OG Streetwear Brand Rockstar Originals is Bringing the Heat for Fall '22

The fall lineup is on the way

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If you are an avid streetwear fan, then you’ve probably seen the brand Rockstar Original pop up on your social media feeds at some point or another. Inspired by hip-hop, grunge, and rock star cultures, Rockstar Original is a brand that is often imitated but hardly ever duplicated. Serving premium urban clothing, almost every style in their online catalog carries not only the RSO logo but also RSO’s signature handcrafted details.

And as Rockstar Original says themselves: street smart. Modern. Trendy. Edgy. Influential. Cool. And Dope AF.

We spoke with Rockstar Original marketing director and social media manager David Vuong to learn more about the brand.

ONE37pm: Sick to be connecting with you guys! Tell us more about Rockstar Original in terms of its history, when it was created, etc.

Vuong: Rockstar Original was started by 2 brothers in 2008. I started selling jeans out of the trunk of my car with no idea where this would take us.  It was all about creating cool products and trying to change the fashion game.

ONE37pm: What are some of the products you guys offer?

Vuong: We offer the widest range of fits for anyone's closet.  Our premium denim jeans have top-of-the-line comfort and fit, our puffer jackets are the most sought-after on the market, and our track sets are a staple for anyone that wants a comfy and stylish fit.  We have graphic tees that match every single sneaker on the market and pride ourselves on creating quality threads and flashy fits that go with any individual's lifestyle.

ONE37pm: On the opposite end, what are some of the challenges you have endured?

Vuong: During the pandemic, we did not know what would happen as it seemed like the world stopped.  Even during that time we just had to keep pushing and hustling.  

In today’s economy as prices of goods and services have soared, although things are tough, we continue to stay true to our brand and loyal to our customers by offering the same premium quality products at affordable prices.

ONE37pm: You guys have a new collection coming out soon. Tell us more about that!

Vuong: We do daily drops but we are most excited about our new stacked jeans collection.  The stacked jeans include both flashy and minimalistic styles with premium denim for what we will be dropping.

You can keep up with Rockstar Original on their website and Instagram.

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