How 'NBA 2K23' Is Creating Opportunities For Designers and Musicians

We spoke to Alfie Brody, Head of Global Marketing at 2K Sports to find out more

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This isn’t 2K3 or 2K13 for that matter. We’re now in the year of 2K23, where the opportunities are endless. One of those opportunities is the chance for young designers to have their work/brands featured in 2K. Pretty neat huh?

ONE37pm: Let’s first do a drip check. What shoes do you have on right now?

Brody: The Off-White Air Force 1s. I’m a fan of sneakers much to my wife's dismay. I’ve spent a lot of money in the after market.

ONE37pm: How long have you been a sneakerhead?

Brody: I’ve been a sneakerhead since I was a kid. I probably focus on it more now that I am with NBA 2K, but I’ve always had a passion for them, and I definitely spent way too much money.

ONE37pm: How can a young designer or musician get discovered through 2K?

Brody: Social is the easiest option for everybody. On our website we have lots of opportunities, and we do get back to every inquiry. When it comes to fashion/brands, our website is the best option, and with music, we are talking to labels and we are always looking for music. We add hundreds of songs through the lifecycle of the game, and with fashion, we started off with 10-15 brands. Now we’re close to 100! There’s lots of avenues to get in touch with us, and we will certainly respond.

Well there you have it. Straight from the man himself. That’s going to conclude our House of Greatness series. We hope you enjoyed it!

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