Reigning Champ and Western Hydrodynamic Research Team Up On "A Repair Project"

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Not sure if you heard, but athletic beach style is on the rise as one the current FW22/23 trends, and we have a fun one that’s not only about Western fashion, but surf fashion as well. Check this out. Reigning Champ just dropped a limited edition collab with the cult surf label, Western Hydrodynamic Research. Dubbed "A Repair Project" the collection is made up of slightly damaged Reigning Champ sweats that have been hand-repaired and embellished by the WHR team, to give them a second life.

Since 2007, Reigning Champ has been one of the go-to brands in Vancouver. The brand is based on signature fabrics, emphasizing rugged construction, and unrivaled comfort, making them the perfect partner for Western Hydrodynamic, who has become the standard for premium surf wear and beach products.

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Reigning Champ

For those curious about the early beginning of this project, which is dubbed “A Repair Project,” this initiative was born out of a shared philosophy that eschews the culture of throwaway-ism. 

Loosely inspired by kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending broken objects, Western Hydrodynamic Research has restored and transformed a small batch of once-flawed sweatshirts into one-of-a-kind pieces — each repaired, embellished and chain-stitched entirely by hand.

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Reigning Champ

To kick off the program, a limited run of 100 pieces will be made available for purchase. Priced from $250 to $275 USD.

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With Western’s continuous commitment to providing immersive experiences, educational programs, and beach utility products that are functional and durable, and Reigning Champ’s principals of “respecting the details,” this makes the collaboration a fun one, and a must have for anybody that heavily interested in both athletic and swimwear. 

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Reigning Champ
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Reigning Champ
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Reigning Champ

‘A Repair Project' by WHR and Reigning Champ launches today — exclusively through and

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