The 20 Best Men's Designer Brands in 2023: From the Big Names to the Emerging

What are some of the best out there?

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We all love a bit of luxury in our lives. Designer aka luxury brands remain at the forefront of the fashion universe, and in many ways are the "founding fathers" of style. Meaning that without them, the fashion space as we know and our familiar with wouldn't exist today. From sneakers all the way to suits, watches, and fragrances, just about every style lover and enthusiast has owned a piece of designer "something" at some point in their lives. That said, there's always a new set of people that entering and discovering the fashion world that may be wondering which brands to check out, and what are among the best of the best. If you fall into this category, need a refresher, or just simply want to hear our take on the best men's designer brands to know right now—like Prada, Ziggy Chen, Martine Rose, Wales Bonner and more.

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What is a "designer brand"?

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By definition, a designer brand is either clothing, luxury, or automobile (obviously we're discussing clothing/luxury here), that is not just couture in style, look, and appeal, but also very expensive. With designer clothing and apparel, you're at minimum spending several hundred dollars, with many labels having their products priced in the thousands. Depending on where you go, you could very well see the price range being five figures or more. That said, the prices are not exorbitant without reason, designer brands traditionally produce meticulously crafted clothing of supreme quality.

Now if you want to get technical, there has always been ways to obtain designer without spending those types of prices whether it's been through thrift stores, secondary markets, and/or certain brands having an outlet or "cheaper" label where the prices are discounted/way more affordable for those unable or unwilling to spend those types of prices. Some are particularly invested in the technicality of those things—we are not. Designer is designer no matter how you get it (unless it's a knock off).

Now onto the list.

Why are designer clothes so expensive?

This is an answer that you may not want to hear. While we would like to tell you that the reason designer clothes are so expensive is because the high production and manufacturing costs, this is only the case some of the time. Many of these legacy brands are highly revered (with some having been around for centuries), and they managed to enter an elite status where they interact with the elites. They are a "name," and when you became a "name" in that manner, you've got the right to charge whatever you want.

That said, many smaller designer labels charge high prices simply to keep up with their expensive manufacturing processes, often netting pretty slim margins on their work.

Is designer clothing worth it?

From a quality standpoint, designer clothing is absolutely worth it, and there is nothing wrong with having "name brand" items in your closet. Name brand apparel and accessories are something to be proud of, and you paid your hard earned money to get it, you should definitely be proud of it. Not to mention, designer clothes in general are known for having a better fit, along with better durability. While the initial investment might seem hefty, you'll often find that what you bought is still in good condition and in line with current fashion trends ten/twenty years after buying. So yes, designer clothes are worth it.

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