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ROTG is a brand to watch

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Revenge of the Greek

Revenge of the Geek aka ROTG is a brand to have on your watch list in 2023. Founded by Lenford Wilson, ROTG pushes the boundaries of creative expression by putting the muse in music, giving an elevated take on streetwear. The brand is a creative manifestation of Lenford’s commitment to self-expression, individuality and celebrating your inner geek—whatever that looks like for you. Lenford is a prolific music artist who performs under the name "Geek Van der Beek," making sure to incorporate music into every aspect of his creative world, including his fashion label. 

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His muse is weaved into the brand’s effortless streetwear styles, the fluidity of the sizing and categorization, and the welcome call to a community of passionate geeks. Drawing from Lenford’s experience in the fashion industry, the brand rejects the traditional gendered split of fashion collections, and instead adopts the idea that clothes are for everyone.

We chatted with Lenford last week to learn all about ROTG and their plans for the future. Check it out below.


ONE37pm: Great to be chatting with you Lenford! Can you start by introducing yourself to our audience?

Wilson: Thanks for having me! My name is Lenford Wilson, and I am Toronto designer/creative. I fell in love with design and fashion at the age of 16. By that time, my mother had already passed, so it was just my dad taking care of me and my three other siblings. I was always trying to think of different ways that I could help out and I started to notice that all of my business ideas were ones linked to the fashion industry, whether it be creating, bags, shoes or clothing apparel. On my way home from church one day, I told my Dad that I wanted to be a designer and he encouraged the idea, so from then on, I was watching fashion television on the weekends, buying expensive fashion magazines, and drawing sketches on the Microsoft Windows "paint" program.

I just recently launched my very own clothing line called Revenge of the Geek, and I honestly could not be more proud. This brand embodies who I am and speaks to the inner "Geek" in me, the kid that didn't always fit in in the small suburb that he grew up in, but has managed to create an amazing life for himself, and hopefully a legacy.


ONE37pm: What is Revenge of the Geek brand-wise?

Wilson: Revenge of the Geek/ROTG is a genderless street/prep infused brand that has a fraternity/sorority lifestyle feel behind it.

ONE37pm: What are some of the elements that inspire your creations?

Wilson: People! Is what I thought at first. The way they think, their likes and dislikes, their perception of fashion. Then I said, forget that. Instead, what do I like and what inspires me.

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ONE37pm: What are some of the challenges that you have had to endure in terms of building your brand? 

Wilson: I think it comes down to three things. The first thing was finding and learning how to make quality. Understanding what it takes to make quality was a trial and error for me, that I made multiple times and in doing so made me better at my craft. The second thing for me would be figuring out a creative direction and deciding what my brand would be, and look like. It’s so easy to copy people and put your logo on some thing and that’s just something I never wanted to do.

The last thing is sacrifice. Your time, your money and your sleep. These are the things that you have to give up sometimes to see a dream come true.

ONE37pm: Where do you hope Revenge of the Geek is as a brand in five years? 

Wilson: Paris Fashion Week!


ONE37pm: What's next?

Wilson: Being seen.

You can keep up with ROTG via their official website.

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