer to that question is a resounding no. However, bomber jackets have undoubtedly become even more popular in recent years thanks to social media, and we anticipate seeing that rise even more in 2024 (especially around the spring and fall seasons).

5. The polo shirt

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If 2023 was the spring and summer of polos, get ready for the spring and summer of 2024 to be even more polo dominated. Whether it's a solid color polo, a bold color polo, or a striped polo—be prepared to see plenty of polos outside of the golf course.

6. Long dress coats

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The long dress coat is in, and we recommend getting fancy with it. There’s plenty to choose from in that department—trench coats, top coats, and more. If you pick well enough, you'll only need to invest in one. Make it count.

7. Tanks are in

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Do you remember twenty years ago when guys used to walk around wearing tanks? Some still do, but in recent years it’s almost as if wearing tanks by itself has become “daring.” Well, if daring is what it has become, then we’re all in this year.

8. All black

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A simple black fit has never hurt anybody now has it?. In some ways this is a continuous trend—one that’s present every year in every season so to speak. If sleek minimalism is what’s always in, we’re picking all-black to be a dominating trend in 2024.

9. Experimental prep

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There’s a reason why brands like Abercrombie and Aeropostale are surging in popularity just like they were in the 2000s—the preppy look is back and better than ever. Whether it’s an Oxford or a nerdy pair of glasses, don’t sleep on scholarly gentleman look this year.

10. Ballet flats for the win

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Ballet flats were huge for the ladies, but what hasn’t gotten as much attention is how the men were rocking the ballet flats in 2023 as well. Expect flats on flats on flats in the year 2024—we're calling it.

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