Revisiting 8 NBA Players' Best Sneaker Moments This Season

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It’s time to talk, sneakers. As the NBA season is at its close, there is truly no better time than for us to highlight the kicks that dominated the court over the past season. 

If you are anywhere close to a sneakerhead, you know that basketball season is prime time for all things athlete-related. From partnerships to ranking in the most shots per game, these players know how to use the court to their full advantage. 

As we scrimmage through the legendary plays by some of the most elite players of the game, it is hard for us sneakerheads to keep our eyes off Devin Booker’s custom purple Kobe 6 Protros and Jayson Tatum’s Air Jordan XXXVI’s. The majority of these sneakers are limited edition, player exclusive (PE), or custom-made. That said, it is only in our best interest as sneakerheads to get a bit of background on who, what and why these 8 elite players are rocking the coolest kicks ever to hit the hardwood floor.

1. Devin Booker

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Devin Booker's kicks were a hot topic of the Finals, as he donned the model for the entirety of the playoffs and Finals. 

Let’s just say that these shoes were complete standouts from the moment he walked on the court. They are purple Kobe 6 Protros that have “Be Legendary” written on them. Unfortunately, they are not for sale since they are Player Exclusive (PE). You can purchase the Nike Kobe 6's in other color-ways—available on resale websites, including Goat, StockX, and more.

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2. PJ Tucker

Known as the biggest sneakerhead of the league is the one and only PJ Tucker. Tucker played last season for the Milwaukee Bucks, the NBA Champions of the 2020-2021 season. His sneaker game is so on point and so immense that it outgrew his house enough for him to have his very own 'Sneaker Loft' in Houston, Texas, when he was playing for the Houston Rockets.

In the most recent 2021 season, Tucker has wore a new pair every game. The main reason lies in the direct contact Tucker has with the Nike Basketball Team to create his series of sneakers. This two-part sneaker run is motivated by the most influential parts of his life, from Kanye West albums (pictured above) to his past basketball experiences. "To understand me, you gotta understand my story," Tucker said on Instagram. Each pair of his custom sneaker collection is a part of a larger story, his story.

3. Kyrie Irving

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Take a look at the Nike Kyrie 7 "Weatherman." These kicks are a red, green, and yellow colorway featuring a heat map design on the sneaker's heel. The sneaker pays homage to his teammate on the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant, who in 2011 launched the Nike KD 4 "Weatherman" inspired by his dream of becoming a weatherman before his entrance to the NBA. Irving's sneakers are for sale on Nike for a retail price of $130. The recently released shoe is the 7th shoe of Irving's collection.  

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Lebron James

Legendary Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James tends to tear up the court with extremely dope kicks on a game-to-game basis. Usually, LeBron wears different pairs with no rotation present. One of his most recent stunners was the Nike LeBron 18 ‘Los Angeles By Night.’ Like PJ Tucker and many other all-stars, this player took on the inspiration of his home court—Los Angeles, California. The “vibrant pink Knitposite 2.0 upper is paired with a dark-hued graphic wrap inspired by LA's night lights, which sits beneath a translucent, durable heel clip,” explained Nike. These sneakers are available for resale. 

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Donovan Mitchell

Now, this is a trio if we have ever seen one; Adidas Basketball, Donovan Mitchell and Crayola partnered up to design the sequel collection of the D.O.N. Issue #2. His creativity and childhood upbringing directly influenced the series. Mitchell’s mother, an elementary school teacher, plays a large part in his life, inspiring him to create and appreciate the gift of education. This sneaker was Mitchell’s way of stressing the importance of always expressing creativity, on and off the court. 

The fine details of the shoe represent each aspect of his creativity. From the “Free to Create” message on the shoelaces to the Crayola logo imprinted on the bottom of the sneaker, the shoe is definitely a winner in the sneaker world. 

The D.O.N. Issue #2 is currently being sold in multiple colorways—$100, retail.

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Jayson Tatum

The Air Jordan XXXVI had its debut back in May 2021 when Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics wore them during a shootaround before their game against the Brooklyn Nets. The new editions of the series are by no means jaw-dropping, but overall provide a fresh look to the collection. Purple and bright orange are the primary color-ways with a pattern to accent the silhouette. As they are a top choice, the inspiration remains unknown. 

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Giannis Antetokounmpo

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Peep Giannis Antetokounmpo’s kicks as he is rocked the newest colorway of the Nike Zoom Freak 2, a continuation of Nike’s ‘Play to the Future’ series—Nike’s commitment to the generations to follow. 

Word on the street, this two-tone color-way is superior in the sneakerhead world due to its extreme detail. The purple and neon green mix highlights the camouflage pattern, exaggerated logo and shades of sapphire and light smoke color. In total, all of these kicks' factors make up the perfect recipe for a dominant sneaker.

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