Midnight Art Dept. and Ozzy Osbourne Are a Match Made in Rock Heaven

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Midnight Art. Dept

One. Two. Three. Say it with me. All Aboarrrrd!!!! The Crazy Train is making its next stop at the Midnight Art. Dept, as the two are teaming up to debut their first collection together. This is super exciting for us Rock & Roll fans because first of all, we didn’t even know that Ozzy Osbourne had a merchandise collection in the works. Two, Midnight Art. Dept is an awesome brand with sick concepts, designs, and visuals.

And three, this is the first collection, which means there are going to be additional releases. The industry icon and pioneer has been working closely with Midnight Art. Dept founder Shane Gonzales and wife Sharon Osbourne to bring to life a 10 piece capsule collection celebrating his latest studio album Patient No.9

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Midnight Art. Dept

Osbourne’s thirteenth album in a catalog of legendary classics, the project was released this past September along with three singles (“Patient No.9”, “Degradation Rules,”and “Nothing Feels Right”). “Patient No. 9,” which features all-time guitarist Jeff Beck, has an accompanying video to go along with it, making the start of this era a creative one as the flick is the first-ever video to showcase Osbourne’s hand-drawn artwork. Osbourne also recently performed during the halftime show at the Los Angeles Rams’ NFL season opener against the Buffalo Bills.

Midnight Art. Dept

This is what makes this new collection even more cool. So what’s in this 10-piece capsule? You’ll be able to check it out for yourself this coming Friday, but we’ll give you a little sneak peak. This collection includes a cheeky sleep mask, silver cross necklace and an array of hoodies, t-shirts and tees complete the collection with Patient Number 9 iconography and song references printed on the front and back. 

Midnight Art. Dept

As we just mentioned, the Midnight Art Dept. x Ozzy Osbourne collection will be available  Friday, October 28th on with prices ranging from $20 to $300. The collection will also have a standalone booth this year at ComplexCon as well where an exclusive shirt will be available at the booth on November 19th

Rock on.

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