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Husband and wife duo Rick and Kayla Rose are no strangers to success. The founders of luxury jewelry brand Roseark, the two have become one of the go-to spots for celebrities to get all of their jewelry needs over the past two decades. Roseark’s custom jewelry designs and curated designer collection feature bold new fashion for the fingers, ears, arms, body and home. Having built a reputation for show-stopping designs, Roseark is a favorite amongst media and celebs including Rihanna, Julia Roberts, Doja Cat and more.

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Rick initially got into jewelry while working in the film and television industry. What started as a side job to pay the bills quickly turned into a passion. Having no jewelry experience, the initial idea of building a business around a jewelry designer could have seemed daunting. Instead, Rick worked to expand the line into a brand, and then the brand into a retail store.

Kayla's style and keen eye for fashion helps to shape the direction of Roseark. She was raised in Solana Beach, a prototypical California surf town in northern San Diego. Kayla had a love of fashion and while still in college, started at Hudson Jeans. After graduation, she moved to New York and became a fashion buyer. The call of the sun and family brought her back to California and Kayla went to work as a celebrity stylist under Jessica Paster. Later, Kayla was a fit model for major fashion brands and a personal shopper. She brings together all her skills to push forward the Roseark experience.

Roseark Easton Collection

We spoke with Rick and Kayla recently to see what's been on their plate recently. Scroll down to see the interview.

ONE37pm: Nice to meet you Rick and Kayla! Can you first start by introducing yourselves and Roseark?

Rick & Kayla: Thanks and nice to meet as well! We are the husband-and-wife team behind Roseark, which is a luxury jewelry collective in Los Angeles. We specialize in custom design and bring together an
extraordinary collection of designers from around the globe under one roof.

ONE37pm: Roseark is a brand that has been successful now for over 20 years. How have you guys been able to achieve longevity?

Rick & Kayla: That’s a great question. When we came to market, the fashion jewelry and luxury market was completely different than it is today. Our vision was to offer an alternative to the old guard. 
We’ve tried to design through our lens, find unique designers and present our collective of jewelry ever since. That has involved recognizing the potential of and moving with technology. While the vision has changed over the years, at the core we’ve tried to create consistency through our designs and the aesthetic of jewelry brands we carry.

ONE37pm: To that point, how have you guys evolved as a brand?

Rick & Kayla: We try to have the outlook that each punch thrown at us is an opportunity to reassess our brand and pivot. We’ve tried to stay inventive with the creative and business side of the business.
When we started, we were fortunate that what we were doing appealed to celebrity and traditional media. We built an early reputation, which translated into editorial placements and
our jewelry on red carpets. As the world has gotten more social, we have worked to communicate our brand image in a more personal way, while still appealing to celebrity and media.

ONE37pm: What are some of your favorite pieces that you guys have created? Can be past or present.

Rick: Kayla’s engagement ring was probably my most challenging and rewarding design. My wedding band – the “Locked In” band – I have a design patent for it, which is really hard to do for jewelry.

I also design a line with Dr. Woo called Crescent Heights Hardware Lab. We wanted to make better jewelry for guys that women can also wear (when it’s traditionally the other way around).

Kayla: Definitely one of my faves is a collection we designed for our daughter, Easton. It’s a series of hearts woven together with one fluid line – like the essence of pure love is unbroken.We’ve also got a new collection coming out in the next couple months that I’m really excited about. It’s called “Apollo” and is a nod to space exploration.

ONE37pm: What do you feel makes Roseark different from other luxury jewelry brands?

Rick & Kayla: We think our eye for design has helped to distinguish us, both in terms of our own designs as well as the never-ending search for new voices in design to offer as part of our collection. With
our designs, continuing the lost wax tradition of manufacturing which allows for much more organic design choices. We also use CAD, but with lost wax we can really go for a design with not so linear lines. It’s an evolving challenge to keep raising the bar.

ONE37pm: Lastly, what’s new? What do you guys have coming?

Rick & Kayla: The next wave of designs from Woo and I with Crescent Heights Hardware Lab is coming around May. We’re also expanding the Roseark line with new designs, including the Apollo
collection. And as always, scouring the globe to find dope designers to showcase.

You can keep up with Roseark both on their website and Instagram.

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